Tim Burton has been the mastermind behind a number of standard motion pictures, however amongst his most well-known is the 1988 movie Beetlejuice. It stars Michael Keaton as Betelgeuse, a malicious spirit that helps Adam (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara (Geena Davis) rid their house of the brand new household that moved in. It went on to change into one of the best afterlife-themed films ever made.

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Like most movies by Burton, the scriptwriting was top-notch, and the characters have been quirky, distinctive and memorable. They categorical themselves via a sequence of memorable quotes that proceed to make Beetlejuice the basic that it’s, replete with hilarious jokes, satirical irony and memorable one-liners.


Updated by Derek Draven on November 23, 2021, by Derek Draven: Beetlejuice continues to be considered one of Tim Burton’s most wickedly comedic and over-the-top motion pictures, which says loads given the director’s wacky directorial model. Michael Keaton and the remainder of the forged performed a number of the most unusual characters in a satirical horror comedy present, and every of them had a bevy of fantastic quotes that proceed to stay fan favorites. It’s time to check out a number of extra that sum up the characters, together with a number of that even migrated to spinoff media. 

He Has A Good Point

“Barb, Honey… We’re Dead. I Don’t Think We Have Much To Worry About Anymore.”

Adam and Barbara in the attic in Beetlejuice

For a couple that had just bought the farm, Adam and Barbara did not appear overly upset about it. It was extra of an inconvenience, versus a traumatic occasion. Proof might be seen in a dialog between the 2, the place Adam muttered this line.

It was a wierd and ironic silver-lining assertion that showcased how the couple seen life – and the afterlife – with a glass-half-full perspective. All they actually needed to take care of was an annoying household muscling in on their house, however the tradeoff was a drastic discount in day by day complications and life considerations.

Multi-Talented Otho

“I Know Just As Much About The Supernatural As I Do About Interior Design.”

The character of Otho was a buddy of Delia who’s working with the Deetz household to redecorate the within of their new house. He claims to know loads in regards to the supernatural, which he explains to Delia and Charles after they agreed to have Maxie Dean over to their home.

Otho says, “I know just as much about the supernatural as I do about interior design,” which sums up his character and abilities fairly nicely.

An Iconic Line

“Let’s Turn On The Juice And See What Shakes Loose!”

Beetlejuice Snake

As disagreeable because the Deetzes are, it made sense why Adam and Barbara wished them out of their house, irrespective of the associated fee. Betelgeuse is creepy sufficient in his human kind, however later within the film, he transforms right into a snake with a large head to scare the Deetzes.

Right earlier than he goes into the mortal world, he says, “Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose.” The line comes simply moments earlier than one of the iconic scenes within the film, signaling that this specific ghost is not fairly like others within the cinematic world.

The Most Memorable Quote

“It’s Showtime!”

Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice

The characters in Beetlejuice are fast to seek out out that getting assist from the titular ghost does extra hurt than good. Unfortunately, Lydia did not have a alternative close to the tip of the movie after Otho carried out a séance to summon Adam and Barbara. This precipitated the couple to shortly decay as soon as introduced into the mortal world, so Lydia agreed to marry Betelgeuse in order that he would save her mates.

After she says “Betelgeuse” for the third time, he stretches out his arms and says, “It’s showtime” as lightning strikes within the background. The line is among the many most iconic traces of the movie, in addition to the family-friendly animated series that debuted shortly after.

At Least He’s Trying To Quit

“I’m Trying To Cut Down, Myself.”

Early on within the movie, Adam and Barbara found the Handbook for the Recently Deceased and determined to journey to the Netherworld. Once they bought there, they found a ready room full of other people who died in several methods.

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Adam sat down subsequent to a gentleman burnt to a crisp, who provided him a cigarette. Adam mentioned he doesn’t smoke, and the person replied, “I’m trying to cut down myself.” It was an apparent little bit of satiric irony.

Betelgeuse’s Sense Of Humor

“I’ve Seen The Exorcist About 167 Times, And It Keeps Getting Funnier Every Single Time I See It!”

Soon after Barbara and Adam realized they have been useless, a brand new household moved into their house. Existing as ghosts, Barbara and Adam wished the obnoxious household gone in order that they might spend eternity in peace. To accomplish that, they employed Betelgeuse, who was promoting himself as a “bio-exorcist.” After saying his identify 3 times, the couple was transported inside Adam’s miniature city, the place they seemed for Betelgeuse.

When they did discover him, Barbara requested what his credentials have been, to which Betelgeuse replied, “Well, I attended Julliard, I lived through the Black Plague and had a pretty good time during that. I’ve seen The Exorcist about 167 times and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it! Not to mention the fact that you’re talking to a dead guy. Now what do you think? You think I’m qualified?” It ended up being one of the funniest moments in any Tim Burton film to date.

