Stray Kids not too long ago traveled to Thailand for the subsequent portion of their STRAY KIDS 2ND WORLD TOUR: MANIC world tour.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

The live performance was all the things followers may have hoped for, full of Stray Kids’ highly effective performances…

Incredible vocals…

And different memorable moments.

But one second that significantly captured followers’ consideration was Changbin‘s performance of “Mirror Mirror.” The song was a legendary collaboration by Thai rapper F.HERO, producer NINO, Thai soloist MILLI, and Changbin.

K-Pop fans loved the song, and MILLI went viral for her effortless flow while rapping in Thai, Korean, and English.


“ottoke ottoke”😮‍💨 #milli #fhero #changbin #mirrormirror #스트레이키즈

♬ กลิ้งแป๊ปแร็ปต่อ – MILLI

MILLI even held a live reaction to see videos of Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and Changbin complimenting her.

I’m a K-Pop fan for like seven years … Right now, I’m 19. This is… inconceivable for me, you already know … like I watched them earlier than they debut to be an artist like Stray Kids. I watched their competitors with … YG and JYP.


MILLI | @phuckitol/Instagram

Because of the immense respect that Stray Kids and MILLI appear to share for one another, followers had been excited that MILLI and F.HERO each attended Stray Kids’ latest concert events in Thailand.

Which solely made Changbin’s performances of “Mirror Mirror” at each concert events all of the extra particular.

MILLI’s response to the efficiency even went viral, with followers loving her pleasure.

And Bang Chan talked about MILLI in his ment, since Stray Kids had met her earlier than the efficiency, which she additionally had probably the most relatable response to.

And the group even acquired to take some photos with each F.HERO and MILLI who appeared to have had an unbelievable time on the concert events.

F.HERO with Stray Kids | @straypng/Twitter

MILLI with Stray Kids | @straypng/Twitter

Fans are nonetheless hoping that someday a reside efficiency of “Mirror Mirror” is perhaps potential.

You can learn extra right here.

MILLI’s Reaction To Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Changbin Talking About Her Is The Most Wholesome Thing You’ll See All Day

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