Not many superhero films and TV reveals discover as vast a wide range of particular skills as Doom Patrol. Both the heroes and the villains on the present have distinctive powers, and consequently, they’re nearly inconceivable to defeat. Over time, a number of the characters have additionally demonstrated that they’re much stronger than their counterparts and there have been loads of situations to again that up.

Having further energy is necessary in a world the place nearly everybody has the flexibility to tug a trick out of the bag at any given second. Stronger characters not solely have a greater survival price, but additionally are inclined to get their means, therefore making certain they continue to be dominant in Cloverton and all of the adjoining areas.

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Doom Patrol returns to HBO Max in December 2022. If the fourth season is something like the primary three, followers ought to count on to fulfill some nice new heroes and villains, all among the many most weird in comedian guide historical past. With that stated, it would take so much to match up with the heroes and villains that got here within the first three seasons. It additionally isn’t simply the primary Doom Patrol group members which might be among the many strongest on this nook of the DC Universe, but additionally former members of the group which confirmed up within the later seasons. There isn’t any telling if anybody else will be a part of the group, but when they do, they’ve loads of powerhouses to work alongside.


14/14 Niles

In some attention-grabbing trivia, Doom Patrol and the X-Men have been created across the identical time from DC and Marvel. The two groups consisted of outsider heroes with mysterious powers led by a person in a wheelchair. Unlike Professor X, Niles Caulder would not have powers that rival even his costs.

However, that does not imply that Niles is powerless. He is definitely very highly effective, as he pulls strings to guide the Doom Patrol, so their energy is his energy. He was, at one time, immortal, however he gave that up and ended up sacrificing himself to avoid wasting his group.

13/14 Mento

Mento on Doom Patrol.

Mento is a former member of Doom Patrol. Steve Drayton was one of many group members who had psychological breakdowns after failing to beat Mister Nobody earlier than. They ended up cared for by Joshua Clay.

However, earlier than this, he was immensely highly effective. Mento is a telepath and will converse with Rita utilizing these powers. He confirmed his energy on this second when he helped dig by recollections of the hero to assist her management her powers higher. He may create illusions, and it’s in these illusions that he now lives in his thoughts.

12/14 Lodestone

Lodestone on Doom Patrol.

Rhea Jones was Lodestone, one other former Doom Patrol member. Much like her teammates, all of them suffered breakdowns and finally broke up after Mister Negative defeated them. She joined her teammates beneath the medical care of Joshua Clay.

Her energy is magnekinesis. This makes her a Doom Patrol model of Magneto, however like most members of this group, on a smaller degree. She used a swimsuit to guard her from harm whereas she manipulated magnetic and metallic supplies together with her thoughts.

11/14 Beast Boy

Ryan Potter as Beast Boy and the cast of Titans

In the comics, Beast Boy was a member of Doom Patrol, and the TV collection stored that connection intact. When the group debuted on Titans, Beast Boy was there as a member of this iconic group. However, he has since moved away from that and has a brand new household.

However, his energy can’t be denied. Garth can turn into any animal that ever existed, with the dimensions and energy of that beast. This consists of dinosaurs, so there may be actually no restrict to how highly effective Beast Boy actually is.

10/14 Flex Mentallo

Flex Mentallo saves a cat from a tree in Doom Patrol

Flex is certainly one of Doom Patrol‘s fan-favorite characters, and that is as a result of his energy is sort of attention-grabbing. With his “Muscle Mystery,” he can management absolutely anything by merely flexing his arm muscle tissues or a tiny a part of his physique.

Flex’s physique hints at the truth that he would get the higher of any opponent if he ever selected to wrestle them. However, he would not want to do this since flexing will get the job achieved. Fans get to be taught simply how robust he’s when he blacks out a whole metropolis whereas indignant over Dolores’ demise. And there’s extra he has achieved to make a case for himself because the strongest hero. Earlier in his life, he’s held captive by the Bureau of Normalcy, whose partitions are described as stronger than even these of essentially the most safe penitentiaries. Nevertheless, Flex remains to be capable of create fissures in them.

9/14 Aran Desai, AKA Celcius

Celcius shuts Crazy Jane up by freezing her mouth in Doom Patrol

Aran Desai’s presents embrace Pyrokinesis (the flexibility to control fireplace) and Cryogenesis (the flexibility to control ice). She additionally believes she is married to The Chief as a result of Mr. Nobody corrupted her thoughts.

Desai’s excessive tolerance to each excessive and low temperatures makes her inconceivable to kill. Using the fireballs or iceballs she creates, she can’t solely cease incoming assaults but additionally knock out any being, regardless of how highly effective it’s. Given how a lot Desai can do, it is unlucky that she is not used so ceaselessly. In the comics, she is granted extra storylines and will get to command her personal group.

8/14 Rita Farr (Elasti-Girl)

Rita Farr stretches her fingers to grab a cup in Doom Patrol.

