The happy-go-lucky contestant of Superstar Singer 2, Soyab Ali who is usually seen difficult Captain Salman Ali to take his captain’s chair from him is definitely carrying an enormous baggage of disappointment inside him.

When Judge Alka Yagnik requested Soyab Ali to inform one thing about him, Soyab breaks down and share, “I belong to a very poor family and I believe poor people do not get heard, so I did not feel like sharing my story. I lost my sister last time when I came for this show and this time my father lost one eye. As we do not have money we are not able to afford medical help which breaks my heart. I want to get educated and improve the condition of my house as well as my village. I want to make a difference.”

The judges and captains had been left teary-eyed after listening to him. Judge Alka Yagnik mentioned, “A person’s richness or poverty is determined by his heart. You are a beautiful soul which makes you rich from the heart. This newfound team on Superstar Singer 2 is your family. We all will support you in education so that you will get to fulfill all your dreams and give your family a better life. This show is just the beginning of your beautiful tomorrow.”

Soyab’s captain Pawandeep Rajan together with the opposite captains promised to assist Soyab in finishing his schooling. Captain Salman additionally added, “When I also started my singing journey, even my conditions weren’t that great and since both of us come from the same place I know what you are going through as well. But, I want to tell you that the platform you are on today has so much power to change your future; and I am sure everything will soon change for you, that too for the good.”


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