Tejasswi Prakash, who’s garnering numerous love and appreciation for her position within the present Naagin not too long ago opened up about going through body-shaming feedback for being underweight.

In a latest interview with BT, the actress revealed that she doesn’t get affected by these feedback as she is extraordinarily pleased with how her physique is and the best way she was made by God. She stated, “This body-shaming doesn’t only happen with people who are overweight. It happens with people who are thin. I was also receiving negative comments because I was underweight. In life when you become an actor and you have money, you get tempted to work on your body, many times you get suggestions that do this to your body or do that. Do external surgeries or corrections to look perfect. To be honest I feel that is an easy way out. You just spend money and get the flaws that might be on your face, body, or wherever, and then just maintain it. Not like I am judging anyone who does it but I feel it is an easier way out. I’ve always been a woman who has been extremely proud of how my body is or the way I was made by god. That’s how he wanted me to be. If people don’t like it I can’t help it, it is not in my hands to go and correct these things. Because it is very important for women to love themselves. If you don’t love yourself and the way your body is and you keep doing things to yourself, then how do you expect anybody else to love you. I extremely love myself. I am very confident that this is the way I am. If someone tries to shame me or my body, it is not going to affect me. Because I know who and what I am. It doesn’t affect me and I don’t think it ever will.”

Tejasswi additionally admitted that in the course of the preliminary days she would get tempted seeing everybody spending cash on their physique. She stated, “Initially, when I was thin at that time I would feel bad but I would get tempted that everyone spends money on their body and it is common so should I also do it. It was very tempting but then I told myself then what will be the difference if I also end up doing the same thing. Because if I get affected by someone’s comment and change myself, I am no different. My mother once told me that people who affect you should be the ones who love you, whose opinion matters to you. Fortunately, my parents love the way I am, my friends have never found any flaw in me. My boyfriend loves me for being ladoo. (Laughs). Why do I change myself just because I don’t fall in this typical, perfect, hourglass shape body. Because it is perfect according to them and not as per you.”

Talking in regards to the new women who’re additionally skinny however they carry it with a lot confidence, Tejasswi stated, “I’ve seen so many girls, the new girls coming into the industry, actresses, beautiful girls, they are also skinny but they carry it with so much confidence. They look very beautiful and they don’t bother because they know their job is acting. I love that and I think it is going to be a trend changer, this millennial gen doesn’t care. I like that,” she concluded.

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