After an enormous revelation within the newest Suicide Squad: King Shark comedian, followers be taught that King Shark really shares a shocking energy with Superman!

Warning! This article incorporates spoilers for Suicide Squad: King Shark #10

As an everyday member of the Suicide Squad, King Shark has largely been utilized because the workforce’s muscle throughout their missions in DC Comics, however in his newest journey it’s revealed that King Shark shares a shocking energy with Superman. Given his standing as a regular side-character, it’s straightforward for followers to overlook that King Shark is greater than only a tremendous robust humanoid shark, however a literal demi-god. One of the powers granted him as somebody with godly heritage is tremendous listening to which rivals the ability exhibited by Superman himself.


In Suicide Squad: King Shark #10 by Tim Seeley and Scott Kolins, followers be taught that King Shark has the power of tremendous listening to as he references a chunk of knowledge he overheard within the first problem of the collection, one thing nobody might have usually overheard. King Shark developed emotions for considered one of his fellow inmates while in prison during Suicide Squad: King Shark #1 primarily based on what he overheard her saying throughout a bunch remedy session. That inmate, Shawn Tsang, also called Defacer, realizes she had been overheard within the tenth problem of the collection, thereby confirming King Shark’s tremendous listening to capacity. 

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King Shark heard Defacer really open up about herself from midway throughout the jail which sparked his emotions in direction of her. Defacer involves the conclusion that King Shark had overheard her in jail after studying that he has the power to listen to a struggling seal from miles away, so the truth that he heard her inside the jail was a fairly straightforward feat for the demi-god. Just as King Shark can hear issues occurring from miles away, Superman has also exhibited his personal model of tremendous listening to. Superman’s capacity has been proven in additional delicate vogue as he protects a whole metropolis from hazard and may be at any given location in a second throughout Metropolis as soon as he hears an ongoing menace. 

While this superhuman capacity is a shocking hyperlink between Superman and King Shark, it isn’t the one one. King Shark made his debut in Superboy #9 by Karl Kesel and Humberto Ramos. The first time followers noticed King Shark, he was going toe-to-toe with a clone of Superman, exhibiting that he can maintain his personal in opposition to the seemingly indestructible Kryptonian and introducing him as a villain who can deal with preventing a hero as highly effective as Superman.

From sharing a superpower with the Man of Steel to being endlessly linked to the hero because of the circumstances of his debut, King Shark is more and more becoming established as a real and worthy rival of Superman. While Superman’s powers aside from tremendous energy and listening to simply put King Shark to disgrace, the 2 godly characters are extra alike than followers initially thought as Suicide Squad reveals they share a shocking energy.

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