STAYC is featured in Single journal’s new difficulty!

Following the ladies’ colourful photoshoot, the members of STAYC participated in an interview the place they spoke concerning the group’s id, how they strategy practices and dwell performances, their future route, and extra.

Regarding a memorable fan remark, Yoon shared, “I occasionally look up our cover of Girls’ Generation‘s ‘Way To Go’ that we did at the beginning of our career for an end-of-year ‘Music Bank’ performance. It feels like springing up our energy at that time. It’s a pretty old performance but someone recently left the comment ‘Just watching this gives me strength so I periodically look for it when I run out of energy.’ It’s touching that there are still many people who seek out this performance.”

Sieun addressed how the group approaches their dwell performances, saying, “I always bear in mind that the overall situation cannot always be good. We perform live for most of our performances and in order to courageously deal with any kind of environment, we prioritize connecting with the live audience. Instead, during practice, we make the song, choreography, and gestures completely our own. It has to be down pat to the point where it will come out automatically, even in an unexpected situation, for us to wholeheartedly focus on the atmosphere [of the live performance].”

Adding on to Sieun’s rationalization of how STAYC practices, Isa shared of the group’s iron rule, “I believe that what’s more important than the amount you practice is doing it properly one time. Even if we’re not on stage, [our practices] are never halfhearted. That way if we go on stage in poor condition, no matter how poorly we do, I think the image we practiced will still appear.”

Dishing on STAYC’s group id and colour, chief Sumin commented, “What STAYC pursues and is best at is conveying bright energy and a hopeful message. In our upcoming album, that vibe is especially captured well. To the point where you could say our new track is STAYC’s identity.”


Seeun described her belief within the group, sharing, “If I go on stage with the mindset of ‘you can’t make a mistake,’ then I feel more stiff and my voice cracks or I make a mistake. [Instead,] I clear my mind and go on stage with just my belief that I can do well because I’m with my members.”

Thinking about future releases, J talked about what sort of genres she needs to check out. “I wish to attempt a easy but emotional ballad. For instance, I wish to showcase a track like [BLACKPINK‘s] Rosé’s ‘GONE‘ on stage.”


STAYC is currently preparing to make a comeback in February, which will mark their first release in seven months.

More from STAYC’s Singles journal function shall be out there of their February difficulty!

Watch Sieun in “Everything and Nothing” with subtitles right here!

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