Bigg Boss 15 home not too long ago witnessed pretend challengers getting into the home. The challengers got here with some enjoyable duties and challenges for the contestants. Surbhi Chandna, Munmum Dutta, Akanksha Puri, and Vishal Singh entered the home because the challengers.

IN a current interview Surbhi talked Chandna talked about her expertise within the Bigg Boss 15 home and shared, “I got a call and I was told that it’s about time and I try to follow the show and this season, especially. Every year they call me, I go with open arms. They told me that it is time to take extra smart people in the house and change the game as they are canceling all the tasks and I thought this was an interesting thing. I was a little skeptical because Bigg Boss is such a show that I enjoy watching but if I had to imagine myself as a contestant ever, I am not sure if I can do that. But this was a daily thing where we’ll have fun and there’ll be activities and I thought it is the first day of 2022 and I wanted to work on the first day so I thought let’s do it. A lot of investment goes into the show, energy, time, and even money and you have to make an exciting season and it was time that these guys were woken up and needed a pump of energy.”

She added, “Three more people entered the show with me, we got tasks that we had to perform and they performed too. Many thought I was a wild card contestant but if ever I do Bigg Boss, I will come with all the noise and not like this, so fans who thought that, I was just there to make them play and give them a task.”

When requested if she is going to wish to be a contestant in Bigg Boss 16, Surbhi mentioned, “I have always been a Colors face, even when I was working on another channel, I have been a part of the network and it is a very dear network to me. They always push me to be a part of their nonfiction shows, be it Bigg Boss or Khatron Ke Khiladi because they see that potential in me and I feel very grateful. Having said that, I don’t think I will be a nice contestant, I will give all the masala, etc, but there’s also a side of me that gets angry and I just say things which I shouldn’t and I feel that I will be judged very soon and I don’t fear that, but I am also not ready for that. So let’s see, never say never!”

Talking about her followers making her pattern in simply at some point, the actress mentioned, “They are really supportive and critical also, and I have to follow their book of guidelines, some are against and some are for so I don’t know who to favor. That’s a tough call to make and it’s their love, whatever I am today, I credit half of me to them, and I think they will be supportive if I ever decide to do it.”

When requested about her favourite 5s, the actress replied, “I think some people progress, which is a great thing and when I saw Umar Riaz yesterday, I thought that was great progress – the way he came and the way he has played, Shamita has also shown her strength given all that she’s going through. I see a lot of potential in Karan, I said it before too, he brought great energy; Teja was her cute self, people get a little lost in love but I hope she doesn’t lose her game and Nishant is also a great player, and these are my names. This goes without saying that I was dying to see Abhijeet dada because he is very funny, he has this innocence, and he crosses the line but after things Salman sir said, he has taken it in his stride and the side now is cute.”

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