The Stranger Things season 1 finale ended with the obvious demise of Eleven, and season 2 revealed she was alive and residing with Hopper – however how did he know she survived? Throughout its four-season run, Stranger Things has left quite a lot of mysteries which might be nonetheless ready to be solved, however there are some others which were forgotten by viewers as there have been extra attention-grabbing and thrilling issues occurring in Hawkins, particularly following the Stranger Things season 4 ending. Among these forgotten mysteries is how the Hopper and Eleven reunion occurred after Eleven survived the Demogorgon’s assault in season 1.


At the top of season 1, the Demogorgon went after Eleven and the remainder of the group at Hawkins Middle School. Mirroring the Stranger Things season 4, quantity 2 finale, the unique crew constructed their very own sensory-deprivation tank. Dr. Martin Brenner and firm arrived to take Eleven again to Hawkins Lab, and the brokers have been killed by the Demogorgon and Brenner was attacked, however he’s mentioned to have survived. The monster then went after Eleven, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, and so Eleven stepped up and “sacrificed” herself in an effort to defeat the Demogorgon, which disintegrated. However, in hindsight, the Demogorgon seemingly survived and was solely transported to the Upside Down, as its “disintegration” seemed extremely much like how Eleven disposed of One – often known as Stranger Things season 4 villain Vecna – following the bloodbath as Hawkins Lab. After the Demogorgon’s defeat, Eleven additionally disappeared and was believed to be useless, however on the finish of the Stranger Things season 1, Hopper was proven leaving waffles in a field within the woods, implying that he both knew or hoped Eleven was nonetheless alive.

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Indeed, Stranger Things season 2 revealed that Eleven wasn’t useless, and was as an alternative despatched to the Upside Down. She escaped from the opposite dimension and got here again to the human world a few hours later, however by then, the varsity was surrounded by policemen and the children have been being interrogated. With no place to go and with brokers in every single place in search of her, Eleven hid within the woods, the place she survived on consuming squirrels for weeks – although this was virtually a trip in comparison with Eleven’s then-repressed childhood experiences at Hawkins Lab. Eventually, this led to the primary Hopper and Eleven reunion, and so they lived collectively in Hopper’s cabin within the woods. Before that, he had been leaving meals for her in a field, and the collection by no means actually explains how Hopper knew Eleven was alive. However, one of many flashback scenes would possibly provide a clue as to how Eleven and Hopper reunite.

How Eleven and Hopper Reunite In Season 1

Stranger Things season 2 Hopper Eleven

After weeks within the woods, Eleven was discovered by a hunter who requested her what she was doing there alone, a key piece of the puzzle within the Hopper and Eleven reunion. Eleven attacked him and stole his hat and jacket, as she had been surviving within the chilly with solely the costume and jacket she had on the finish of Stranger Things season 1. Unlike in Stranger Things s4 where Eleven loses her powers, her powers are nonetheless energetic at the moment, though she was significantly weakened after defeating the Demogorgon, which is probably going how the hunter survived her then-unfocused telekinesis.

Eleven then discovered the meals, and a while later found Hopper was the one leaving the Eggos. The hunter most likely went to the police after their encounter, and the profile of the lady within the woods absolutely rang a bell with Hopper. The drawback with this Hopper and Eleven reunion premise is that it doesn’t actually match into the timeline when sure particulars are taken into consideration. Judging by Eleven’s hair, she had already been within the woods for a few weeks earlier than stealing the hunter’s jacket, and Hopper additionally started hiding meals not lengthy after season 1’s finale.

In quick, the hunter rationalization doesn’t totally remedy the thriller. While the present’s larger mysteries like Eleven and Vecna’s true origins or how Vecna created Mind Flayer have been unraveled in Stranger Things season 4, the query of how the primary Hopper and Eleven reunion truly occurred stays unanswered. Perhaps Hopper didn’t know Eleven was alive and was simply hoping she can be on the market and would discover the meals sometime, which finally did occur. This may have been a delicate approach for the writers of Stranger Things to point out the sturdy bond between Hopper and Eleven, which might solely develop larger as season 2 progressed and later in season 3, once they legally turned household. Indeed, as revealed by Stranger Things season 4, during which Hopper in some way finds a approach to assist Eleven from hundreds of miles away and the 2 finally reunite, there is not any separating this father-daughter workforce. Though the city of Hawkins goes by many modifications, Hopper and Eleven’s relationship will seemingly keep the identical in Stranger Things season 5.

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Stranger Things Season 4 Gives Hopper And Eleven The Same Journey

Montage of Eleven and Hopper from Stranger Things.

Stranger Things season 4 doubles down on this bond by giving the 2 separate however very comparable journeys, constructing as much as a heart-rending Eleven and Hopper reunion within the ultimate episode. In an effort to regain her misplaced powers, Eleven agrees to go with Dr. Brenner and as soon as once more endure the traumatic experiments that Brenner pressured on Eleven and the opposite youngsters from Hawkins Lab lower than a decade in the past. Eleven finally will get her powers again – however solely after the psychological torture of recalling each Brenner and One’s horrible actions and the way Eleven herself created Vecna and unleashed the Upside Down on Hawkins.

Meanwhile, Stranger Things season 4 additionally reveals how Hopper survived following the Battle of Starcourt, resulting in Hopper’s Russian jail motion/spy film story arc in Kamchatka. As Eleven was being mentally tortured on the NINA facility in Nevada, Hopper and former Kamchatka jail guard Dmitri have been being bodily tortured and stripped of their humanity by the Russians, who finally attempt to feed them to a Demogorgon alongside different prisoners. Murray and Joyce finally assist get away each Dmitri and Hopper, however the Hopper they discover will not be totally the identical one who “died” again in Stranger Things season 3. Just because the ordeal of recalling her repressed reminiscences allowed Eleven to get her powers again, Hopper’s struggling at Kamchatka solidified his grit and resilience (and abs). This is how Hopper escapes the Demogorgon the primary time they meet in Kamchatka and epically slays it with a sword once they lastly meet once more.

Though the Stranger Things season 4 cast have been separated all through nearly all the season, it seems Hopper was proper about how killing the particles (which have been contained in the Demogorgon and the Demodogs) may in some way assist Eleven and the children tackle the rising evil in Hawkins. As Hopper, Murray, and Joyce obliterate the creatures in Russia, Vecna loses a few of his energy over the children again house, and Eleven additionally focuses on good reminiscences to recoup her powers in opposition to Vecna. In near-perfect synchronicity, the separate efforts of Hopper and Eleven are finally what give Hawkins its short-term victory in opposition to Vecna’s makes an attempt to invade the bodily world.

Stranger Things‘ seemingly unexplained synchronized assault in opposition to Vecna is solely one other instance of the extraordinarily sturdy bond between Eleven and Hopper, which continues to be essential to Hawkins’ protection in opposition to the unusual denizens of the Upside Down. That mentioned, the finale is bittersweet at greatest, as Stranger Things‘ Eddie dies and Max falls right into a coma after nearly getting killed by Vecna once more. As the Upside Down opens as much as Hawkins in season 4’s ultimate scenes, the father-daughter workforce of Hopper and Eleven are certain to reunite in opposition to Vecna in Stranger Things season 5.

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