Whatever occurred to Star Wars‘ legendary bounty hunter Cad Bane? Introduced within the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated collection, Cad Bane operated as a calculating and charismatic gunslinger, recognized for his excessive success charges on jobs, and specialty in coping with Jedi. Throughout the collection’ seven seasons, Bane’s dealings all through the galaxy have been seen in a number of episodes, most of the time with the Jedi Order proper on his heels. However, his journey would have ultimately introduced him nose to nose with Boba Fett as properly, and he is additionally been featured in Star Wars’ newest animated collection Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Due to The Clone Wars’ premature cancellation after its fifth season, many arcs and narratives have been deserted, together with one that may have centered round Bane himself, which might have seemingly offered his story with a concluding chapter. Despite the collection’ eventual revival with two extra seasons, what would have probably been Cad Bane’s remaining arc in The Clone Wars was by no means meant to be. That being stated, Cad Bane has made a return in The Bad Batch, that includes teases that some type of this arc did certainly occur (although not as remaining because it might need been had it really been launched).

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Even so, a small scene from Bane’s unfinished arc was launched in a pre-production format, revealing that Cad Bane would have mentored a younger Boba Fett. This would have been a passing of the torch of types, from one legendary bounty hunter to the subsequent. However, it appears as if Cad Bane continues to be round even after The Clone Wars, persevering with to work jobs for the best bidder within the galaxy as seen in The Bad Batch.

Cad Bane Was A Major Influence In The Clone Wars

cad bane 10 most dangerous star wars villains

Next to the Separatists and Count Dooku, Cad Bane served as a significant antagonist for the Jedi and was usually employed to work towards the Republic as properly. Bane had a big repute for being the most effective of finest, so it is no marvel he was employed by Darth Sidious himself. In one notable arc from The Clone Wars’ second season, Sidious employed Bane to interrupt into the Jedi Temple, one of the safe places in the complete galaxy. Naturally, Bane was paid triple his already substantial price, and he efficiently infiltrated the Jedi Temple to steal one in every of their beneficial holocrons for the Sith Lord. Bane would additionally go on to work for the Hutt crime households on a number of events as properly, most frequently coping with the problematic Ziro (Jabba’s uncle) on the Hutt’s behalf.

Not solely that, however Bane was additionally employed by Count Dooku to affix a staff of fellow hunters (and one undercover Obi-Wan Kenobi) throughout the Separatist’s first try to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine. However, regardless of the Jedi’s prevention of the kidnapping, Bane managed to flee. This arc was additionally the final Bane was formally seen in The Clone Wars earlier than his later look in The Bad Batch as soon as the battle ended.

Cad Bane Has A Missing (Canon) Clone Wars Arc With Boba Fett

As far as this lacking Cad Bane arc is worried, a number of particulars have been revealed on the Animated Origins and Unexpected Fates panel at Celebration Orlando again in 2017. At the panel, it was revealed that Bane would have gotten an entire new look and ship generally known as the Justifier, although he nonetheless would have had his traditional wide-brimmed hat. Eventually, he would have crossed paths with the younger Boba Fett, and the pair would have labored collectively to avoid wasting a toddler on Tatooine from a band of Tusken Raiders. Additionally, Bane would have revealed that he had recognized Boba’s father Jango, and their mission would have seen Cad Bane successfully mentoring Boba alongside the way in which, trying to decide if Boba had what it took to succeed the repute of his father and his legacy.

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The arc would have additionally featured extra bounty hunters as properly, comparable to Aurra Sing, Bossk, and Embo (amongst others). Boba Fett would have also had his iconic armor at this level as properly, signifying that his personal time of being the most effective bounty hunter within the galaxy was quick approaching and {that a} passing of the torch from Cad Bane was close to.

What Happened To Cad Bane After The Clone Wars?

Cad Bane Star Wars Bad Batch

At the identical 2017 panel, a small clip operating simply over two minutes was launched, seeing the top of this specific arc. Apparently, Boba and Bane would have had a falling out, and Fett would have been decided to assist a gaggle of innocents being oppressed indirectly by Bane and the opposite hunters. This result in Boba difficult Bane to a duel and the opposite hunters agreed to let the struggle play out with none interference. As the 2 hunters confronted each other, the scene carries the entire weight and depth of a traditional Western duel. Surprisingly, each Bane and Boba fired and shot one another on the identical time, with each being knocked again to the bottom. As the clip ends, Boba appears to be like to have survived, as Bane’s shot hit him proper in his helmet, creating the long-lasting dent seen within the Original Trilogy of Star Wars films.

While Bane was shot as properly, The Bad Batch has not too long ago confirmed that he would stay on (albeit with a metallic plate in his head). It’s additionally revealed that shortly after The Clones Wars’ finish, Bane took a job from the cloners of Kamino, who wanted him to safe the younger clone Omega who had change into a fugitive together with the rogue Clone Force 99. After dueling with the Bad Batch’s Hunter, Bane took Omega and deliberate to ship her to his purchasers. However, the rival bounty hunter Fennec Shand had been employed by the Kaminoan Nala Se, who needed to make sure Omega’s survival versus her termination. In the midst of their subsequent brawl, Omega managed to flee and get rescued by the Bad Batch, leaving Bane with out his bounty.

While it is actually doable that Bane would possibly attempt to go after Omega once more in future episodes, it may be attention-grabbing to see the place Bane’s story goes from right here regardless. Before his look in The Bad Batch, many had assumed that the intention was for Bane to have been slain by Boba Fett throughout their duel that was by no means absolutely depicted. However, Bane apparently survived and is now roaming the galaxy for bounties throughout the years between the autumn of the Republic and the eventual rise of the Rebellion towards the brand new Empire. As a consequence, there is definitely fairly a little bit of room now for Bane’s story to proceed and maybe even finish with a satisfying conclusion down the road. Perhaps with a totally realized rematch and duel with Boba Fett that followers may really see in its entirety? While there’s nonetheless a query mark as as to if or not Bane will return in The Bad Batch because it reaches its remaining episodes, it appears as if The Clone Wars most notorious bounty hunter within the Star Wars galaxy has but to succeed in the top of his story with extra chapters to inform.

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