One of The Boys‘ most poignant superhero parodies is Homelander, begging the query as to who would win if he and his inspiration Superman ever clashed. The Boys‘ darkly comical narrative lends itself completely to satirizing the superhero style, with the Amazon collection taking stabs at a number of MCU and DCEU stalwarts throughout its three seasons thus far. The most virulent of those portrayals is The BoysSuperman parody Homelander, who basically bastardizes each worth that DC’s poster little one holds pricey.


Both Dark Horse’s Homelander and DC’s Superman originate from their comics counterparts, with each additionally representing the zenith of energy inside their respective universes. Homelander is the unchallenged chief of The Seven, Vought’s marketable superhero group that calls for adoration and concern in equal measure all through The Boys‘ canon. Superman, in the meantime, is designed as a bastion of advantage and energy in equal measure, along with his perch atop the DC universe’s hierarchy befitting of America’s first standard superhero idea relationship again to 1938.

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Therefore, the apparent parallels between the 2 characters beg the query of who would win if The Boys‘ Homelander fought DC’s Superman. This comparability is primarily designed to outline who would come out on high in a good combat between the 2 caped heroes, given their respective powers, with none interference from both Vought International’s The Seven or the Justice League. As a outcome, this is who would win the Homelander vs Superman combat.

Superman’s Powers In DC Comics & Movies

The powers of DC Comics’ Superman have constantly morphed since his introduction as Clark Kent within the Nineteen Thirties. The oldest incarnation of Superman is offered as a being whose “physical structure was millions of years advanced” previous that of humanity and a person whose character is later fleshed out as an extraterrestrial humanoid often called a Kryptonian. Superman initially commanded a modest array of powers, together with super-strength, super-speed, and enhanced sturdiness towards assaults. As the DC Comics character’s story progresses, nevertheless, he turns into more and more imbued with new powers, together with the power to destroy planets and transfer on the velocity of sound, designed to maintain readers all in favour of Superman as different contenders to his reputation (together with Marvel Comics’ canons) started to emerge. Along with only a handful of heroes on the time, Superman’s origin served because the roots of right now’s roster of DC series and films.

The extent of Superman’s comics powers peaked through the Seventies, along with his god-like efficiency reaching a vital mass whereby it turned tough for DC comics writers to create appropriate challenges for the character regularly. As a outcome, the now overpowered Superman noticed a large fluctuation in energy stage from the Nineteen Eighties onward, by which some publications like John Byrne’s Crisis on Infinite Earths collection diminished Superman’s energy stage to basically a “strongman” standing on Earth. Superman has since seen quite a few incarnations which have toyed along with his energy stage accordingly, along with his invincibility and energy scaling to fulfill the plot challenges positioned earlier than him.

Today, the DCEU Superman’s powers exist on a a lot easier scale, with Henry Cavill’s Superman persistently displaying a set of powers that rival the Sixties’ “Golden Age” for the enduring character. Superman’s Kryptonian physiology grants him godly powers within the present DCEU canon, along with his super-strength and velocity supplemented by imperviousness to nearly each identified weapon to the purpose the place his pores and skin can’t be damaged. The DCEU’s Superman can be bolstered by warmth imaginative and prescient, arctic breath, flight, and quite a few different superpowered permutations that make him probably the most highly effective entity on Earth within the DCEU. While this model of Superman nonetheless has his basic weak spot to the enduring Xenomineral Kryptonite and was defeated by Doomsday, an entity created from this substance, his present revived standing in Zack Snyder’s Justice League make him a near-omnipotent power.

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How Homelander’s Powers Compare To Superman

Homelander present as a parody of Superman means his powers are designed to imitate his forebear canonically. Homelander’s powers and abilities embody superhuman energy, velocity, stamina, odor, listening to, invulnerability; warmth imaginative and prescient; X-Ray imaginative and prescient, and flight. This distinctive set of powers inside The Boys‘ universe make Homelander unquestionably the apex predator of Amazon’s The Boys, with only a few characters in a position to really injury the antihero.

