Kal-El and J’onn J’onzz are the supreme powerhouses of the Justice League. But the query should be answered: Who would win in a combat between them?

Although Superman and Martian Manhunter are allies, they might someday be confronted with a purpose to combat. In such a dire circumstance, who walks away, and who does not? These two titans would have virtually any hero or villain operating scared, together with one another. Clark Kent rightly admits that he’s afraid to face J’onn J’onzz. With Manhunter’s current connection to the Totality, the potential of an precise comics showdown is growing. The query should be answered: who would win?

Superman derives his powers from the radiation of Earth’s yellow solar. The vitality from the star supercharges each one in all his cells like a battery, unlocking godlike damaging potential. Superman’s powers embrace cosmic stage power and velocity, invulnerability, flight, warmth imaginative and prescient, enhanced senses, and chilly breath. His sheer energy can’t be understated, and even Manhunter does not match it in most features. While Kryptonite is Superman’s most iconic weak spot, he has proven susceptibility to psychic assaults on a number of events. J’onn’s powers are frequent to his total race, though he’s essentially the most highly effective amongst them. The full vary of the Martian’s skills is unknown, although a few of his notable powers embrace power, velocity, shapeshifting, flight, warmth imaginative and prescient, chilly breath, invulnerability, density manipulation, full invisibility, telepathy, and extra. Manhunter’s solely vital weakness is his crippling fear of fire.

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Martian Manhunter and Superman have confirmed themselves to be equally matched by way of hand-to-hand fight. In JLA #20 by Mark Waid, Arnie Jorgensen, and Dave Meikis, Manhunter simply retains up with Superman and the Flash. This does not essentially imply that Superman cannot transfer quicker, which he virtually actually can. In phrases of power, the 2 are top-tier. Although not on par with Superman, J’onn is ready to KO Shazam in JLA #6. While Superman is astronomically highly effective in these areas, Manhunter isn’t any shrimp, and it might take greater than power or velocity for both to overwhelm the opposite.

These two titans are comparable, however the Martian’s telepathic skills give him a novel edge on this combat. J’onzz is essentially the most highly effective telepath on Earth, on one event mentally manipulating the Spectre in JLA #35. Although Kent has proven some telepathic resistance, this is because of coaching from Martian Manhunter. In an actual combat, Superman’s psychological defenses would by no means be capable of maintain again J’onn. Superman may maybe strike again together with his warmth imaginative and prescient, profiting from Martian’s weak spot. The solely subject with this tactic is {that a} White Martian tried something similar in Martian Manhunter Vol. 2 #13, and J’onnz merely phased by way of the beam.

Unfortunately for Superman, Manhunter may simply anticipate any assault technique. In Infinite Frontier: Secret Files #4, by Brandon Thomas, Joshua Willamson, Inaki Miranda, and Nick Filard, Manhunter meets an alternate model of himself who has fought Superman earlier than. This different Manhunter downloads into J’onn’s mind every part he is aware of about Superman, and how you can beat him. In this exact same subject, Manhunter demonstrates his capacity to telepathically block somebody from remembering how you can use their powers. With all of this preparation already in place, there isn’t a approach for Superman to return out on high.

Although Superman and Martian Manhunter are each nigh unbeatable, the Martian has a transparent benefit over his JLA chief. On many events, Kent has expressed that J’onzz is the one being he’s most scared to fight, and for good reason. Manhunter‘s energy set is just too numerous for Superman to beat, and he could be mentally overwhelmed. Here’s to hoping the 2 simply keep buddies.

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