While these are his skilled plans, actor Swapnil Joshi already has his 2022 work calendar sorted.

For 2022, actor Swapnil Joshi has new objectives, which incorporates going again and exploring avenues that he hasn’t for some time, reminiscent of theatre and TV.

“I love TV, and have been a TV product,” says Joshi, who began his appearing profession as a toddler artiste with Uttar Ramayan and Shri Krishna.

He provides, “In 2022, I would go back to Marathi theatre because I always feel that theatre brushes and hones up your skill. I haven’t done theatre in the last 8 years. I will probably do a Marathi play this year or a limited episode TV series this year. TV is my first love and I like to keep going back to it, once every three to four years.”

While these are his skilled plans, the actor already has his 2022 work calendar sorted. And the lineup seems thrilling.

“I am looking at different projects in 2022. It will be a mixed bag. I have two web shows and we shoot in the beginning of the year and they will air in the late half of 2022. Two of my films are ready for release. And hopefully they will make its way to theatres soon. One of the films is a big one and the other is a small one but both are very special to me,” he reveals.

The 44-year-old, who ended 2021 on a excessive with two OTT tasks in addition to the announcement of the launch of his personal OTT platform, additionally had some private achievements.

“Last year was a mixed bag. It began with Samantar 2 and ended with Bali. The response to both has been amazing. I had some personal ups also, I bought myself a car, gifted my wife a car. But the pandemic has been tough and I hope that things improve soon and not worsen,” he ends on a hopeful notice.

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