Blistering Fang is an ultra-rare materials in Tales of Arise that’s wanted to craft the Realm Unifier. Players should slay Furious Boars for it.

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The Blistering Fang in Tales of Arise is a uncommon, sought-after crafting materials used for forging one of many recreation’s strongest crafted weapons: the Realm Unifier. Wielded by Alphen, this sword is undoubtedly among the finest weapons to have, apart from the Nebilim. While having sufficient therapeutic utility through CP is dependable for the participant’s get together, with the ability to deal huge harm towards the enemy with potent weapons such because the Realm Unifier can save gamers’ time and sources.


As anticipated, in Tales of Arise Blistering Fang isn’t straightforward to search out, and gamers might want to have accomplished the primary story to entry a couple of explicit Sub-Quests. After finishing “Another Hillside Anomaly” and the Spirit Temple” quest, gamers will be capable to enter the world the place Blistering Fang is farmable.

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Where to Get Blistering Fang

An image of the player in Tales of Arise acquiring Blistering Fang next to an image of where they are on the in-game map

To get Blistering Fang in Tales of Arise, journey to the Lower Level of the Volcano of Renewal inside The Otherworld. The space could be shortly accessed utilizing the portal within the Earth Spirit Temple. Inside the fiery volcano, gamers will encounter a number of Furious Boars. They might want to defeat these beasts to acquire Blistering Fang drops.

Having bother defeating Furious Boars to get Blistering Fang in Tales of Arise? Check out the video from Dainghia25 on YouTube beneath for an early recreation farming information for leveling up in Tales of Arise quick so the Furious Boars will not stand in your method!

How to Get the Realm Unifier

The Realm Unifier weapon's stat screen in Tales of Arise

Players want 4 supplies to forge Alphen’s legendary weapon in Tales of Arise. First, gamers should receive an Iron Pipe in the course of the “Mysterious Pair” Sub-Quest. To start the search, gamers can communicate to Wonder Bard positioned in Niez, Mahag Saar. The pipe is an merchandise acquired as part of the targets, not as a quest reward.

The second materials required for Tales of Arise’s Realm Unifier is the Ominous Eyeball. While trekking by way of the perilous Lower Levels (1F) of Tarfhal Helgarahi, gamers will encounter Astral Sloths, enemies that may drop the wanted eyeballs. Within the identical space, gamers can even receive Cursed Claws, a fabric dropped by Astral Doubts.

Looking for a extra detailed walkthrough of each step it takes to get the Realm Unfier, from Tales of Arise’s Blistering Fangs to Cursed Claws? See the video walkthrough by Gaming With Abyss beneath:

After gathering Blistering Fang in Tales of Arise and all the opposite mandatory supplies, gamers can lastly craft the Realm Unifier for Alphen. The sword has the next stats:

  • Attack: 554
  • Elemental Attack: 552
  • Penetration: 554

Players ought to needless to say they’ll want 20,800 Gald to forge the Realm Unifier, however ought to have been in a position to procure this quantity organically whereas farming for the weapon’s crafting supplies or through the use of one of many strategies to get Gald in Tales of Arise quick within the video talked about above.

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