Matt Reeves’ highly-anticipated The Batman is lastly in theaters, and DC Comics is taking the chance to advertise the supply materials that impressed it. Of course, the same old suspects embrace acclaimed classics like Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s The Long Halloween in addition to Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s seminal Year One.

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With extra followers more likely to flock towards the Dark Knight’s huge catalog, there are a number of different noteworthy comedian books to learn that weren’t direct influences on the film. These varied comics all encapsulate completely different key components that make Batman such a compelling character 80-plus years later, starting from the gritty crime-noir ambiance to his sleuthing prowess.


The Black Mirror

Batman Black Mirror

While Bruce Wayne is the unique holder of the Batman mantle, many followers see Dick Grayson — the unique Robin — as essentially the most suitable inheritor to the cape and cowl. Scott Snyder — the author behind a number of the best Batman comic arcs of the 2010s — slid Grayson into the position throughout Bruce’s absence in The Black Mirror for an intensely gritty crime-noir saga. This story was expertly punctuated by artists Jock and Francesco Francavilla’s gloomily-stylized paintings.

Batman has to sort out quite a lot of ugly circumstances, together with an underground cult of villain worshippers, the place some find yourself intersecting when Commissioner Gordon’s estranged son James Gordon Jr. makes an sudden return to Gotham City. The Batman has been praised for its dealing with of the detective-thriller subgenre, and it echoes The Black Mirror‘s grim plot and foreboding ambiance.

The Detective

Batman perched on the side of a building in London on The Detective cover art

More just lately in DC Comics’ Infinite Frontier brand-wide relaunch, veteran author Tom Taylor teamed up with artist Andy Kubert for a globetrotting thriller caper in The Detective. It appears like a brand new rendition of Frank Miller’s landmark The Dark Knight Returns, however Taylor does admirably effectively in making the story his respective slice of the superhero’s mythos.

Fans see an older, battle-hardened Bruce Wayne tackle a case involving a brand new supervillain focusing on everybody the Caped Crusader has ever saved. The Batman contains a second-year model of the hero amid an engrossing thriller, however this veteran story ought to make followers really feel at house. The Detective is a strong mixture of grit with a swashbuckling tone. There are several acclaimed Batman writers, however Taylor is a worthy shoutout within the fashionable trade.

The Cult

Bernie Wrightson and Wray's art of Batman for The Cult

One of the extra “hidden gems” of Batman comics buried beneath the pile of mainstream classics is author Jim Starlin and artist Bernie Wrightson’s The Cult. Starlin was the author for the enduring A Death within the Family within the mid-late ’90s, however this late ’80s endeavor was a gripping, but bleaker case for the World’s Greatest Detective to resolve.

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The Cult is the primary introduction of spiritual fanatic Deacon Blackfire, with the story revolving across the cult chief exploiting Gotham’s downtrodden to indoctrinate them into his ideology. Like with Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Deacon Blackfire amasses this following within the depths of town’s sewers. In phrases of tone, this may very well be one other good match for followers of The Batman in how this comedian explores a aspect of Gotham City’s exploitative and deep-rooted corruption.

White Knight

Cover artworks for White Knight featuring Joker and Batman

DC Black Label ended up offering a number of the greatest Batman comics of the final decade, with the imprint giving writers and artists the liberty to create their tailor-made canon away from the luggage of mainline continuity. Perhaps essentially the most well-received of those sequence was author/artist Sean Murphy’s White Knight maxiseries, because it creatively flipped standard canon on its head.

The first entry reveals followers a Dark Knight slipping additional and additional into unhinged insanity, behaving extra erratic and violently from grappling with Alfred Pennyworth’s terminal sickness — arguably Batman’s most vital relationship. At the identical time, it offers a extra sympathetic model of the Joker within the course of whereas blurring the traces of each their moralities. Though this Batman can be coming into middle-age, his brutality and wrestle to regain his humanity is harking back to Robert Pattinson’s somber iteration.

The Imposter

Split image of Batman perched on a building and facing his dark reflection in cover art

Batman’s had many grueling cases in the comics, however one of many extra stunning ones was with The Imposter‘s core premise. Writer Mattson Tomlin and artist Andrea Sorrentino wrote this miniseries underneath DC Black Label as effectively, with a intelligent plot related to Daredevil season 3.

This world’s Caped Crusader can be working inside a grounded, real looking model of Gotham City and is coping with an imposter attempting to slander his identify. The pretend Batman goes round murdering his targets and permitting himself to be caught on report doing it, with Tomlin taking clear inspiration from Pattinson’s tackle the traumatized hero.

Curse Of The White Knight

Art by Sean Murphy for his Curse of the White Knight comic book, featuring Batman, Joker and Azrael

Sean Murphy’s newest mainline entry of the maxiseries — Curse of the White Knight — capitalizes on what made its predecessor so thrilling. It continues to make an interesting story by toying with traditional milestone comedian arcs from the mainline continuity, together with some stunning ramifications that may have an effect on Bruce’s character development. However, Murphy would not overlook to showcase some beautiful motion sequences in doing so.

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Curse serves as an alternate tackle Knightfall, making Jean-Paul Valley the primary villain reverse Batman. His new origin story can be sympathetic and successfully fleshed out, although, maybe the largest change and revelation to the story was the reality behind the Wayne household legacy. It’ll probably fulfill followers of the film, as The Batman locations Bruce and his lineage amid Riddler’s bloody thriller.

The Killing Joke

The Joker in the moment he loses his sanity in The Killing Joke

Writer Alan Moore and artist Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke stand within the pantheon of Batman’s most influential comedian books. For the likes of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, it served as a key inspiration in Heath Ledger’s timeless portrayal of the Joker. It will not take followers lengthy to get by way of it, as The Killing Joke is a compelling, tightly-written 46-page one-shot.

And although the Joker is not the antagonist of The Batman, it is a must-read comedian to get a glimpse contained in the sadistic thoughts of the Clown Prince of Crime. On the opposite finish of one of many medium’s most iconic dynamics, it additionally works as an fascinating look into Batman’s psyche and the way he refuses to bend to Joker’s violently nihilistic worldview.

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