Survivor 43’s strongest alliance has been the duo of Cody Assenmacher and Jesse Lopez, however Cody could must betray Jesse if he desires to win.

A big share of the technique on Survivor 43 has been put into motion by the duo of Cody Assenmacher and Jesse Lopez, however the pair may want to separate up if Cody desires a shot on the cash. The two have cast a robust alliance collectively, particularly given their completely different backgrounds. Cody is a free-spirited elevator salesman who relocated to Hawaii from Iowa, whereas Jesse entered the sport as a political science PhD pupil who turned his life round after being a gang member in his youth.


Cody and Jesse have been answerable for the sport throughout a number of key moments of the season to date. They started as tribemates on Vesi and have coordinated a number of blindsides, the newest being after they ousted their fellow former Vesi member Noelle Lambert. They efficiently averted detection from their opponents till the Noelle vote, when Mike Gabler started to develop into apprehensive about Cody and Jesse’s highly effective partnership.

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Cody Needs To Betray His Closest Ally Jesse

Cody and Jesse Survivor

Despite how properly the 2 have labored collectively, Cody’s greatest wager at successful the sport is by eliminating Jesse. The essential purpose Cody must activate his ally is that, ought to the 2 of them make the Final Three collectively, the jury will probably credit score Jesse as being the brains behind the operation that obtained them there. The Noelle vote solidified that notion when Jesse appeared to take credit score for the transfer by apologizing to Noelle on her approach out. Jesse posturing as the mastermind will result in him getting extra respect from the jury, whereas Cody could also be seen as a follower and merely an agent of Jesse’s plans. Cody may be capable to let Jesse slide for one or two extra Tribal Councils, however he wants to chop his pal quickly if he desires any likelihood at separating his recreation from Jesse’s whereas concurrently gaining a serious resume level by ousting probably the most strategic participant within the recreation.

There have been many situations of Survivor duos making it to the tip of the sport solely to have one member of the partnership dominate the opposite in a jury vote. Some of those pairs embody JT Thomas and Stephen Fishbach in Tocantins, Tyson Apostol and Gervase Peterson in Blood vs. Water, and John Cochran and Dawn Meehan in Caramoan. JT, Tyson, and Cochran every obtained the credit score from the jury, whereas their closest allies had been shut out within the vote. Survivor: Ghost Island‘s energy duo of Wendell Holland and Domenick Abbate dominated the game and tied within the jury vote, however third placer Laurel Johnson broke the tie to award Wendell the victory. If Domenick had eradicated Wendell earlier, he doubtlessly would’ve gained the sport.

If Cody desires to keep away from turning into the subsequent Stephen, Gervase, Dawn, or Domenick, he wants to chop Jesse earlier than too lengthy. Cody has been an energetic participant, however it stays to be seen if he possesses the killer intuition wanted to activate his closest ally so as to win the sport. Loyalty can solely get a participant to date within the recreation of Survivor, and it looks as if Cody’s solely choice to win can be to betray the loyalty he has to Jesse.

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