Warning: Spoilers for Volume One of Stranger Things season 4 to observe.

Season 4 of Stranger Things has packed a few of the present’s largest punches to date, figuratively and actually, given awe-striking scenes like the ultimate jiffy of “Dear Billy,” and the truth that no episode has clocked lower than an hour of runtime. As everybody anticipated, the plight of the Hawkins crew continues to ship a few of Netflix’s greatest leisure.

But among the many present’s largest speaking factors is the brand new antagonist Vecna, a hyper-intelligent, monstrous being and a key participant within the Mind Flayer’s military. But what’s Vecna’s recreation plan, precisely? One redditor took to r/FanTheories to posit a solution to that query and, given the abundance of context clues we’ve been given thus far, it’s most likely not far off.

The commonality between Vecna’s victims is that all of them carry the burden of unresolved trauma, as we noticed with Chrissy, Fred, Patrick, and would-be sufferer Max. The motive that trauma is the important thing for these targets, as we discover out within the seventh episode, is that traumatic reminiscences maintain monumental energy. Furthermore, Vecna tells Eleven in the identical episode that her brothers and sisters aren’t lifeless, however moderately have grow to be a part of him, identical to how he tells his current victims that they are going to be “joining him.”

So, if the those that Vecna murders grow to be part of him, and traumatic reminiscences maintain nice ranges of energy, it stands to motive that Vecna turns into stronger with every homicide, and is thus making himself stronger for when the Mind Flayer chooses to invade Hawkins as soon as once more. It’s a tough principle to argue with, because it was successfully confirmed within the present. If it’s true, the gang is in for the struggle of their life, particularly Eleven, who will virtually actually be going toe-to-toe with Vecna once more.

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