When the collection was first introduced, nobody anticipated Teen Wolf to be greater than a teen-targeted, tacky rip-off of the 1985 movie. Yet MTV’S supernatural drama proved skeptics fallacious with its multi-layered characters, rigorously crafted relationships, and complex plotlines.

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The present generally catches viewers off-guard and leaves them reeling with every new installment. However, with outdoors influences and common tropes being reused, nothing is totally unique in at the moment’s day and age. Teen Wolf delivers a justifiable share of stunning plot twists, however a number of points of the collection are predictable.


Kira Is A Supernatural Creature

Kira surrounded in flames

When Kira joins the primary solid of Teen Wolf Season 3, it is clear that she’s going to tie into the supernatural aspect of issues. Everyone Scott is aware of is conveniently associated to the paranormal, and Kira isn’t any exception. The characters are the one ones who’re shocked when Kira’s powers present themselves in Season 3 Episode 15, “Galvanize.”

No matter how simple it’s to see coming, Kira’s storyline continues to be pleasing. She’s the primary kitsune launched to the present, and her skills are in contrast to something the McCall Pack has handled earlier than.

Allison Is Still In Love With Scott

Allison, Scott, and Isaac smiling in the hallway in Teen Wolf.

Scott and Allison have plenty of romantic tropes in Teen Wolf, however a love triangle is not amongst them. They have an amicable breakup through the second season and stay mates all through the third. Scott and Allison cut up because of extenuating circumstances, fairly than a scarcity of affection.

While Allison’s dying is heartbreaking, her love confession to Scott would not come as a shock. The present makes an attempt to spotlight her new romance with Isaac in Teen Wolf Season 3, nevertheless it’s apparent to followers the place Allison’s coronary heart lies.

The Nogistune Is Impersonating Stiles

The nogitsune pretends to be Stiles in Teen Wolf.

The McCall Pack is a bit too simply fooled by the nogistune, however it may be chalked as much as their desperation. Scott desires to consider that his Stiles is answerable for himself, which impacts his judgment. However, from the second “Stiles” reunites with Scott, there are quite a few purple flags.

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There is not a plausible cause for Stiles to magically regain management of his physique, and he seems off from the start of the episode. But regardless of how predictable the twist is, it is laborious to not hope that Stiles actually is again to himself.

Lydia Is A Genius

Lydia Martin holding her books and standing in a classroom in Teen Wolf.

Because she’s portrayed as shallow and surface-level, Lydia having the best character arc in Teen Wolf is surprising. However, it is clear that she’s going to develop indirectly, even when viewers do not know to what extent.

There must be extra to Lydia than meets the attention, so the revelation that Lydia is hiding part of herself is the jumping-off level followers are ready for. Her intelligence is hinted at early on within the collection, and it would not take lengthy for followers to select up on what others have not. It marks the start of her inside journey, as Lydia slowly proves to be a multi-layered character.

Theo Betrays Scott

Scott is the one one who would not see this plot twist coming because of his trusting nature. Part of what makes Scott such a real character is his skill to search for the perfect in everybody and consider they’ve honorable intentions. However, this outlook tends to make him naive.

Stiles is cautious of Theo from the second they meet, however Scott refuses to take him severely. It’s irritating to observe Scott fall into Theo’s lure when viewers know that Stiles’ suspicions are right. In truth, the true plot twist is when Scott believes a stranger over his finest buddy.

Allison’s Father Is A Werewolf Hunter

An image of Chris Argent smiling in Teen Wolf

Fans may not have predicted specifics through the pilot, however anybody who’s seen a teen drama is aware of that Scott and Allison aren’t going to have a typical relationship. Allison is clearly extra than simply the brand new woman in school and she must tie into the plot in additional methods than one.

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Chris Argent being a werewolf hunter creates a significant impediment for Scott and Allison to beat. Most paranormal romances have the “forbidden love” trope and Teen Wolf dives in headfirst. The revelation would possibly increase just a few eyebrows, nevertheless it is not in any respect stunning.

Scott Turns Liam

Teen Wolf Liam and Scott

Turning one other teenager has been within the playing cards for Scott ever since his personal transformation. Although it stays unclear who the beta will likely be, it has at all times been an inevitability. By turning into a trainer to a brand new werewolf, Scott’s story comes full circle.

He sees the chew as a curse throughout Teen Wolf Season 1 however ultimately appreciates the individual he is turn into due to it. Scott takes Liam underneath his wing and helps him understand that being a werewolf is not the identical as being a monster. This plot is critical to showcase how properly Scott has tailored to his new life.

Stiles Confesses His Love To Lydia

Stiles tells Lydia he loves her in Teen Wolf.

Stiles’ confession of affection is, arguably, the best Stydia scene in Teen Wolf historical past. Although it is an exhilarating second for followers, it has been a very long time coming. Stiles and Lydia each date completely different individuals through the collection, however the narrative construction implies that they will wind up collectively in the long run.

The solely actual query is when and it is answered lengthy earlier than Season 6 Episode 1, “Memory Lost” even airs. The Teen Wolf Season 6 trailer spoils the pivotal line, as Stiles is seen telling Lydia “Remember I love you.”

Peter’s Numerous Returns

Peter’s complexity provides him countless potential and he might have made an interesting protagonist in Teen Wolf. It’s tough to think about that the collection would kill a personality like Peter Hale off until they’re left with no different alternative.

Neither the viewers nor the McCall Pack is shocked when Peter continues to pop up, regardless of what number of instances he is been bested by Scott. Peter does no matter it takes to outlive and simply will not keep lifeless. He’s a significant annoyance to the different characters, however his humorousness makes him beloved by viewers.

Stiles And Derek Return To Beacon Hills

Stiles and Derek might have shocked their mates, however viewers noticed them coming from a mile away. Given the storyline that is arrange in Season 6 Episode 11, “Said the Spider to the Fly,” there is no approach the present can finish with out their return to Beacon Hills.

Stiles’ restricted position within the closing season is because of actor availability, however followers have been assured Dylan O’Brien would discover a strategy to be part of his castmates for the collection finale. Although the viewers is not shocked to see Stiles pull up in his jeep, there’s a sense of aid.

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