A metropolis in Texas cinematically stepped up the sometimes boring price range presentation recreation final month with a stop-motion Lego video that has since gone viral nationwide for its creativity.

Officials in Arlington, Texas decided earlier this 12 months {that a} price range presentation needs to be attention-grabbing and fascinating since they finally have real-life impacts on metropolis residents.

That’s when Director of Communication and Legislative Affairs Jay Warren, considered the distinctive thought to make a lego-sized metropolis years within the making inside his residence to be filmed to clarify the bells and whistles that go into the price range, NBC5 reported.

The four-and-a-half minute video reveals lego residents working and taking part the workings of town because it explains the place the entire funds of town’s $552 million price range are going to comparable to colleges, county taxes and extra. By Sunday it had been seen just below 700,000 instances.

“How do we show them how their money’s being spent in an understandable, engaging way,” he instructed NBC town workplace requested itself. “We looked at it and thought, what does the budget really do? We’re building a budget every year. We’re looking at the key priorities city council has and what they want to build for this year.”

He mentioned the mission stemmed from a childhood interest and a Lego metropolis that he has put years and years into constructing.

“It’s a hobby, admittedly kind of a nerdy hobby, but it’s one that I’ve had since a kid,” Warren instructed the outlet.

Warren mentioned that getting as many individuals and educated on town’s price range and the place their taxes are going is a crucial purpose.

“We need that feedback. We need that input to make the right decisions for the residents of Arlington,” he mentioned.

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