By now, everybody from superfans to these unfamiliar with the Resident Evil franchise has change into acquainted with Lady Dimitrescu, in any other case often called “vampire mommy,” one of many main antagonists of Resident Evil Village. The eighth recreation—technically the twelfth—within the fashionable survival horror collection finds Ethan Winters looking for his means round Castle Dimitrescu, a powerful gothic citadel occupied by the extremely tall vampiress and her otherworldly daughters intent on making him a everlasting resident.

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After a trailer was launched for the sport, memes immediately sprang up that includes the extremely tall, buxom girl with clawed fingers and a nefarious twinkle in her amber eyes. Capcom builders had been glad to find the fervor surrounding the character, indicating that she could show to be one of many franchise’s hottest villains but, although followers could have taken issues slightly too far with these Lady Dimitrescu memes.

Updated on September 2nd, 2021 by Kayleena Pierce-Bohen: In the times because the release of Resident Evil Village, the place followers acquired to play as Ethan Winters as he desperately looked for his daughter Rose in Castle Dimitrescu, Countess Alcina Dimitrescu has solely change into extra fashionable. As followers realized extra about her id, her historical past, and her relationship with Mother Miranda, followers have generated extra artistic memes in celebration of among the finest villains to come back out of Resident Evil 8. 

15 I Saved A Seat For You, Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu chair sitting meme

Given the exaggerated proportions of Lady Dimitrescu’s design and the standard proportions of followers, there appear to be fairly a number of of them on the market that wish to have a seat on her ample lap. After all, even Ethan Winters appears to be like like a baby standing subsequent to her.

Some extra adventurous followers have imagined the tall vampire vixen sitting on them, nevermind the truth that, except they had been one thing bloated just like the Molded from Resident Evil 7, they would in all probability be fairly uncomfortable for her to sit down on in Resident Evil 8. 

14 Ethan Winters Hiding

Ethan Winters hiding from Lady Dimitrescu

In the early demo of Resident Evil 8, Ethan Winters is the playable protagonist transferring about Castle Dimitrescu, with the woman of the manor stalking its halls on the lookout for him. In the trailer for the sport, she’s heard talking on the cellphone to somebody known as “Mother Miranda,” indicating an much more harmful character who will resolve the destiny awaiting Winters ought to Dimitrescu discover him.

This Lady Dimitrescu meme supposes that, given the enormous girl’s prodigious proportions, Ethan might disguise proper beneath her nostril, and she or he would not know. Players will wish to hold hidden given Dimitrescu’s point out of a sacrificial ritual, and the truth that the fortress is understood for its wine made from human blood.

13 The Big Woman

The Big Woman Lady Dimitrescu meme

In Game of Thronesthe mighty Tormund Knightsbane, a warrior for the Free Folk past The Wall, turned smitten with the imposing Brienne of Tarth the second he noticed her. What different girl might match him for dimension, energy, and bravado? He dogged her each step regardless of her rising threats of violence towards him.

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For followers of Lady Dimitrescu, every new degree in Resident Evil 8 presents them with the chance for yet another brush with “the big woman,” who, like Brienne of Tarth, is a potent combination of hazard and attract.

12 Lady Dimitrescu Mania

Lady Dimitrescu mania meme

The remainder of the web does not appear to grasp precisely what the fuss is about Lady Dimitrescu. Sure, she’s abnormally tall, has claws for fingers, and an especially hypertrophied female determine, however she’s not the strangest antagonist the Resident Evil franchise has ever seen.

Yet, the fanbase is besotted, represented by the “distracted boyfriend” idea being utilized to this Lady Dimitrescu meme, whereas the remainder of the web appears to be like on in shock and slight disgust. Could she actually blame her accomplice for rubbernecking a lady who’s almost nine feet tall?

11 Hide And Seek

Ethan Winters hiding from Lady Dimitrescu

While most players will probably be attempting to keep away from operating into or being caught by the Resident Evil Village villainess, there look like a wholesome few that may, like this effervescent meme suggests, go bounding by means of the halls of Castle Dimitrescu ready for an opportunity to collide with the enormous vampiress.

In this Lady Dimitrescu meme, we see Ethan Winters coming into what was undoubtedly alleged to be one of many video games’ most dramatic moments, frolicking previous Lady Dimitrescu as if their interactions are nothing greater than coquettish flirtations. With how slow Ethan Winters runs, it is virtually as if he desires to be caught

10 How Lady Dimitrescu Talks To Ethan Winters

How To Talk To Ethan Winters Lady Dimitrescu Meme

Spoofing the meme “How To Talk To Short People,” by which panels discover all of the ways in which a tall individual can talk with somebody shorter than them, this one particulars the way in which by which Lady Dimitrescu approaches protagonist Ethan Winters in Resident Evil Village.

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The recreation’s first demo culminates together with her grabbing the player-character by the neck and holding them a number of toes off the bottom, whereas the fingers on her free hand rework into claws that impale them. This model of Ethan appears to be proof against her… erm, charms, not like the majority of her fanbase, who do not appear to thoughts.

9 You Can’t Escape Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu milf mobile meme

It appears that Chrisposting, or memes that parody Resident Evil protagonist Chris Redfield wanting fellow legacy character Leon Kennedy to marry his sister, Claire Redfield, have come to roost on Lady Dimitrescu. Ever because the remake of Resident Evil 2 by which Claire is seen noticeably flirting with Leon, there was no scarcity of memes like this one.

