While Billy Butcher of The Boys completely despises Homelander, the 2 have been proven to be extra comparable than he thought because of his bloodiest lie.

Warning! Contains spoilers for the ending of The Boys!

Despite being a world crammed with superheroes, The Boys is rife with psychopaths such because the Homelander and his chief rival, Billy Butcher. While Vought’s primary hero is offered the story’s central villain, Butcher’s worst second reveals that he is a darkish reflection of his most hated enemy.

The twisted story of The Boys facilities round two males who’re collision course with each other in opposition to the backdrop of company superheroes. After Butcher misplaced his spouse to an assault he believes the Homelander dedicated, he joined a clandestine crew of CIA operatives identified colloquially because the Boys to maintain superheroes, aka “Supes” in test. As Butcher performs the long-game to get his revenge, the beloved hero, Homelander, begins to crack beneath the pressures and slowly begins committing increasingly more wicked acts.


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However, when the hero Black Noir reveals he is been posing as Homelander to control him, Butcher decides to do away with every Supe for good. In The Boys #69 by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Hughie searches for Butcher after he is killed their teammate, Mother’s Milk. He winds up in a home the place Hughie believes The Boys’ authentic chief, Mallory, could have as soon as stashed the creator of Compound V, Jonah Vogelbaum. Vogelbaum is certainly in the home, however shuffled off the mortal coil, mendacity lifeless on the bottom. Hughie had initially been result in consider Vogelbaum was already killed by Butcher by ripping out his throat along with his naked enamel. But Butcher jovially tells him that he had tricked Mallory into considering that through the use of raspberry jam. Billy deceived his pals and teammates to maintain Vogelbaum round so he might work on Butcher’s final plan: a collection of bombs with a modified model of Compound V that will kill each Supe on the planet.

The Boys Billy Butcher Lie

While Butcher’s lie about tearing out Vogelbaum’s throat might sound excessive, it is truly in step with his downright psychotic habits. Butcher is a brutal, inhumane monster and he is aware of that’s how others see him. Butcher in a position to idiot the folks closest to him by taking part in proper into their picture of him, not not like how his hated rival the Homelander did for years.

Of course, Homelander took the other method. He used the privilege of being a beloved hero to cover some really reprehensible issues, similar to his remedy of Starlight when she joined the Seven and his planning of the Supes’ coup on the White House. Despite Butcher’s hatred of the hero, he takes a page out of the Homelander’s book to perform his objectives: utilizing the perceptions others have of him to masks what his true intentions are. The mark of a really nice antagonistic relationship is the similarities two characters share. He could not wish to admit it, however Butcher is the opposite facet of the coin as The Boys’ despicable Homelander.

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