Whenever a male idol is questioned about their splendid sort, the vast majority of them instantly checklist the qualities they like most in a lady. Stray KidsFelix surprised everyone by breaking that tradition and expanding it to include guys as well.

During a fan signing event, a STAY asked Felix about his ideal type. Catching the fan off guard, he gave them an option of which one they wanted to know, “Girl or boy?” Of course, they wanted to hear it all.

When thinking of girls, Felix didn’t have any explicit sort or qualities he favored most. He welcomed all of them, sweetly responding, “I like STAYs simply the way in which they’re.” He was extra particular when it got here to guys.

For guys, Felix was keen on those that had the qualities of his fellow member Changbin. He’d stated, “For [a] boy, Changbin Hyung. He’s dark, strong, and muscular.”

Since one facet of Changbin will be darkish and mysterious, nobody might resist being drawn in by somebody like that, particularly after they’re buff as effectively.

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Funnily sufficient, followers observed a second the place Felix actually confirmed he hadn’t been mendacity one bit when it got here to his splendid sort for guys.

During their interview with BuzzFeed, the group was determining which superstar Bang Chan would change locations with.

With his splendid sort in thoughts, followers couldn’t assist however discover how Felix raised his eyebrow when selecting the darkly mysterious and completely buff Chris Hemsworth. Who might blame him?

When it involves Felix, he’ll welcome you with each arms. At least, in the event you’re a muscular, mysterious man or a lady who’s assured in who they’re.

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