This meme posits that maybe Chris has gone to nice lengths to assemble a “milf mobile” to draw the eye of Ethan Winters, solely to disclose his true intentions; to get him to marry Claire, as an alternative.

8 Is This Seat Taken

lady dimitrescu sitting meme

Capcom builders might by no means have predicted the way in which that Lady Dimitrescu has swept the web forward of the release of Resident Evil Village. While they’re all the time attempting to provide you with new and thrilling villains to terrify followers, they by no means might have imagined that the followers would fall in love with one in every of them, as an alternative.

The titillating temptress has taken on a lifetime of her personal because of followers across the web placing her in probably the most provocative of conditions, as is the case with this meme by which she’s suffocating a person on a bus to the shock of onlookers.

7 Tall Vampire Mommy

Deuce Bigalow Lady Dimitrescu meme

In the hilarious, irreverent 1999 comedy Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, an aquarium upkeep man is compelled to change into a male escort with a view to make sufficient cash to restore the ruined residence of one in every of his purchasers, with one in every of his dates taking the type of an exceptionally tall girl named Tina.

The film is notable for its message that regardless of an individual’s perceived flaws (reminiscent of being too tall, too quick, and so forth), they’re nonetheless worthy of affection and devotion. While Lady Dimitrescu is flawless to her followers, it doesn’t suggest she will’t flip an obscure 90s comedy into new meme materials.

6 This Is How You Talk To Short People

Chris Redfield Lady Dimitrescu this is how you talk to short people meme

To some followers, probably the most intimidating villains was the indefatigable Mr. X from Resident Evil 2. With his hulking dimensions, killer energy, and the truth that he could not be killed, he was a terrifying antagonist that chased gamers all through the sport.

Next to Lady Dimitrescu’s imposing stature, nevertheless, Mr. X appears to be like like a baby. In this case, it is truly the ultra-buff model of Chris we see within the trailers, however the level nonetheless stands.

5 Lady Dimitrescu Or Bust

Ethan Winters recreating the Drake meme with Lady Dimitrescu

The Resident Evil franchise has had quite a lot of memorable villains, from devious Derek C. Simmons and Morgan Landsdale, to sympathetic Eveline and the terrifying Mr. X. Then there’s the notorious Albert Wesker, who fans thought might have appeared in Resident Evil Village, and whose ambiguous destiny might nonetheless allow him to point out up in future video games.

In this Lady Dimitrescu meme impressed by Drake, Ethan does not wish to be hunted by simply any outdated rotting cadaverous creature — he desires to be engaged in a heated recreation of cat and mouse with somebody who belongs among the many franchise’s most elite antagonists.

4 Lady Dimitrescu Getting Real Tired Of Those Calls

Lady Dimitrescu meme involving the Resident Evil 8 villain getting an unseemly phone call

The variety of salacious innuendos related to Lady Dimitrescu’s determine, proportions, and otherworldly magnificence solely intensified when followers thought-about most villains within the Resident Evil franchise aren’t bodily interesting, so a statuesque, well-dressed character with Old World appeal was all the time going to be a novel anomaly.

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This Lady Dimitrescu meme, taken from a screenshot when she’s in the course of a cellphone name from one other Resident Evil 8 villain known as Mother Miranda, means that the villagers themselves may additionally be followers of vampire mommy and wish the Ethan Winters remedy (it is higher than being became Lycans!)

3 Spongebob Is Not Impressed

Lady Dimitrescu meme featuring an unimpressed Spongebob and a captcha

Deciphering the mysterious origins of Lady Dimitrescu, her fortress, and Mother Miranda’s involvement with the disappearance of his daughter for her cult within the mountains of Eastern Europe requires Ethan Winters to navigate a collection of mysteries much more intricate than repeating a easy captcha phrase.

Ethan Winter comes to search out that his time at Castle Dimitrescu is extra of a bait and swap by Mother Miranda, and that she pretended to be Ethan’s spouse Mia, so his obsession with “giant vampire mommy” may not be so shocking contemplating Miranda is Resident Evil Village’s most influential villain.

2 Expectation Vs. Reality

Lady Dimitrescu meme featuring Lady Dimitrescu hiding from Ethan Winters

When followers first started to be enamored with Lady Dimitrescu primarily based on the Resident Evil Village trailers, the expectation of Capcom was that followers had been excited to spend time as Ethan Winters being petrified of her discovering him within the dimly lit corridors of her fortress, gun in hand, cautious of her sharp claws ready to disembowel them.

The actuality was one thing way more surprising, as prompt on this Lady Dimitrescu meme; followers operating round with the equal of a fly-swatter, eagerly trying to find her, the tall vampire mommy cowering in a nook petrified of being discovered.

1 Lady Dimitrescu Wants To Put Ethan On Mute

Lady Dimitrescu meme featuring Lady Dimitrescu wearing a headset and being bothered by EthanWinters69

Playing Resident Evil video games dwell on Twitch has change into more and more fashionable, however some players–regardless of how well-known they’re–get loads of unsolicited feedback from followers of their dwell chat, typically from followers prepared to donate prodigious sums of cash.

One can solely think about if, as this meme suggests, Lady Dimitrescu had been taking part in Resident Evil Village dwell, and followers began to bombard her with much more ridiculous requests (probably the most excessive coming from Ethan Winters himself, naturally).

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