Here come some new challengers. At the tip of EVO 2022’s Street Fighter V tournament, Capcom revealed two extra characters coming to the roster of Street Fighter 6: Juri, the “I can fix her” returning fighter, and newcomer Kimberly, an ‘80s-obsessed teen.

Student of Guy and successor to the bushinryu custom, Kimberly is spunky and colourful with an affinity for spray portray her enemies midmatch. Though Kimberly is a teen and Street Fighter 6 seems to be set in the current day, she’s enamored with all issues ‘80s, carrying around a cassette player that some younger players probably won’t even acknowledge.

It’s like Capcom is conscious that, along with its youthful viewers, there’s a sure subset of older Street Fighter gamers rising from their creaking knees and aching again wanting on the ‘80s with fondness. In that way, Kimberly is a send-up, a reminder of simpler times. In other ways, she’s a really impolite reminder that these comfortable days are to date behind us now that present youngsters are adopting the aesthetic as a result of it’s quaintly “retro.” Thanks, Capcom, for reminding me I’m previous.

Accompanying Kimberly within the character reveal is Juri, a personality first launched in Street Fighter IV. Juri arrives in flashy model with an homage to the Akira slide that’s been having a second recently, because it was additionally used to awesome effect in Jordan Peele’s Nope. Juri appears a bit edgier than Kimberly, stomping throughout her enemies in naked toes emphasised in ways in which would make Bob Odenkirk click on “like.” It’s all the time neat when firms seemingly embrace the thirst gamers have for its characters.

We’ll get the prospect to see extra of Juri and Kimberly’s tales when Street Fighter 6 launches on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation in 2023.

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