A Famous Brag

“I’m The Ghost With The Most, Babe!”

Michael keaton as Beetlejuice

One of the primary instances Lydia interacted with Betelgeuse, the character was tanning from the lights on a strip membership in Adam’s miniature city. Lydia got here to speak to Betelgeuse and requested if he was a ghost, to which the character replied, “I’m the ghost with essentially the most, babe!” Betelgeuse then tried to get Lydia to say his identify 3 times, to no avail.

The two characters then performed charades in order that Lydia might determine his identify, which additionally made for a comedic scene, with Betelgeuse conjuring up a beetle and a carton of orange juice.

A Line That’s Too Relatable

“Never Trust The Living.”

Sylvia Sidney as Juno in Beetlejuice

When Adam and Barbara went to see their caseworker Juno, they have been chewed out for his or her current selections. Not solely did the couple attempt to get assist from Betelgeuse, however in addition they bought photographed by Lydia, and allowed Otho to steal their copy of the Handbook For The Recently Deceased.

Confused as to how Otho bought their copy of the e-book, Juno defined, “Never trust the living.” She was at all times fairly blunt when she talked with Barbara and Adam, however more often than not, she was proper.

The Questions A Cinephile Asks

“Are You ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ Under There? Like, All Bloody Veins And Pus?”

Part of the attraction of Beetlejuice was the connection between Adam, Barbara, and Lydia. When Adam and Barbara first tried scaring off the Deetz household, they merely took some sheets and coated themselves to appear to be ghosts.

Lydia wasn’t scared, remarking “I’m not scared of sheets. Are you gross under there? Are you ‘Night of the Living Dead’ under there? Like, all bloody veins and pus? Not solely did this reference George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, nevertheless it was the primary actual interplay between the three, resulting in good issues afterward.

The Banana Boat Song

“I Would Rather Talk About… DAY-O… DAY-O!”


Out of all of the scenes in Beetlejuice, the dinner scene that includes the Banana Boat Song is probably essentially the most well-known. It occurred when Charles invited his enterprise associates over for dinner. The matter of ghosts and the paranormal shortly got here up in dialog, with Lydia explaining that she had seen ghosts of their home.

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Delia desires to vary the topic and says, “I would rather talk about…Day-O… Day-O!” Catherine O’Hara then lip-syncs the Banana Boat Song by Harry Belafonte as all the dinner members begin dancing uncontrollably. The scene ends with their shrimp dinners turning into palms and grabbing their faces, earlier than throwing them backward.

Lydia On Her Personality

“I Myself Am Strange, And Unusual.”

Winona Ryder as Lydia in Beetlejuice

Lydia, played by Winona Ryder, was a goth teenager who loved pictures and confirmed a particular curiosity within the afterlife, ghosts, and sure issues paranormal. It was undoubtedly only a section, although the eccentric nature of her household might need had one thing to do with it.

Needless to say, she was thrilled when she realized her home had two ghosts dwelling in it. While explaining to Adam and Barbara how she was in a position to see them, she informed them that the Handbook For The Recently Deceased mentioned that “Live people ignore the strange and unusual,” additional revealing, “I myself am strange and unusual.

A Wicked Witch Reference

“Don’t Mind Her. She’s Still Upset That Somebody Dropped A House On Her Sister.”

Before the notorious musical dinner sequence, the characters have been engaged in dialog, whereas Otho was gloating about how a lot he knew in regards to the paranormal.

Otho claimed he was considered one of New York’s main paranormal researchers, to which Beryl mentioned, “Paranormal, is that what they’re calling your kind these days?” Otho shortly responded with the quip, “Don’t mind her. She’s still upset that somebody dropped a house on her sister,” which is obviously a reference to the Wizard of Oz

Get The Joke?

“Thanks, I’ve Been Feeling A Little Flat!”

Adam and Barbara in Beetlejuice

Since Barbara and Adam had bother adjusting to being useless, they visited their caseworker named Juno, one of Tim Burton’s most underappreciated movie characters. They entered a ready room, the place they met a number of individuals who died in horrible methods. They see a smoker who’s burned to a crisp, a hunter with a shrunken head, and even a girl reduce utterly in half.

When it’s time to see Juno, they’re referred to as in by a person who seemed to have been run over by a semi-truck, since he’s utterly flat. Adam tells him he appears to be like wonderful, to which the person responds, “Thanks, I’ve been feeling a little flat.

A Bit Of A Concerning Quote

“A Little Gasoline… Blowtorch… No Problem!”

