“Just Stray Kids being Stray Kids.”

KARD‘s Jiwoo recently shared how the viral moment between her and Stray Kids at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards happened all because of an accident!

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KARD’s Jiwoo | @KARD_Official/Twitter

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Stray Kids

KARD and Stray Kids had been simply two of the various teams that attended and carried out on the 2022 AAAs in Japan this yr, and each teams placed on gorgeous phases for all in attendance.

Stray Kids had been additionally inadvertently concerned in KARD’s efficiency as Jiwoo stood on their desk to carry out. This second spawned many hilarious edits on each Twitter and TikTook, highlighting how respectful the group had been by wanting all over the place however at her.


The flooring is abruptly so fascinating #skz #straykids #KARD

♬ everybody is gay – Damon

While KARD rocked their efficiency, it looks as if it didn’t go utterly as deliberate!

After the efficiency, Jiwoo took to Dear. U Bubble to elucidate exactly how the viral second occurred. According to Jiwoo, she was alleged to carry out on an empty desk, and Stray Kids had been alleged to be seated at one other desk. Still, due to a misunderstanding or miscommunication, they ended up at Jiwoo’s desk!

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Before preparing for the efficiency, Stray Kids had been sitting at one other desk and there have been different folks sitting on the desk I needed to get on. So when it was time for the efficiency, I used to be in a rush to get on the desk and realized that Stray Kids had been now sitting at my desk. I used to be in a rush, so I simply thought I’d go up shortly with out considering!

— Jiwoo

After this message, eagle-eyed STAYs had been fast to note that there was an empty desk behind Stray Kids that the group had been probably alleged to be sitting at. This means the hilarious viral second was a whole accident.

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The empty desk behind the place Jiwoo is performing is probably going the place Stray Kids had been meant to take a seat.

Jiwoo shared that after the efficiency, she couldn’t assist however consider how embarrassing the second should have been for the boy group.

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While monitoring the efficiency after, I felt that they should have been embarrassed.

— Jiwoo

Fans can’t assist however assume that is one more second of “Stray Kids being Stray Kids.”

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