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Stranger Things season 4 is seemingly leaning extra into horror components in an effort to up the ante for Hawkins residents, but after watching the latest trailer, each fan might be asking the identical query: Who is that this Vecna creature haunting our teen protagonists within the forthcoming penultimate outing?

Netflix just lately introduced the titles for season 4’s 9 episodes, and unsurprisingly, none of them reveal a lot in regards to the plot past what we already know. One title has managed to stir the fandom into heavy hypothesis about this run’s final villain, although, and we would have already snuck a peek at him within the just lately launched last trailer.

As most of you’ll already know, in addition to the few grown-ups who tag alongside for the story, Stranger Things principally revolves round a bunch of youngsters who’ve an inclination for geeky stuff, significantly Dungeons & Dragons. In reality, the sequence premiere begins with the 4 of them (Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas) enjoying a session of the fantasy tabletop recreation.

That’s the place the title for the sequence’ overarching villains, just like the Demogorgons and the Mind Flayer, comes from, alluding to a race of tentacled creatures inside D&D‘s Forgotten Realms that resemble the monster in the Upside Down. Now it seems that the latest offspring of that hellish alternate reality will be a humanoid creature that our protagonists will dub Vecna, named after a supervillain from the tabletop role-playing game.

In Forgotten Realms lore, Vecna is a powerful deity of evil who starts out as a human wizard from Oerth. Due to his exceptional power, Vecna rises to become one of the most powerful liches in history, terrorizing the multiverse and famously invading the Sigil to achieve true godhood. Vecna can also possess people, which could explain the strange things that are happening to Max in the trailer for season four.

It’s unclear simply how a lot this Vecna might be based mostly on his D&D counterpart, however that is the primary time our heroes go up towards a humanoid creature, and one that may apparently discuss to them, no much less. Based on the premise alone, Vecna might be a human indoctrinated by the Mind Flayer. But then, it may be the opposite manner round, given his godly standing within the lore.

Even the chance that the Mind Flayer has merely served as a goon for Vecna is terrifying to think about, however I suppose we’ll have to attend and discover out the reality for ourselves when the primary a part of Stranger Things season 4, consisting of 4 episodes, premieres on Netflix on May 27.

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