The former Hollywood actress acquired the facility of elasticity when The Chief exposes her to poisonous gases as a part of the Immortus Initiative. Consequently, she is ready to stretch all exterior components of her physique to nice distances.

At first look, Farr would not seem robust since in line with science the facility ought to be fairly unstable. However, she has just lately exhibited that her elasticity comes with nice energy too. With her elongated arm, she manages to carry chaos magician Willoughby Kipling towards a wall and choke him out till he nearly dies. It’s a powerful feat since Kipling has a report of escaping simply from the clutches of different heroes.

7/14 Victor “Vic” Stone (Cyborg)

Cyborg standing in front of a set of stairs in Doom Patrol.

Vic turns into disfigured resulting from accidents sustained from a chemical explosion so his father Silas takes him to S.T.A.R. Labs and infuses him with cybernetic enhancements. Having recognized The Chief for many of his life, he chooses to serve beneath him as a hero.

Man can by no means overpower ‘machine’ therefore it is not stunning that Vic’s robotic components grant him extra energy than the common human. Evidence of his excessive energy could be present in a scene the place he sends a robber flying 20 ft with only a easy kick. And to assist him take care of extra highly effective villains is his cannon gun, which initiatives blasts which might be highly effective sufficient to knock something out.

6/14 Crazy Jane

Crazy Jane dances away at a night club in Doom Patrol

Crazy Jane is acknowledged because the dominant character of Kay Challis. Jane helps in sustaining a state of equilibrium in The Underground the place Challis’ different personalities reside.

Nothing makes a hero extra highly effective than having all kinds of skills, and with so many personalities in a single, nothing can cease Jane, When she needs to win in hand-to-hand fight, she will merely faucet into Fit, who has been seen tossing round two able-bodied males and breaking their necks. Additionally, when she wants weapons, she will faucet into Silver Tongue’s Ferrogenesis and create them. Jane’s vary is undoubtedly what makes her certainly one of the best characters in Doom Patrol.

5/14 Larry Trainor (Negative Man)

Negative Man stands in a carnival in Doom Patrol.

The former US Air Force pilot acquires his powers when he will get uncovered to the Negative Spirit as a part of the Immortus Initiative. The Chief then recovers him and mentors him.

Larry’s relationship with the Negative Spirit is much like that of journalist Eddie Brock and the symbiote Venom. Most of the issues the Negative Spirit does preserve stunning Larry too. Thanks to it, he is ready to stand up to temperatures of as much as 220 levels Fahrenheit in addition to publicity to all types of nuclear vitality.

4/14 Cliff Steele (Robotman)

Cliff Steele becomes the Robotman in Doom Patrol

Once a talented NASCAR driver, Cliff accepts his destiny after a automobile accident ruins most of his physique components. His mind is thus transferred right into a robotic swimsuit, and so he turns into a superhero beneath the Doom Patrol.

Over time, Cliff’s robotic physiology has been extraordinarily advantageous to him. There is hardly something he cannot elevate or yank off, and this turns into evident when he lifts a piece of a freeway to dam himself from assaults from Rita. Due to him being greater in measurement, he beats Cyborg in sheer robustness. And although he’s highly effective, he is not all about fights. He enjoys dancing too, one thing that qualifies him as certainly one of TV’s most adorable robots.

3/14 Joshua Clay

Joshua Clay treats one of the older Doom Patrol members

The metahuman doctor spends his days caring for former heroes at The Manor. He can fireplace kinetic vitality blasts, however he’s usually reluctant to make use of his powers.

That Clay is economical together with his powers is no surprise since he’s a down-to-earth man. Caulder as soon as mentions that the doctor’s kinetic vitality blasts are the best on Earth, that means he’d be a really efficient superhero if he wished to. Clay can stand up to arduous strikes too since he would not even transfer when a brainwashed metahuman affected person strikes him on the face.

2/14 Candlemaker

The Candlemaker faces off against the Doom Patrol members in Doom Patrol Season 2

The wish-granting deity is hellbent on turning the world into wax. Though he’s pressured into Dorothy Spinner’s physique to torment her, she manages to show him into an ally.

The Doom Patrol heroes all the time get the higher of most villains, even after initially struggling. Unfortunately for them, Candlemaker has been unbeatable for many of the present and at the moment has the glory of being the one villain to defeat all the crew. His solely drawback is that he’s sure to Dorothy, which is often not an issue since she lets him out ceaselessly.

1/14 Eric Morden (Mr. Nobody)

Eric Modern aka Mr. Nobody meets Niles in Doom Patrol

The former Brotherhood of Evil member has devoted his life to making sure that Niles Caulder and the Doom Patrol falls. He all the time fails to realize that, however he by no means stops making an attempt.

Morden’s Omniscience and ability to break the Fourth Wall are his most impressive powers. However, it’s his vortex vitality creation means that always permits him to get the higher of stronger criminals. Through it, he can’t solely teleport them to his dimensions but additionally blast them miles away in order that they’re now not threats. And by warping actuality, he is ready to create a lot stronger variations of himself.

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