The Black Phone, starring Ethan Hawke because the maniacal Grabber, will get a brand new fan poster and it catches the attention of director Scott Derrickson.

The Black Phone director Scott Derrickson praises a intelligent piece of fan artwork for his newest horror film. The Black Phone relies on a short story from Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill, and stars Ethan Hawks as The Grabber, a sadistic man who kidnaps and murders younger boys in Colorado. Derrickson’s movie has been broadly praised since its release on the finish of June, primarily attributable to its story and Hawke’s chilling portrayal of a maniacal serial killer.

The Black Phone definitely did not have as many leap scares as Derrickson’s earlier movies like Sinister or The Exorcism of Emily Rose, however Hawke’s function because the Grabber saved audiences on the sting of their seats with out turning him right into a villain with supernatural powers. The Grabber himself might have simply been a deranged man with a terrifying masks, however the titular black cellphone is what introduced the paranormal storyline to the film. Finney (Mason Thames) could not use the cellphone hanging on the wall within the Grabber’s sound-proof basement to name for assist. However, the ghosts of the Grabber’s past six victims every gave Finney essential recommendation on how one can survive his captor.


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Derrickson’s movie was one of the vital anticipated horror films of 2022, however now a intelligent piece of fan artwork has caught the eye of the director himself. Derrickson lately retweeted a bit of paintings from Thomas Riegler, whose spin on the film’s poster includes a screaming face rising from the black cellphone. Derrickson’s tweet, together with Riegler’s poster, might be seen beneath:

It looks like The Black Phone left sure points of the film open-ended to spark debate, and the cellphone itself is on the middle of the dialog. The black cellphone is meant to symbolize the Grabber’s guilt over what he is carried out, just like his masks, that are used to cowl his face due to the disgrace he feels. It’s unclear if the cellphone is definitely ringing or if Finney merely imagines he’s speaking to ghosts to assist him cope along with his present state of affairs. The Grabber is ready to hear the cellphone due to his guilt, which is partly why he will get so indignant when Finney solutions it, but Finney is the one one in every of his victims to have the ability to hear the cellphone. Regardless of Derrickson’s true intentions, the black cellphone was a intelligent plot system to develop each the Grabber and Finney.

Given how Finney snaps the Grabber’s neck on the finish of the movie, it is hard to imagine The Black Phone 2 happening. However, Derrickson is planning on making a sequel based mostly on a pitch from Hill if The Black Phone performs effectively. It’s clear the horror film has carried out effectively with critics and followers, particularly when gifted artists go to such lengths to create their very own paintings based mostly on the film. The Black Phone will not ever get as a lot fan artwork as franchises like Star Wars or the MCU, but fan posters just like the one above make it clear that Derrickson’s newest movie made an affect on individuals, which may result in a sequel.

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