It’s humorous. Last episode, the present pulled out all of the stops narratively to try to persuade us that Clayman’s forces had the higher hand—to the purpose the place Beretta’s interference was wanted to make issues evenly matched—just for all that pressure to be deflated this episode. If something, the addition of Beretta (to not point out Veldora) makes issues so lopsided in Rimuru’s favor that half of the continued fights is resolved immediately.

And truthfully, that is not likely a criticism. We’ve recognized for almost all of this half-season that Clayman has bitten off far more than he can chew in relation to Rimuru. His data has been terribly outdated and his forces have been outmaneuvered at each flip. At this level, something in addition to a one-sided beatdown would have shattered the suspension of disbelief.

In different phrases, if the earlier episode serves as an emotional appetizer by letting viewers savor the sight of Clayman getting punched within the face a number of instances, this episode is the primary course, as Shion will get to beat him relentlessly and mock him earlier than dismembering him and leaving him floating in a puddle of his personal blood. Clayman’s comeuppance is tremendous cathartic to see—particularly at Shion’s fingers. After all, she is among the residents of Tempest most straight affected by Clayman’s scheme (, having been brutally murdered on the street and all).

In reality, it is easy to get so caught up in Clayman’s much-deserved beatdown that you do not discover the elephant within the room: Milim’s plan does not make any sense. Like, none by any means.

While we do not get a direct rationalization, it appears Milim did all this to uncover the individual working behind the scenes to destroy Rimuru—i.e., Yuuki. Yet, how does pretending to be mind-controlled, invading one other nation, and combating your folks whereas being surrounded by essentially the most highly effective Demon Lords on the planet accomplish this purpose? If she wished to beat the knowledge out of Clayman, she might have executed it at any time—I doubt anybody in addition to Guy Crimson and his accomplice dragon might have stopped her.

Even if she was involved in regards to the rule that Demon Lords do not meddle in different’s affairs or territories (which I doubt she could be), the second Clayman tried to thoughts management her, any non-aggression pact in place would have been null and void—particularly with Frey there as a witness. There was merely no must associate with any of Clayman’s plans.

And now, with Clayman going True Demon Lord and Rimuru stepping in to struggle—and presumably kill—him subsequent episode, it does not appear to be Milim’s going to get any extra data from him about his mysterious backer. This entire factor appears to have been a large waste of effort and time.

However, simply because her entire endeavor appeared pointless, that does not imply that is some sort of large plot gap—and even that it’s out of character for Milim. If something, that is truly the sort of plan I’d anticipate Milim to make—like, she had a purpose in some unspecified time in the future however simply received caught up within the enjoyable of the entire thing and determined to roll with it. After all, simply because Rimuru has befriended her, that does not imply that Milim is something lower than the immortal, chaotic power of nature she has been for lots of of years. This entire mind-control act might have been for no different purpose than she was bored.

All in all, it is a good reminder that, whereas she could like Rimuru, Milim is essentially completely different from mortal beings and is on no account tied down by human morals. Her cheerful demeanor and tiny body may belie her capability for unfathomable, unpredictable malice.


Random Thoughts:

• Anyone else bugged by the truth that everyone seems to be tremendous down with the entire slave labor thought? Sure, these troopers did invade the Beast Kingdom, however they did not kill a single citizen of that nation. And hell, when your normal is a psychopath who loves killing and your nation’s chief thoughts controls folks for enjoyable and revenue, I doubt the common soldier had any say within the invasion—and even being a part of the military in any respect for that matter. Becoming a slave compelled to restore a metropolis they did not even destroy looks as if a bridge too far—particularly contemplating that with Claymans dying, Clayman’s territory will probably turn into Rimuru’s (making these enslaved folks his residents.)

• Would it actually be that tough for Rimuru to discover a place for Ramiris and Beretta to dwell in Tempest? Like, I’m certain the Dryads would simply like to construct her a palace within the forest if it saved her near them.

• Boy, that they had enjoyable simply sliding that “Milim is Veldora’s niece” revelation in there, did not they?

• Well… Rimiru did inform Veldora to “play” with Milim.

• …I’m wondering if CAPCOM and Toei received a giant pile of money for this episode.

• The 3×3 Eyes joke actually received me. And if we assume that Rimuru died in our world when Tensura was first revealed in 2013, meaning Veldora will likely be lacking out on each sequel manga collection. Poor dragon cannot catch a break.

• It should suck to be Raphael. You’re utterly beholden to a man infinitely stupider than you who publicly takes credit score in your concepts and ignores what you say anytime he thinks he is aware of higher.

• I liked watching the Demon Lords who completely thought Milim was mind-controlled attempt to shield their fragile egos.

• Clayman was a idiot to consider that anybody who Milim has deemed a “friend” could be dumb sufficient to betray her.

• I guess Frey protected these dragon mitts together with her life.

• If Clayman is weaker than the opposite clowns, neglect Shion—Geld might have in all probability taken him down.

• At this level, no sob story about how Clayman simply wished to belong goes to sway me from excitedly trying ahead to seeing his corpse.

• So… what? Clayman has already killed 10,000 folks and simply hadn’t realized it? That’s equally monstrous and handy.

• Even if Clayman does turn into a True Demon Lord, he will not have had Raphael min-maxing his stats and abilities like Rimuru had. I predict one other beatdown in Clayman’s future.

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