The Teen Wolf: The Movie trailer has revealed that many of the characters from the unique MTV sequence will return for the brand new film. The movie will tackle a complete new story for the residents of Beacon Hills however maintain all the paranormal parts and drama of the unique sequence.

Over the present’s six seasons, followers received to know the Teen Wolf characters nicely, nearly on the identical stage that they’ve gotten to know the characters of the MCU. Fans seen that a few of the characters from Teen Wolf may play beloved characters within the MCU primarily based on their personalities.


10 Scott McCall: Captain America

Both Scott McCall and Captain America bear huge bodily modifications as a consequence of an out of doors drive, however each characters additionally bear character modifications all through their storylines.

Scott turns into a reluctant chief amongst his mates when extra supernatural creatures threaten those he cares about. This is exactly what occurs with Steve Rodgers when he goes to save lots of Bucky and varieties the Howling Commandos. Both characters aren’t afraid to leap right into a struggle if it means saving the world as they realize it.

9 Stiles Stilinski: Bucky Barnes

Some individuals have in contrast Stiles to Peter Parker, however he’s extra of a Bucky Barnes-type character. Besides being the most effective sidekicks, each Stiles and Bucky have their minds taken over by evil entities; for Bucky, it was Hydra brainwashing him into turning into The Winter Solider, and Stiles became the Nogitsune who had terrifying quotes within the present.

Stiles and Bucky share a knack for delivering snarky comebacks when their counterparts are on their heroic excessive horses and supply comedic aid when wanted.

8 Derek Hale: Nick Fury

Nick Fury is the genius behind bringing the Avengers collectively. In a means, Derek Hale creates his personal Avengers with all of the supernatural residences of Beacon Hills that he brings collectively when he returns to city after being off the grid for a few years.

Derek Hale delivers some of the shadiest burns in Teen Wolf, and any MCU fan will know that Nick Fury is the grasp of shade with regards to placing heroes of their place. Both males act as lecturers for his or her recruits and mould them into the heroes they should be versus who they assume they need to be.

7 Lydia Martin: Yelena Belova

Lydia and Yelena are each girls who’ve gone via numerous trauma to turn out to be the highly effective fighters that followers have come to like. Both of those girls are underestimated and make a grand present of simply how highly effective they’re when it comes time to take down an enemy.

Lydia Martin has great outfits on Teen Wolf, and it may very well be argued that Yelena is without doubt one of the most fashion-forward characters within the MCU. Both girls are very sarcastic however have a little bit sister high quality to their characters, making them lovable.

6 Melissa McCall: Aunt May

Every superhero wants a mom determine that shapes them into who they’re for higher or worse, and Aunt May and Melissa McCall are a few of the greatest mothers ever to do it. Even although she’s had some controversial moments in the Spider-Man comics, MCU Aunt May is a comforting presence for Peter earlier than and after she is aware of he’s attempting to save lots of the world, identical to Melissa does with Scott.

Both girls tackle elevating teen boys alone with grace and magnificence, all whereas proving with out them, their boys could not get far.

5 Allison Argent: Hope Van Dyne

Hope Van Dyne loves working together with her father, however the two have an advanced relationship that in the end impacts her work as The Wasp. Allison has the same relationship together with her dad; despite the fact that she has skilled below him most of her life, the pair do not at all times see eye to eye on the missions Allison goes on.

Both characters continually attempt to show that they’re able to be the primary hero in their very own story and that their coaching has paid off. Despite their variations, each characters fall for his or her male hero counterpart making their tales much more difficult and, in Allison’s case, tragic.

4 Jackson Whittemore: Loki

Everyone loves an excellent villain to an anti-hero story arch; on this case, each Loki and Jackson share this improvement. Like Loki, Jackson was extensively hated by followers on the being of Teen Wolf however, over time, got here to stay up for seeing him on their screens and turn out to be much less of a jerk to Scott and extra of an ally.

Loki has the same arc, from attempting to destroy the world to being one in every of Thor’s most precious allies. Both characters carry a darkish sense at the same time as they creep nearer to hero standing and maintain their villainous angle.

3 Kira Yukimura: Gamora

Besides their weapons of alternative being a sword, Gamora and Kira are comparable characters. Kira and Gamora are educated concerning the villains and evil plaguing their mates, making them the proper additions to the groups they be a part of.

Without Gamora, the Guardians of the Galaxy would by no means have been capable of get to Thanos and should have modified the course of The Infinity Saga. In Teen Wolf, Kira has not solely the information of their enemy however the energy to take them down, making her one of many present’s largest heroes.

2 Kate Argent: Black Widow

Kate Argent is without doubt one of the greatest sorts of villains. She is clever, witty, and is aware of the right way to mould herself into the individual she must be to slot in and get data that she desires to take down her targets. Even although she is not a villain, Black Widow has the identical set of abilities that Kate does however makes use of them for good as part of The Avengers.

Kate and Natasha Romanov use their magnificence to their benefit to play males who underestimate them. Unfortunately for followers of those characters, additionally they share their storylines ending in loss of life, affecting the remainder of their household’s lives ceaselessly.

1 Coach Bobby Finstock: Hulk

Coach Finnstock could not seem to be a personality that might share traits with Hulk or Bruce Banner, however below nearer inspection, the characters are extra alike than they seem. Like Hulk, Coach Finnstock isn’t somebody individuals need to be round when he’s offended.

He nearly appears to be completely different when teaching, and his gamers do not meet his expectations. Even although Bruce Banner is often probably the most clever individual within the room, Coach Finnstock thinks he’s probably the most sensible man within the room; he could even name himself a genius.

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