Catherine O'Hara as Delia in Beetlejuice

Catherine O’Hara’s character in Beetlejuice was very overdramatic and had a ardour for contemporary artwork. Not caring what her husband or step-daughter wished, Delia decided to completely redesign their new home. When they first arrived on the Maitlands’ house, Delia and Otho started spray-painting partitions that wanted to be torn down and considering of how to “improve” the home.

At one level Delia mentioned that each one she wanted was “A little gasoline… blowtorch… no problem.” The character was eccentric, to say the least, and this line was a primary instance of that.

Who Does Betelgeuse Relate To?

“The Only One I Think I Can Deal With Is Edgar Allan Poe’s Daughter. I Think She Understands Me.”

Betelgeuse sitting on a tombstone in Beetlejuice

This specific quote betrays Betelgeuse’s trickery and penchant for mendacity in an effort to get what he desires or misdirect consideration away from himself. While the concept of Edgar Allen Poe’s daughter being probably one of many few who might probably perceive this specific ghost, no such individual existed.

In reality, Poe had no recognized youngsters respectable or in any other case, although the potential for the latter may nonetheless exist. Whatever the case, it was apparent that Betelgeuse was merely making an attempt to be cheeky and comedic, versus factual.

She Probably Likes It This Way

“My Whole Life Is A Darkroom. One…Big…Dark…Room.”

A picture of Lydia from Beetlejuice

The fledgling Goth motion within the late ’80s and Nineteen Nineties is slightly comical by at present’s requirements, pushed largely by melodramatic children making an attempt to cling to an id group. Lydia demonstrates this with a way of self-awareness relating to her personal self-expression, as evidenced by quotes like this one.

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In typical gloomy style, Lydia insinuates the dreariness of her personal life, even supposing she’s a slightly pleased lady deep down. All it takes is the friendship of Adam and Barbara to show her frown the wrong way up, nevertheless it a whole lot of unorthodox trial and error to get there.

Asking The Right Questions

“What’s The Good Of Being A Ghost If You Can’t Frighten People Away?”

After Barbara and Adam meet with Juno, they determined they have been going to scare the Deetz household away so they may get their house again. They had a number of elaborate schemes, together with Barbara decapitating Adam and hanging herself within the closet, however they shortly realized the Deetz household can’t see them.

Barbara then exclaims, “What’s the great of being a ghost if you cannot frighten folks away?” Whether folks imagine in ghosts or not, it is simple to imagine that one of many perks of being one could be being able to scare folks, or on the very least, talk throughout the void.

Confusion Abounds

“Coach? I Don’t Think We Survived That Crash!”

A dead football team in Beetlejuice

Juno was buried in paperwork when Adam and Barbara have been referred to as again in to elucidate their failures at getting the Deetz’s out of their home. Worse, she needed to take care of a soccer crew that had seemingly died in a crash, thought Juno was their coach, and could not discover the lads’s room.

After giving Adam and Barbara some recommendation, Juno despatched them on her approach, solely to be confronted by the footballers, considered one of whom uttered this hilarious line. Juno might solely smile in slight amusement and reply, “How did you guess?”

Taking Clint Eastwood To The Next Level

“Go Ahead. Make My Millennium!”

Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice with Spikes

After Adam and Barbara realized that Lydia wasn’t like the remainder of her household, they did not need Betelgeuse to scare her anymore. However, there was no reasoning with the spirit, however Adam and Barbara had a slight benefit in the truth that they weren’t caught in Adam’s miniature city.

After making an attempt to drive him to hearken to her, Barbara picks up the little Betelgeuse together with her fingers, who grows a set of spikes from his physique. After falling to the bottom, he stands again up and says, “Go ahead, make my millennium.” The line is a reference to Clint Eastwood’s lineGo ahead, make my day”  from Sudden Impact, which solely grew to become much more well-known after Beetlejuice parodied it.

Betelgeuse The Pottymouth

“Nice F****** Model!”

Betelgeuse screaming obscenities in Beetlejuice

Shocking and unexpected F-Bombs in PG-13 rated movies can both stun audiences and make them uncomfortable, or trigger them to roll over with laughter. Beetlejuice’s specific F-Bomb is among the latter, and up to now, it is one of the out-of-nowhere gags in a comedy movie meant for households with barely older youngsters.

It seems that the ghost with essentially the most does not like being ignored very a lot, and when the eye has evaporated, he will get fairly cranky. He demonstrates this by kicking over one of many little plastic timber in Adam’s miniature city, watching it collapse on its facet. He then utters this line earlier than grabbing his groin, ending off with a loud honking sound that had audiences in stitches.

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