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25 years in the past, within the fall of 1997, the pilot episode of South Park aired on Comedy Central. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park follows 4 kids ⏤ Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick ⏤ and their weird experiences within the titular mountain city. Ever since its preliminary release, South Park has gained a cult following for its crude humor and offensive enactment of cultural, political, and social points. More usually than not, South Park sparked controversy for its insensitive and disgustingly on-the-nose themes, barely avoiding the guillotine on a couple of event.

However, for all its faults and complaints, South Park has completely entertained grownup audiences for generations. Even now, after 24 seasons and one other one on the way in which, South Park has proven no indicators of slowing down. Over the years, many uniquely likeable characters have come and gone, however just a few of them have made an enduring influence, making us snort, cry and cringe. Here are the 20 finest South Park characters of all time.

20. Mr. Garrison

Mr Garrison South Park

Herbert Garrison, referred to as Janet after a sex-change operation that was in the end reverted, teaches 4th grade at South Park Elementary and regularly talks to his ventriloquist puppet, Mr. Hat. Mr. He suffers from a a number of identification dysfunction, represented by varied puppets. Additionally, Mr. Garrison takes offense to anybody who assumes his sexuality although he repeatedly participates in homosexual relations. Mr. Garrison is an oddball, however his scatterbrained disposition and unstable temper swings make him a comic in his personal proper, even when he’s a little bit of a practice wreck.

19. Ike Broflovski

South Park Ike

Ike, Kyle’s adoptive Canadian brother, seems from time to time within the South Park world. Though not explicitly a important character, Ike notably shines when interacting with Kyle, particularly for the recurring gag during which Kyle punts Ike like a soccer after saying, “Kick the baby!”, to which Ike replies, “Don’t kick the baby!” Even extra hilariously, Ike copies the obscenities from Kyle, usually caught by Shiela.

Due to Ike’s age, he usually mispronounces phrases, however can clearly say “penis” and “vagina,” making his vocabulary very a lot influenced by what he hears from others. More usually than not, Ike seems on the most inopportune moments, disrupting no matter plans Kyle may need or just making himself recognized simply to be a nuisance, as many kids often do to entertain themselves.

18. Sheila Broflovski

South Park Shiela

Sheila Broflovski is the stereotypical overprotective, stuck-in-the-mud mom that might be the primary to resort to name-calling in Facebook feedback throughout an argument. She often spoils the misguided enjoyable of others, significantly Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman, who despises her most of all. Without Sheila, the South Park followers would by no means have recognized the unforgettable track, “Kyle’s Mom’s a Bitch,” sang by Eric Cartman. In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Sheila is basically the antagonist, ridiculing Canada for its absurd humor and campaigning to execute struggle criminals Terrance and Phillip.

17. Liane Cartman

South Park Liane Cartman

Liane Cartman is the sufferer of fixed mockery from her son Eric. Out of all of the South Park mother and father, Liane is decidedly probably the most outstanding inside the collection, making a number of appearances all through. As it seems, Liane is simply as racist and anti-Semitic as Eric, which is the place he will need to have inherited such foul humor and offensive opinions. As we all know, the funniest jokes are the derogatory ones, as a lot as we play harmless and attempt to deny it.

Whenever Eric and Liane work together, it may be virtually assured that Cartman will curse her out or humiliate her in a roundabout way, to which she is going to reply by performing coy and detached, nonetheless spoiling Eric regardless. Based on Trey Parker’s untrue ex-fiancée, Liane is a extra bitter “tribute” than most, usually known as out for her promiscuous nature.

16. Timmy Burch

South Park Timmy

“Timmy!” is an unforgettable catchphrase in South Park, immediately recognizable and oddly charming. Timmy Burch is a handicapped pupil with slurred speech and a restricted vocabulary. As if South Park couldn’t get extra offensive, Timmy portrays a copycat Charles Xavier (X-Men) within the role-playing online game South Park: The Fractured however Whole.

In South Park, there are the loud and overbearing central characters and the quieter, extra under-the-radar ones who’ve their comedic moments, with Timmy being the latter. As an instance, Timmy turns into conscious of Kenny’s unlucky deaths and subsequently provides Jimmy a parka like Kenny’s within the hopes that it might kill him. It’s a refined but extremely amusing gag, and Timmy is filled with them.

15. Big Gay Al

South Park Big Gay Al

If Tolkien Black is the “token” black character, then Big Gay Al is the token homosexual character. Al is the embodiment of each gay stereotype. His cheery and flamboyant disposition feels misplaced at occasions, which makes it all of the extra hysterical. Surprisingly, there are moments the place Big Gay Al represents homosexual rights in addition to dangerous stereotypes.

There are occasions the place Al is mistreated for being a homosexual man, however he takes it upon himself to teach others and remind them that he has a proper to specific himself. Despite its fame, South Park does have its academic and healthful moments, which Al ⏤ amongst others ⏤ might be credited for.