Homelander’s efficiency, not like Superman’s heritage, isn’t derived from lineage however moderately was granted to him by the nefarious Vought. As a baby, Homelander was subjected to experiments utilizing Compound V, an alchemical tremendous serum designed to create superpowered people. Homelander’s physiology, whether or not by luck or design, absorbed extra Compound V than another Vought take a look at topic, granting him supremacy in his universe. While Superman’s regenerative powers that cease him from ageing and being harmed are derived from the solar in most continuities, The Boys has proven no proof that Homelander wants Compound V “top-ups,” making him a persistently harmful adversary at any given time. Indeed, though Soldier Boy’s return in The Boys season 4 might as soon as once more problem Homelander’s reign, it is notable how Soldier Boy and a Temp-V-powered Butcher needed to work collectively to have some hope of defeating Homelander.

Homelander vs. Superman: Who Would Win?

Despite Homelander’s supremacy in his personal universe, Superman wins this battle at a canter. Whereas Homelander exists to parody Superman with an array of powers that imitate the enduring hero, Superman’s feats and powers dwarf these of his mirror picture in any continuity from both DC Comics or the DCEU. At varied factors in his historical past, Superman has absorbed vitality from the solar, destroyed whole planets, and battled interdimensional beings.

Meanwhile, Homelander exists in The Boys because the proverbial shark in a swimming pool, which has made him weak. This will be noticed throughout the one actual exams of Homelander’s powers in The Boys’ season 3. While Soldier Boy and Butcher’s plan towards Homelander did not precisely pan out within the finale, it is develop into clear that Soldier Boy can kill Homelander. Maeve additionally revealed how Homelander’s inexperience could make his bodily superiority ineffective. Indeed, when Homelander does battle with a Compound V-powered Billy Butcher within the remaining throes of The Boys’ comics storyline, Butcher bests Homelander in fight earlier than prying his head open with a crowbar. It is not possible to ascertain Homelander’s destiny, both within the present or the comics, occurring to Superman. Clark Kent’s nigh-invincibility is heightened by the actual fact he has been examined by many equally highly effective enemies throughout his lifetime and walked away principally unscathed.

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Even breaking the principles of this comparability and factoring in a world the place Homelander can attain entry to a provide of the rare mineral Kryptonite, Superman’s superior tactical data and fight coaching would nonetheless doubtless finest Homelander. The Homelander proven in Amazon’s The Boys primarily makes use of his warmth imaginative and prescient on enemies of any ability stage, highlighting not solely his callous nature but in addition the shortage of serious problem he has confronted in his time as a superhero. Pitting the Man of Steel towards Homelander solely ends in a technique, which is with The Boys‘ antagonist crumpled in a heap on the toes of Superman. Unless…

Why Homelander Wouldn’t Need To Fight Superman To Win

If the Homelander vs Superman combat is not nearly their superpowers and likewise components of their different talents, Homelander’s chaotic evil management and knack for informal atrocity might probably enable him to eke out a victory towards the Man of Steel. At his very core, Homelander solely actually needs one factor: the adulation of the general public. Homelander is not a strategist, however he is perhaps extra charismatic than Superman. As seen in The Boys’ season 3 finale, when a sure phase of society accepts Homelander for who he actually is, Homelander proved that he can poison the inhabitants and validate evil ideas and prejudices. By justifying folks’s most violent impulses and herd mentality, Homelander might nonetheless make a horrific dent within the society Superman is sworn to guard. Homelander might win by focusing on harmless folks and their minds, and tens of millions might die earlier than Superman even exhibits as much as that combat.

After all, The BoysHomelander is the black mirror picture of the Man of Steel. Superman would certainly beat Homelander to a pulp and lock him within the Phantom Zone – however not earlier than Homelander finds and kills somebody or one thing that’s close to and pricey to Clark Kent. In truth, if Homelander and Superman existed in the identical universe, Homelander’s actions would have already resulted in additional harmful variations of Compound V-powered Billy Butcher or evil Ryan. Even after defeating Homelander, Superman would nonetheless must take care of the fallout of Homelander turning folks – together with youngsters – towards him or committing varied atrocities simply to get below his pores and skin. Homelander might conceivably push Superman to executing him brutally, however the price of Superman’s victory might imply that Homelander already gained.

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