It’s humorous. Here we’re in the beginning of the climax that this cour has been constructing in direction of—the battle between Rimuru and Clayman, with Rimuru dealing with a real risk within the type of Milim whereas Shion dukes it out with Clayman and one among his puppets—but for all of the flashy motion happening, the factor that saved my consideration this episode wasn’t the battle. It was Guy Crimson. After all, in contrast to our slimy hero, Guy has discovered what is definitely happening.

Rimuru is just too near occasions to see what’s actually occurring. He sees the assembly of the Demon Lords as his likelihood to get revenge and rescue his enslaved good friend. He is so caught up in what he thinks is happening that he does not even query his assumptions, even after each Guy and Raphael attempt to clue him in. Honestly, his solely saving grace on this division is that Clayman is equally hyper-focused on his personal aim to the purpose that he does not see the reality both: that Milim shouldn’t be thoughts managed—and sure by no means has been.

Guy, then again, appears to have understood the scenario from the beginning—which is probably going why he did not crush Clayman after he hit Milim final episode. There is an apparent degree of belief, if not friendship, between Guy, Ramiris, and Milim. If nothing else, he respects Milim sufficient to not intrude in her plans with out being requested to. As he places it on this episode when speaking to Clayman, “If Milim assists you of her own volition, I will not stop her.” (Of course, not solely does this show moderately clearly that Milim is not mind-controlled, it additionally implies that if she activates Clayman to help Rimuru, he will not cease that both.)

This is likewise why he tries to cease Ramiris from sending in Beretta to assist. “I’m sure Milim has her own plans,” he tells her, making an attempt to elucidate to Ramiris that by interfering, she could also be getting in Milim’s manner. It’s solely after Ramiris explains how essential Rimuru is to her as a good friend that Guy permits her to ship Beretta into the battle. After all, whereas he could not significantly care about Rimuru, he does care in regards to the little fairy queen and desires her to be each protected and comfortable.

All this makes Guy an intriguing character. He’s as highly effective as Milim and clever sufficient to determine what’s actually happening. Moreover, regardless of his power, he has fostered relationships with these far weaker than himself—particularly Ramiris and Leon. In truth, his friendships set him as much as be each an ally and enemy to Rimuru. After all, whereas Rimuru makes each Milim and Ramiris comfortable, he’s nonetheless out to get revenge on Leon for summoning after which discarding kids from Earth. It’s an actual power of the collection that even because it prepares to cast off one foil for Rimuru, it units up one other.


Random Thoughts:

• Why aren’t Mujrran and Diablo at this assembly? Because Mujrran would destroy Clayman’s argument and Diablo would guarantee Rimuru’s victory in battle. Thus, they should be saved out of the story for the sake of stress. This is why the Falmuth mission begins concurrently the Demon Lord assembly—not due to any in-world motive however as a result of the creator could not consider another solution to hold them out of the battle. Contrived writing is one thing I detest, and that is precisely what we’ve right here.

• Rimuru appears to be like so significantly better with evil-shaped eyes.

• It was satisfying to observe Shion pummel Clayman. I’m glad she acquired her pound of flesh.

• Man, that “only two retainers per person” rule certain turned out to be a load of crap, did not it?

• The different huge trace that Milim is not mind-controlled? When informed to kill Rimuru, she does not go into her warrior kind nor does she one-hit-kill him along with her final assault.

• If you freeze-frame proper after Raphael informs Rimuru that his Judo throw is about to be countered, you possibly can see that Milim’s smiling—her masks slipping in the course of such a enjoyable battle along with her “bestie.”

• Poor Veldora. Here’s his likelihood to play huge rattling hero and he will get sucker punched at the back of the top.

• I ponder how Veldora was summoned on condition that Guy’s barrier is meant to cease that sort of factor. Perhaps Raphael noticed the opening made for Beretta and used it to summon the Storm Dragon?

• Honestly, I’m extra enthusiastic about Milim versus Veldora than another potential match-up. It ought to present us with out query if Veldora’s new slime-clone physique is a handicap or not.

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