In Action Comics #1048, Supergirl sheds a lightweight on how a lot catching up Earth has to do with a purpose to attain the extent Krypton as soon as achieved.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Action Comics #1048!It appears like Supergirl has lastly revealed how Earth stacks as much as Krypton in its prime. The Woman of Steel keyed followers in on simply how far behind the middle of the DC Universe is to the as soon as affluent planet.

While Superman was rocketed to the Earth as an toddler, his cousin, Kara Zor-El, was an adolescent when the planet of Krypton exploded. Kal-El might don’t have any reminiscence of what Krypton was actually like, however Kara remembers all of it in vivid element. She remembers what the planet’s society was like and the way the tradition operated. For Supergirl, coming to Earth was a fast, tumultuous change that led to lots of confusion and anger as she adjusted to the vastly completely different world. Though she has settled into an honest life on Earth, Supergirl nonetheless thinks again fondly on the planet she as soon as knew and cherished.


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Being one of many few individuals who can precisely examine the 2 planets, Supergirl has apparently revealed how far more superior Krypton was compared to Earth. In Action Comics #1048’s backup story “Red Moon” by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and David Lapham, the Phaelosian Thao-La is receiving a crash course in her powers by Supergirl. The two fly all internationally from the Fortress of Solitude all the best way to Metropolis, with Kara gently reminding her buddy that mastering the powers they share comes with time and apply. However, Thao-La needs to hurry the method up, as she’s in concern of when the dreaded Warzoon warrior Chaytil will make his transfer. But Kara guides Thao-La round Metropolis, encouraging her to take on the earth to ensure that her powers to acclimate. As they admire town, Supergirl mentions that in twenty thousand years, the Earth will vastly resemble Krypton.

Earth Is Centuries Away From Becoming A New Krypton

Supergirl on Metropolis and Krypton

It’s no shock that Krypton was at, a minimal, almost two dozen millennia forward of Earth. After all, the Kryptonians had things that Earth may solely dream of, such because the crystaline expertise that powers Clark’s personal Fortress of Solitude. Of course, simply because Krypton’s society was extra superior, that doesn’t imply they had been flawless, because the conceitedness of their ruling council sealed the planet’s final destiny. But figuring out how far forward Krypton was compared to Earth highlights the tragedy of its destruction.

Krypton’s explosion is probably the most terrible a part of each Superman and Supergirl’s origin. They had a house that, by all accounts, was one of many crown jewels of the DC Universe. But Krypton’s destruction, whether caused by Brainiac, Rogol Zaar, or simply plain unhealthy luck, eliminated some of the superior societies within the DCU. While the Earth has some spectacular brainpower, even the Mister Terrifics of the world aren’t an alternative to twenty thousand years of progress. While the Earth might ultimately meet the identical requirements as Krypton, it’s going to be fairly some time based on Supergirl.

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