Steelrising, like the numerous Soulslike video games earlier than it, options many difficult boss fights like The Treasurer of Les Invalides Titan. Unfortunately, Titan bosses are greater and worse than normal bosses, and The Treasurer of Les Invalides Titan is not any totally different. This Titan is imbued with electrical powers and assaults from all angles in three phases. It additionally has a gargoyle companion that damages the participant with varied electrical talents.

The Treasurer of Les Invalides is situated contained in the Les Invalides constructing, which gamers will attain after unlocking all of Aegis’ navigation talents in Steelrising. Players can have encountered a slew of various enemy sorts at this level within the recreation. Tactics from earlier fights might be altered to perform the duty of defeating The Treasurer of Les Invalides Titan. This boss battle might be made simpler by studying find out how to upgrade weapons in Steelrising.


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According to Game Pressure, Gamer Guides, and the Youtube channel Greien218, Steelrising gamers can put together for the battle towards The Treasurer of Les Invalides by stocking up on objects like frost grenades. This Titan boss is definitely frozen with frost assaults and prone to fireside. Therefore, specializing in elemental assaults to stagger and freeze the Treasurer of Les Invalides whereas melee attacking its weak spots is the important thing to successful this Titan boss battle. The Treasurer of Les Invalides boss battle happens in three separate phases:

Treasurer Of Les Invalides Titan Boss: Phase One

  • Key Slam: The Titan slams the important thing into the bottom dealing harm to the instant space.
  • Key Swipe: The Titan swipes the important thing on the participant from left to proper.
  • Gargoyle Attack: The Titan sticks its key inside itself and divulges a gargoyle on its again. Three gargoyles fly towards the participant dealing harm on influence.

This part is easy sufficient to beat, particularly when gamers discover ways to correctly dodge and counterattack parry in Steelrising. The slam assault might be dodged by utilizing a sidestep; this assault has a protracted windup time, so gamers will see when it’s coming. The Swipe assault might be dodged, however the vary is so lengthy that it’s best to run backward. Finally, the gargoyles are projectiles that may be dodged on the final second.

Treasurer Of Les Invalides Titan Boss Fight: Phase Two

  • Electric Key Slam: The Titan slams the important thing into the bottom, sending bolts of electrical energy straight ahead.
  • Electric Jump: The Titan jumps, and physique slams the bottom with AoE harm.


The electrical key slam assault might be acknowledged and sidestepped simply with the proper timing. The physique slam is tougher to dodge, but when gamers keep at a more in-depth vary, they need to have the ability to draw out extra key slams. Sometimes, the Titan doesn’t even hassle to physique slam. This provides gamers time to interrupt down its protection like a breakable wall in Steelrising.

Treasurer Of Les Invalides Titan Boss Fight: Phase Three

  • Slam Bounce Attack: The Titan can now do a faster physique slam bounce with an extended vary.
  • Gargoyle Lightning: The gargoyle reappears and sends cascades of lightning across the Titan in a counterclockwise sample.

Players can simply dodge the bounce assault identical to they’d dodge every other assault. The gargoyle lightning might be prevented by operating in the identical course because the electrical energy. Otherwise, this part of the boss battle is a breeze. Players who make it to the final part of the Treasurer of Les Invalides boss battle will have the ability to dispatch this Steelrising Titan shortly.

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