There are 15 Holocrons with various rewards to seek out on the Death Star whereas finishing the final stage of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

The Death Star is the final stage in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and there are Holocrons to seek out on this space. Like a lot of the different ranges within the recreation, the Death Star has 15 Holocrons to seek out. Many of them are fairly properly hidden, so gamers might want to search each nook and cranny to seek out all of them. There are a wide range of rewards to obtain by accumulating the 15 Holocrons in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed scattered all through the Death Star.

After the Rebel leaders’ assembly is ambushed by Darth Vader, Starkiller manages to flee and is introduced onboard the Rogue Shadow. Upon discovering the place the Rebels are being taken, Starkiller units out for the nearly-completed Death Star to confront Darth Vader and the Emperor. While gamers are combating their method by waves of enemies within the Death Star, they’ll additionally discover some Holocrons with distinctive rewards. All of the Holocrons will be collected earlier than reaching the Emperor’s chambers on the finish of this stage.


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Holocrons are collectibles that may be discovered on each stage within the recreation. The most typical reward for accumulating a Holocron is 10,000 Force Points. However, gamers may earn new costumes, lightsaber crystals, energy crystals, and spheres from accumulating Holocrons. Most ranges, just like the Death Star, have 15 Holocrons to gather, however some have as little as 5. Finding each Holocron in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will make it simpler to stage up and unlock a wide range of distinctive rewards.

All Death Star Holocrons In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars Force Unleashed Every Holocron Location in The Death Star Hangar Walkway

The Death Star has among the harder Holocrons to gather in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Each space will must be explored totally to seek out each hidden Holocron. Starkiller can even have to have the flexibility to sprint with a purpose to attain one of many Holocrons on the finish of the extent. The Holocron that requires the sprint capacity will award a crystal that enables gamers to show their lightsaber black. There are just a few different worthwhile rewards to assert whereas accumulating Holocrons on the Death Star.

  • Holocron #1 (Katak Power Crystal): Using the stack of bins behind the hangar, gamers can leap as much as the steel walkway. There’s a Holocron on the proper facet of the hangar on the walkway.
  • Holocron #2 (10,000 Force Points): On the identical walkway because the earlier collectible, gamers can go all the way in which round to the left facet of the hangar to seize one other Holocron. There can be some Scout Troopers to defeat earlier than reaching this Holocron in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
  • Holocron #3 (10,000 Force Points): Inside the lengthy, round hall the place the laser is firing, there’s a Holocron by the door on the proper. After breaking by the primary inexperienced crystal, the realm with the Holocron will be discovered on the proper the place enemies are coming from.
  • Holocron #4 (Unstable Green Crystal): Further into the laser firing space, there’s a management room with an elevator on the left facet. The elevator permits gamers to succeed in the higher stage the place they’ll get onto the facet of the place the laser fires. The platform above the laser-firing space will be reached with a double leap, then the Holocron can be on the finish of the trail on the left.
  • Holocron #5 (10,000 Force Points): From the earlier collectible, gamers can flip round and take the trail all the way down to the opposite finish to seek out one other Holocron in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
  • Holocron #6 (Talent Sphere): At the top of the laser tube, there’s a door that may be opened utilizing the Force. In the following space, there’s a door to the proper with a Holocron inside. There are additionally just a few enemies to defeat earlier than the Holocron will be collected.

Star Wars Force Unleashed Every Holocron Location in The Death Star Laser Top
  • Holocron #7 (10,000 Force Points): In the following room, there are two turrets taking pictures, and one other room on the proper facet. A Holocron will be discovered by the door on the proper.
  • Holocron #8 (10,000 Force Points): At the top of the final corridor, there’s a door main again right into a laser-firing space, and the Holocron is on the opposite facet of the tube.
  • Holocron #9 (Power Sphere): In the realm with the spinning rings the place the laser fires from, there’s a door on the left. Inside, there’s an elevator that can be utilized to succeed in the decrease stage beneath the rings. The Holocron will be discovered on the left facet of the decrease platform.
  • Holocron #10 (10,000 Force Points): After stopping the rings, a path opens up, and the Holocron is floating above the hole between the 2 bridges. Starkiller in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed can double leap throughout the hole to gather the Holocron.
  • Holocron #11 (10,000 Force Points): In the massive, open space with a number of lasers taking pictures, gamers can flip left on the entrance. When the laser stops firing, gamers can proceed down the trail till reaching a small ledge on the proper. The Holocron is instantly beneath, so gamers can go to the sting and double leap to the walkway beneath to succeed in it.
  • Holocron #12 (10,000 Force Points): The gravity elevate on the backside can be utilized to get again up and onto the third stage on the facet gamers initially got here from. This collectible in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is in a small room behind the platform.
  • Holocron #13 (10,000 Force Points): Players can then stroll previous the lasers to the opposite facet of the room, then drop all the way down to the second stage. The Holocron can be within the far-right nook.
  • Holocron #14 (Black Crystal): One of the gravity lifts can be utilized to get to the highest, and the Holocron will be seen on high of the laser in between the lifts. Players might want to double leap after which sprint to succeed in the ledge on high of the laser. It might take just a few tries to get the timing proper, however gamers might want to sprint proper on the high of the second leap.
  • Holocron #15 (Combo Sphere): This Holocron is surrounded by Shadow Guards on the platform that results in the Emperor. This is the final Holocron to gather on the Death Star in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has been remastered for Nintendo Switch and can be out there for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, macOS, and PC.

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