There are 15 Holocrons to seek out on Felucia within the third stage of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and there are priceless rewards for accumulating them.

There are Holocrons to seek out on Felucia all through the third stage in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Like many of the different ranges within the sport, Felucia has 15 Holocrons to find and gather for numerous rewards. Each Holocron has a particular reward tied to it, so gamers searching for sure coloured crystals, costumes, or spheres might want to discover the best Holocrons all through the sport. The commonest Holocron reward is Force Points, however most ranges even have an honest variety of particular rewards to find in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

On Felucia, Starkiller is tasked with looking down and killing Shaak Ti. Along with the previous Jedi Master, Felucia can also be dwelling to the oldest dwelling Sarlacc, so there are just a few robust battles to win on this stage. There are a lot of normal fight encounters as effectively all through Felucia. Due to the variety of enemies in every part, gamers will possible must clear an space of enemies first earlier than wanting round for Holocrons. Otherwise, it may be tough to gather Holocrons whereas consistently being attacked.


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On Felucia, 10 out of the 15 Holocrons in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will give Force Points when collected. Force Points act as expertise factors, which suggests discovering all of them will make it simpler to stage up rapidly. When gamers get Force Points from Holocrons, it is all the time 10,000 for each collected. The different Holocron rewards on Felucia embrace crystals and spheres. Although there aren’t any new costumes to unlock from Holocrons in this stage, there are nonetheless priceless rewards to earn for discovering all 15 collectibles.

All Felucia Holocrons In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars Force Unleashed Every Holocron Location in Felucia Rancor Arena

Just a few of the Holocrons on Felucia are simple to identify and may be discovered whereas progressing naturally by the extent. However, there are just a few that could also be missed if gamers aren’t paying shut consideration. Since this stage is especially massive, a variety of the Holocrons are grouped collectively in the identical areas. The collectibles on this planet primarily award Force Points, however there are just a few different rewards to gather from Felucia’s Holocrons in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

  • Holocron #1 (10,000 Force Points): As quickly because the cutscene ends and the extent begins, gamers can go to the best and seize the primary Holocron on the finish of the trail.
  • Holocron #2 (10,000 Force Points): After getting into the cave with a pit within the heart, gamers can drop all the way down to the bottom stage to discover a Holocron alongside the outer wall.
  • Holocron #3 (10,000 Force Points): In the identical cave space that the earlier collectible was in, gamers can return up just a few ranges and soar throughout to the bridge with a purple Sith Holocron on it. The ledge behind the bridge and to the left may have one other Holocron to gather.
  • Holocron #4 (10,000 Force Points): Just earlier than taking the ultimate bridge as much as the highest of the cave, there might be a platform to the best with a Holocron on it. The platform is simply to the best of the hostile, spitting plant character in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
  • Holocron #5 (Unstable Red Crystal): At the very high, simply earlier than exiting the cave, gamers can use the floating platforms on the left to leap as much as one other Holocron. The platforms are on the facet of the final bridge earlier than exiting.
  • Holocron #6 (10,000 Force Points): Once outdoors and within the forest space, gamers can head proper and go alongside the sting of the map to discover a Holocron behind a tree. There might be just a few enemies to defeat alongside the way in which.
  • Holocron #7 (Compressed Gold Crystal): For the subsequent Holocron, gamers can head again towards the middle of the forest, then go throughout to the opposite fringe of the map. If gamers proceed following the wall alongside the sting of the realm, they’ll discover a secret path that isn’t proven on the map. At the top of the trail, there’s a Holocron to collect in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Star Wars Force Unleashed Every Holocron Location in Felucia Sarlacc Tooth
  • Holocron #8 (10,000 Force Points): After leaving the key path from the earlier collectible, gamers will come out into an open part. Straight forward, on the different finish of the realm, there’s a glowing Sarlacc tooth that may be lifted to disclose a Holocron. There are just a few different Sarlacc tooth within the space, so if the Holocron is not discovered, then gamers could have regarded underneath the fallacious object and may strive one other one close by.
  • Holocron #9 (Combo Sphere): While going by the primary tunnel after the forest, gamers will come throughout a big tree with a Holocron in between the branches. It’s about midway by the tunnel, and gamers can soar as much as the center of the tree to achieve it.
  • Holocron #10 (10,000 Force Points): In the primary Rancor enviornment, gamers can flip left after the cutscene ends to seek out the Holocron. The collectible is floating above the sector alongside the periphery.
  • Holocron #11 (10,000 Force Points): After defeating the Rancor, gamers will enter one other lengthy tunnel, and there’s a Holocron about midway by once more. Starkiller in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed can gather the Holocron within the heart of the tunnel’s open space and it is between two partitions.
  • Holocron #12 (10,000 Force Points): Upon getting into the sector with three Rancors, the ascending platforms on the best can be utilized to achieve one other Holocron.
  • Holocron #13 (Talent Sphere): From the earlier collectible, gamers can preserve going ahead throughout the platforms towards the best wall to seek out the subsequent Holocron.
  • Holocron #14 (Power Sphere): After acquiring the earlier collectible, gamers can run throughout the sector to achieve the left fringe of the map, then soar up on the platform towards the wall to seize one other Holocron.
  • Holocron #15 (10,000 Force Points): At the again of the sector, there’s a Holocron behind the final massive, central tree. The base can be utilized to leap up and seize the final Holocron on the Felucia in stage three of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has been remastered for Nintendo Switch and can also be obtainable for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, macOS, and PC.

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