The Boys season 3 secretly answered a serious query from season 1 and revealed what occurred to Madelyn Stillwell’s child forward of season 4.

The Boys Season 3 Madelyn Stillwell Baby Teddy Red River SR

The Boys season 3 secretly revealed what occurred to Madelyn Stillwell’s child, because the superpowered youngster made a shock cameo. The third season’s continued give attention to Homelander (Antony Starr) as soon as once more revolved across the Supes’ household points. The Boys season 3 revealed that Soldier Boy is his genetic father in a stunning twist, whereas Homelander additionally grew nearer to his organic son, Ryan. The one space that Homelander’s story didn’t straight revisit was his motherly, however lustful, relationship with Madelyn Stillwell – aside from his ongoing milk obsession.


Elisabeth Shue’s Madelyn Stillwell performed a outstanding position in The Boys season 1, as her position as Vought’s Senior Vice President of Hero Management introduced her into direct contact with most of The Seven. Madelyn and Homelander’s uncommon relationship reaches a boiling level within the season finale, although, after he learns of her lies about what occurred to Becca Butcher and their youngster, Ryan. Madelyn additionally performed a outstanding position because of her child, Teddy, who was suspected of getting superpowers because of Compound-V. Homelander’s resolution to kill Madelyn and blow up her home – with Teddy inside – left a serious query about his destiny.

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Although The Boys season 2 confirmed that Teddy Stillwell miraculously survived the explosion, the present didn’t reveal some other particulars about what occurred to Madelyn Stillwell’s youngster. That surprisingly modified in The Boys season 3 throughout its Red River Institute subplot. In addition to setting up The Boys‘ spinoff show Gen V, the tremendous youngsters on the orphanage secretly included Teddy Stillwell. The teleporting youngster who acknowledges Hughie is confirmed to be Teddy Stillwell, revealing that he went to Red River after Madelyn’s loss of life.

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How Stillwell’s Baby Could Change The Boys Season 4

The revelation that Stillwell’s child is alive and has developed his powers could possibly be vital for The Boys season 4. Ironically, Teddy Stillwell has the identical powers that Hughie obtained from Temp V. Since Hughie doesn’t have his talents anymore, the group’s potential want for teleportation may relaxation in Teddy’s tiny palms. Hughie and Starlight may even fulfill their faux hopes of adoption and lift Teddy as their very own, particularly after studying Stillwell’s son has powers.

It may also be notable that The Boys season 3 revealed what occurred to Stillwell’s youngster forward of season 4. Ryan is predicted to tackle an much more outstanding position within the fourth season, so a take a look at kids with powers can be current. If The Boys season 4 talks in regards to the subsequent technology of Supes in any method, Teddy may issue into that storyline. He continues to be a number of years youthful than Ryan, so Teddy may not be prepared for a serious superhero combat or perhaps a main position. However, The Boys season 4 can proceed exploring what occurs to Stillwell’s child after this revelation for Teddy.

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