Supergirl is without doubt one of the strongest heroes in universe which is why Darkseid all the time needed to recruit her, and Kara’s flip to villainy proved him proper.

It has long-been established in DC Comics that Supergirl is arguably superior to Superman when it comes to power, sturdiness, and energy, which is one thing that Darkseid seemingly all the time knew was true–and now, her new villain flip justifies Darkseid’s long-standing respect for her (although in probably the most weird and surprising method conceivable).

Kara Zor-El aka Kara Danvers aka Supergirl is Superman’s cousin who’s technically older than him however who arrived at Earth after Kal-El following an surprising detour taken by Kara’s ship from Krypton. That further time in house, absorbing the unimpeded rays of the yellow solar, nonetheless, is without doubt one of the causes that Supergirl is believed to be more powerful than Superman–so her tardiness really labored in her favor. Kryptonians get their energy below the sunshine of a yellow solar, which is why they’re primarily gods on Earth–properly, not fairly. Lurking within the huge cosmos are precise deities, entities often called New Gods, and probably the most harmful amongst them is Darkseid. Darkseid’s mission is to make use of the Anti-Life Equation to deliver the universe to its knees and below his management. While the Anti-Life Equation is shrouded in thriller–as its utilization could be catastrophic for all existence–one story places no less than a model of it on full show, and apart from Darkseid, Supergirl takes a starring function because the deadliest villain within the cosmos.


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In DCeased: War of the Undead Gods by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, and Neil Edwards, Darkseid has unleashed a corrupted model of the Anti-Life Equation which has turned life varieties throughout the universe into the Anti-Living–primarily zombies, or ‘DCeased’. One of these contaminated is Supergirl who has effectively become Darkseid’s enforcer. In this storyline, readers have witnessed her breaking a Green Lantern’s neck prefer it’s nothing, out-muscle Sinestro, and even corrupt Warworld, all with out assembly a single critical opponent. This comedian proves that Supergirl is the best addition to Darkseid’s military, identical to he all the time knew she could be.

Darkseid Always Respected Supergirl’s Power, DCeased Just Proved Him Right

Darkseid has corrupted Supergirl.

Way again in 2004’s Superman/Batman #11, Darkseid needed Kara to be the chief of his Female Furies, and he even efficiently received her to throw just a few devastating punches towards her cousin, Superman. In the top, nonetheless, Darkseid failed to completely corrupt Supergirl, however the truth that he tried so exhausting to not solely get her on his aspect, but additionally in a management place inside his ranks proves that Darkseid thinks Supergirl is god-tier powerful–and DCeased solely served to show that he was completely proper.

Supergirl is an absolute drive to be reckoned inside DCeased: War of the Undead Gods, and whereas it isn’t precisely as Darkseid pictured it (since Kara is Anti-Living, in spite of everything), Supergirl is lastly by his aspect–and she or he is simply as excellent as he all the time knew she could be.

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