An historic Sith cult created the superior AI referred to as the Spark Eternal. Now, it is free, and attempting to interchange Star Wars’ Force without end.

Warning: SPOILERS for Doctor Aphra #24!The mysterious and majestic attract of the Force is likely one of the hallmarks of the Star Wars franchise, however now a super-advanced AI is utilizing the physique of Doctor Aphra to try to change it. For hundreds of generations, there was no energy mightier within the galaxy than that of the Force. Heroes defend its secrets and techniques at any price, organizations just like the Empire and the Sith seek to use it to beat the galaxy, however now there’s a third social gathering that intends to usurp the Force as probably the most highly effective weapon within the galaxy.


Doctor Aphra has unearthed a plot that can permit anybody to make use of know-how that may mimic the results of the Force. The darkish aspect cult referred to as the Ascendant way back sought to duplicate the ability of the Sith and the Jedi, creating an AI referred to as the “Spark Eternal.” While the Sith destroyed the Ascendant cult for this affront, Aphra has lately been unearthing their forgotten tech, and in her most up-to-date journey has discovered herself possessed by the Spark and compelled to do its bidding.

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In Doctor Aphra #24, by Alyssa Wong, Minkyu Jung, and Rachelle Rosenberg, a Spark-possessed Doctor Aphra learns in regards to the true nature of the Spark Eternal. The Spark Eternal is not simply strange know-how, it’s an AI that “unifies our bodies and tech on an intuitive level.” No longer would there be a necessity to consider pulling a blaster set off or piloting a starfighter, it might turn out to be “as easy as breathing.” This is very regarding because the Ascendant additionally created gauntlets which mimic Force telekinesis, a Thought Dowser able to thoughts management, and lightsaber-destroying whips. Dozens of characters within the Star Wars universe have wielded the power of the Force at one time or one other, however their power and talents with it have been restricted by their willpower and connection to the Force. The unification of the galaxy with know-how by way of the Spark Eternal would allow everybody to have Force-level instinct always.

The Ascendant Found a Way to Replace the Force

The Force is the gatekeeper of energy within the Star Wars universe, and it has all the time been so. Wielders of the sunshine aspect of the Force have all the time sought the teachings of the Force to unfold peace and justice all through the galaxy whereas customers of the darkish aspect have traditionally used the Force to take energy, utilizing it destructively quite than for protection. By replacing the Force with an AI, Star Wars is giving your complete galaxy the identical energy that has been fought over for hundreds of centuries, however with no restrictions even on primary competence.

If the Spark Eternal will get what it desires, the Ascendant’s know-how will supplant the Force in Star Wars‘ galaxy. Of course, Doctor Aphra‘s allies are working to cease that taking place, however there is no approach to put this genie again within the bottle without end – with the Spark Eternal, Star Wars has confirmed that it is potential for know-how to beat the Force in its universe, making it solely a matter of time till somebody makes this epochal leap.

Doctor Aphra #24 is out there now from Marvel Comics.

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