14. Towelie

South Park Towelie

South Park actually examined the boundaries of creativeness with a speaking towel that smokes weed to get notoriously excessive. Towelie is an actual riot, and like many different unusual characters, he often both seems out of nowhere to provide recommendation to the residents of South Park or might be discovered getting excessive.

Although Stone and Parker meant for Towelie to be a horrible character, he gained immense reputation. Towelie could also be portray addicts in a foul gentle, however the idea of an anthropomorphic towel smoking blunts feels so farfetched and idiotic that he by some means nonetheless matches inside the different extraordinary world of South Park.

13. Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo

South Park Mr Hankey

Mr. Hankey is a speaking piece of feces that spreads tidings of consolation and pleasure ⏤ and a foul odor. If that alone doesn’t make him worthy of a spot on the “best South Park characters” checklist, then nothing will. Mr. Hankey appears to have interchangeable moods, significantly unstable ones that vary from sickeningly jolly to vengefully enraged.

There have to be one thing entertaining a couple of speaking poop with anger points and self-loathing, particularly after South Park launched Mr. Hankey’s spouse, Autumn, and their three children, Cornwallis, Amber and Simon, thereby personifying him utterly. While not as centrally important as different characters, when Mr. Hankey does seem, each second of display time is cherished, and fairly frankly, he deserves rather more.

12. Jimmy Valmer

South Park Jimmy Valmer

Originally meant to be a one-shot rival for Timmy Burch, Jimmy shortly grew to become a fan favourite and performs a supporting position in a number of episodes. Like Timmy, his humor comes from his optimism regardless of his incapacity, making him exceedingly likable. Jimmy is a slapstick comedian, which regularly by no means beneficial properties a lot traction and may very well be demeaning for handicapped individuals, but in addition reveals plenty of self-respect and the flexibility to snort alongside at one’s personal misfortune.

Jimmy has been given his personal share of episodes, finally overtaking Timmy from the ninth season onward and turning into a much-loved common. Despite exploiting Jimmy’s incapacity as a dependable joke, Jimmy nonetheless represents uncommon disabilities and the best way to navigate on a regular basis life regardless of limitations.

11. Terrance & Phillip

South Park Terrance Phillip

They could also be grotesque, inappropriate, and intently akin to modern-day millennials, however Terrance and Phillip are one thing of a responsible pleasure. Naturally they’re the celebrities of The Terrance and Phillip Show, which revolves across the duo’s each day shenanigans and integrates bathroom humor with appreciable contempt from those that view it.

Terrance and Phillip characteristic in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut as unhealthy influences on Kyle, Eric, Kenny, and Stan in addition to nearly all of the adolescent inhabitants. Terrance and Phillip corrupted South Park‘s children, but they also corrupted half the population who want to call them vulgar and untalented but still keep watching, just like us loyal viewers.

10. Chef

south park chefjpg

Everyone loves Chef, and we say that with the utmost confidence. Chef is the go-to adviser for any troubles, especially adult-related issues. He deserves the tenth spot just for “chocolate salty balls” and nothing else, but he does have other appealing qualities. Above all, Chef is downright lovable in every way. He’s one of many solely African-American residents in South Park ⏤ rating one for illustration ⏤ and often refers back to the white characters as “crackers” (affectionately, although not all the time).

Whenever Chef is round, you’ll be able to rely on a musical quantity, which is without doubt one of the many the explanation why Chef ranks among the many prime contenders. Chef suffered a ugly dying that shocked many South Park viewers and longtime followers, solely testifying to how liked he was.

9. Craig Tucker

South Park Craig Tweek

Craig is the resident “gives no f*cks” character, virtually all the time seen flipping somebody off for apparently no purpose in any respect. He speaks with a deep voice, doesn’t essentially act stereotypically homosexual (like how Big Gay Al is portrayed), and nonetheless feels a romantic attraction to males. If that isn’t searching for the little man, then nothing is.

South Park has its controversial moments, nevertheless it typically represents minorities in optimistic methods. Craig is a troublemaker and a no-nonsense character, which makes him stoic however brutally sincere and all the time prepared to name others out on their ignorance. For some inexplicable purpose, Craig is effortlessly hilarious, even when he acts completely critical.

8. Tweek Tweak

South Park Tweek

As the exact opposite to Craig in each approach, Tweek is overly delicate, aware, and stressed. Whereas Craig doesn’t care about what anybody else thinks, Tweek cares an excessive amount of. Although his panicked state is triggered by extra consumption of caffeine, Tweek does, to some extent, symbolize anxiousness in its rarest type.

Many of us expertise fear from time to time, however few individuals really feel these feelings to extremes, comparable to how Tweek “freaks out” at any given second. Tweek is innocent, simply impressionable, and the unlucky sufferer of Cartman’s plots, which makes everybody really feel sorry for him and could be the explanation behind his likability.

