Coupang Play’s new collection “Anna” (literal title) has confirmed its solid!

On October 20, Coupang Play said, “Suzy, Jung Eun Chae, Kim Jun Han, and Park Ye Young have confirmed their casting in ‘Anna.’ Filming began on October 15.”

Suzy was beforehand reported to be in talks for “Anna,” which was then referred to as “The Second Anna.” Directed by Lee Joo Young, it’s an eight-episode drama that was initially conceived as a movie. It is a few girl who begins off by telling a small lie and finally ends up dwelling another person’s life.

Suzy has been solid as Yoo Mi, the girl who tells a small lie and finally ends up dwelling another person’s life. Suzy earned the nickname “the nation’s first love” profession in her debut hit movie “Architecture 101” and has just lately starred in dramas like “Vagabond” and “Start-Up.”

Jung Eun Chae has been solid as Hyun Joo, a girl who lives her life holding herself above everybody, treating them with neither kindness nor malice. She has a subtly tense relationship with Yoo Mi. Jung Eun Chae is a multifaceted actress who has appeared in dramas like “The Guest” and “The King: Eternal Monarch.”

Kim Jun Han has been solid as Yoo Mi’s husband, Ji Hoon, who’s formidable and future-oriented. Kim Joon Han just lately appeared within the hit drama collection “Hospital Playlist.”

Park Ye Young has been solid as Ji Won, a reliable senior who’s the one particular person whom Yoo Mi trusts. Park Ye Young just lately appeared as Writer Wang within the drama “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.”

Director Lee Joo Young mentioned, “‘Anna’ is a story about someone who loses themselves and part of their life because of a lie that started from a feeling of loss.” Coupang Play’s common director, Kim Sung Han, said, “We were drawn to the immersion of the story. We are looking forward to Lee Joo Young’s unique perspective and detailed direction as well as Suzy’s big transformation. We are positive that this will be a trending project that will draw attention in 2022.”

Suzy mentioned, “When I read the script, it was like I’d been swept up in ‘Anna.’ I was nervous in a good way while preparing for the project, and couldn’t wait for the day that filming would begin. I’m looking forward to the ‘Anna’ that the director, the staff, and we can make together.”

Jung Eun Chae mentioned, “The powerful script captivated me. I’m looking forward to showing a new character, and I’m happy to be working with such great actors and crew members.” Kim Jun Han mentioned, “As soon as I read the script, I wanted to do the project. There’s a strong sense of depth in the story and the director’s perspective is exciting. I’m grateful to be part of this project.” Park Ye Young mentioned, “It’s an honor to work with such great people on such a great project. I’ll do my best so that we can get great results as well.”

“Anna” will premiere someday in 2022.

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