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In some bizarro model of our personal world, there’s a scene in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith during which Count Dooku scolds a younger Anakin Skywalker for decapitating Sith Lord Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom Palpatine declared was too harmful to let stay.

Such a “what if?” would have 1000’s of different nuances, together with Han and Greedo each taking pictures first in numerous orders, the Cantina Band taking on dying steel, and Star Wars followers all managing to agree on one thing peacefully. But, to hearken again to the opening instance; one curious, debatable element is left to our dastardly imaginations; what would Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Sith title be?

The people over at r/StarWars have since had a subject day with the query, taking each alternative to solid their vote for probably the most memeworthy ideas they may muster.

The prime suggestion on the time of writing is the diabolically tongue-in-cheek “Darth Hellother,” in reference to Kenobi’s timeless trade with General Grievous.

Another responder drew on Kenobi’s questionable wartime ethics for inspiration, calling his false give up method probably the most highly effective instrument within the Force-wielder’s arsenal.

One different responder pointed to Kenobi’s lack of creativity with names and provided up the sensible “Darth Kenobi,” just for others to take it a step additional with the ever-menacing “Darth Ben.”

But it wasn’t all memes; a handful of customers went towards the grain and put their Star Wars information and grasp of etymology to the take a look at, arising with some advantageous solutions similar to “Darth Broer,” “Darth Reave,” and “Darth Sorros.”

Perhaps Star Wars will at some point take a web page out of the MCU’s guide and pitch the idea amongst a What If…? project set in a galaxy far, far, away. Unless that occurs, although, might Darth Ben hang-out our nightmares for generations to return.

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