7. Mr. Mackey

South Park Mr Mackey

Mr. Mackey, finest recognized for his catchphrase “m’kay” that comes on the finish of most sentences, is certainly one of South Park’s most iconic characters. Like Sheila, he had successful track in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut known as “It’s Easy, Mmm’kay” that turned out to be annoyingly catchy. Besides that, Mr. Mackey has sung one other 4 songs over the course of the collection.

To put it bluntly, Mr. Mackey is extraordinarily odd, which subsequently makes him entertaining to look at. He appears to draw back from the vulgarity and obscenity that the remainder of the city ⏤ particularly the youngsters ⏤ enjoyment of and appears to be one of many solely “sensible” adults in all of South Park, which makes him a breath of contemporary air when everybody else is so filthy.

6. Stan Marsh

South Park Stan

Aside from vomiting round women ⏤ specifically Wendy ⏤ and the “You killed Kenny, you b*ast*ard!” bit, Stan is arguably probably the most boring of the central characters (the youngsters, anyway) and subsequently ranks under the others. Needless to say, Stan does have his moments, similar to some other character. He usually narrates the primary occasions of the episode, although it has develop into extra frequent for Kyle to take action.

Cartman may protest, however Stan is usually the chief of the group and probably the most rational of all the children regardless of being simply roped into some harebrained scheme. Stan can also be tender and delicate, which is unusual in younger boys, because it has develop into stigmatized lately. It could be unfair to say that as a result of Stan is usually extra impassive than the opposite children, it makes him much less fascinating.

5. Randy Marsh

South Park Randy

Randy Marsh is South Park’s resident fool however an important a part of the sitcom nonetheless. He drives most of the plots for later seasons and is the middle of issues and conflicts as a consequence of his poor decisions. As the other of his son Stan, Randy is never ever boring. Randy is the very essence of indecency, particularly relating to sexual themes, profanity, and law-breaking acts.

He is an alcoholic, a intercourse addict, and a weed farmer, moreover depicted as a lowlife and the animated model of “white trash” within the derogatory sense. Randy is all the time combined up in some legal exercise or doing one thing he shouldn’t be, which makes him a automobile crash ready to occur and an especially pleasant addition to the South Park solid.

4. Kyle Broflovski

South Park Kyle

Kyle is a member of the one Jewish household in South Park, one other tally on the illustration chart. Some of Kyle’s likability might be owed to his interactions with Cartman, whom he regularly suffers derision from for his faith. Kyle consistently calls Cartman “fat-ass” and so they bicker like cats and canines over Cartman’s robust dislike for Kyle’s mom.

Unlike a number of the different kids, Kyle is fraternal, protecting, and thoughtful of others, usually standing up for what he believes in ⏤ a high quality he probably inherited from Sheila. In some ways, Kyle is a typical adolescent, curious concerning the world and decided to make a distinction. There merely isn’t a right away purpose to dislike Kyle.

3. Kenny McCormick

South Park Kenny

Kenny McCormick should die a minimum of as soon as per episode. Well, most likely not each episode, nevertheless it definitely feels that approach. He grew to become well-known for dying in virtually each episode in lots of weird methods, comparable to trying to gentle a fart on hearth in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. For a very long time, one of many largest appeals when it got here to Kenny was the aura that surrounded him.

No one had ever seen Kenny with out his hooded parka or heard his voice in addition to muffled and incoherent sounds, each of which have been revealed within the aforementioned characteristic movie. Like another South Park characters, Kenny was imagined to be killed off early on, however his reputation made it not possible for him to remain absent for lengthy.

2. Butters Stotch

South Park Butters

During Kenny’s quickly removing, Butters grew to become a rising star in South Park. Butters is the signature “innocent” child that defines the “sunshine and rainbows” saying. Initially meant to be a background character, Butters rose to reputation. In the start, Butters was disliked by the boys, who stated that he failed to check to Kenny; the mistreatment turns into the supervillain origin story for “Professor Chaos,” Butters’ well-known alter-ego.

Additionally, Butters’ kindness is usually taken benefit of, a high quality that makes him very relatable. In a phrase, Butters is lovable, like a pet or little kitten. Fans contemplate him one of many sweetest, most harmless, and most gullible characters on the present. He wouldn’t harm a fly, and everybody loves him.

1. Eric Cartman

South Park Cartman

It needed to be. Who else would make the highest spot over Eric Cartman, the human embodiment of all the things improper with the world? He’s fats, impolite, vulgar, thoughtless, and careless, however we love him for it. Cartman is typically the primary antagonist, which retains factor fascinating always. On event, everybody likes him, however more often than not, everybody hates him.

None of the youngsters know why Cartman is their buddy, because the friendships are extraordinarily poisonous, however viewers can by no means clarify why Cartman is so likable, both. He simply is. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have repeatedly said that Cartman is their final favourite of all of the characters on the present, and so they’re not alone in feeling that approach.

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