In a brand new promotional video, Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash are seen entering into an unpleasant struggle over his equation with Shamita Shetty contained in the Bigg Boss 15 home. Karan and Tejasswi have confessed emotions for one another. However, Tejasswi has been skeptical of Shamita and Karan for a while now.

The new video shared on the official deal with of Colors opened with Tejasswi and Karan sitting on a bench and she or he stated, “Things I do not notice, things you do very slyly. I do not know whom to blame, you or somebody else?” Karan then requested her, “Overthinking much?” and she or he nodded earlier than saying, “Hmm, imagine me doing something like that.”

Karan then requested her to attend and she or he replied, “Waiting for me to not be around?” She stated, “Grow some b**** and he replied, “Go f*** your self.” Then, he angrily got up and pushed the table in front of them in the process. He also returned to push the bench they were sitting on, violently. Tejasswi got upset as she was sitting on the bench and yelled, “What is incorrect with you?”

Karan then went to Nishant Bhat who requested him what was incorrect. Karan stated, “I have no clue what got into her. What did I do? She keeps telling me I do things slyly. She says she doesn’t know whose fault is it, hers or mine. Don’t know what I wrote on her (Shamita’s) t-shirt, she is hurt now. She (Tejasswi) is angry and is blaming me. I wonder what dirty things she has on her mind about me and Shamita.”

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He added, “She is asking me to develop some b***. She is aware of all of it and says all these items intentionally. What is there between me and Shamita? She is after me, ever since she got here on the present.”

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