The Star Wars universe continues to develop with brand-new Disney+ collection like Tales of the Jedi and Andor. As a consequence, sure eras of the franchise have been fleshed out in additional element, giving audiences much more causes to like a galaxy far, distant.

With the pre-A New Hopecontent material rampant lately, followers have acquired new insights into the formation of the Rebel Alliance and the following fall of the Galactic Empire. However, whereas sure heroes like Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo get a lot of the glory for the Empire’s defeat, there are some Rebel leaders who merely aren’t given sufficient credit score for his or her contributions to the trigger.


Senator Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma was a Senator for the planet of Chandrila throughout the closing years of the Republic and the early days of the Galactic Empire. Portrayed in her youthful years by Genevieve O’Reilley and in Return of the Jedi by Caroline Blakiston, Senator Mothma was one of the crucial essential leaders within the Rebel Alliance.

Mon Mothma spent a lot of her time within the Imperial Senate, surrounded by the most trusted allies to the Emperor. On Coruscant, she lived underneath a microscope as she quietly supported the Rebels proper underneath the Empire’s nostril. Eventually, she would develop into the political chief of the Alliance and, after the warfare, the New Republic’s first Chancellor.

Admiral Gial Ackbar

Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Son Aftab

Gial Ackbar hails from the planet Mon Cala, the place he served as a basic to King Lee-Char earlier than ultimately leaving his water-based homeworld to hitch the Rebel Alliance after the autumn of the Republic. In the Alliance, Ackbar was given the rank of admiral, commanding legions of starships within the Rebel fleet.

Admiral Ackbar was instrumental within the Rebellion’s success throughout the Battle of Yavin. Commanding a fleet of ships of their assault towards the Death Star II, Ackbar ensured that Lando Calrissian and Wedge Antilles had the duvet obligatory to slide into the station’s internal workings and blow it up from the within, thereby saving the galaxy from one more planet-destroying weapon. He additionally went on to function a pacesetter within the Resistance till his demise throughout the occasions of The Last Jedi, although his son would proceed in his footsteps till the tip of the warfare.

General Jan Dodonna

General Dodonna during the battle of Yavin in Star Wars

Originally portrayed by Alex McCrindle in A New Hope, General Jan Dodonna fought for the Republic throughout the Clone Wars and left the Empire shortly after its inception. Dodonna went on to develop into a number one member of the burgeoning Rebel Alliance, serving to to determine their base on the moon Yavin 4.

Though General Dodonna has little or no screentime within the franchise, Rogue One reveals that he was a significant presence within the Alliance previous to the Battle of Scarif. It was additionally Dodonna who produced the Rebels’ technique throughout the Battle of Yavin, which led to the destruction of the primary Death Star. He was sadly killed shortly thereafter throughout the ambush of Mako-Ta, although his sacrifice ensured that the Alliance would stay to struggle one other day.

Senator Bail Organa


Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan was one of many earliest leaders throughout the Rebel Alliance, having all the time felt that one thing was off as he watched Sheev Palpatine rose to power. Organa served as a vital member of the Rebellion till his offscreen demise in A New Hope when Alderaan was blown up by the Death Star.

Though Organa was killed solely days after the combating within the Galactic Civil War formally broke out, his contributions to the trigger can’t be understated. He served as an essential political ally to the Rebels throughout his life and raised his adopted daughter Leia with the talents and techniques she would want to develop into one of the crucial essential elements within the downfall of the Empire.

Admiral Raddus

Admiral Raddus in Star Wars.

Admiral Raddus was a Mon Calamari officer who served the Rebel Alliance within the days main as much as the Galactic Civil War. He was the commander of the Rebel starfleet previous to his demise, although its sources had been far smaller throughout his command than that of his successor, Admiral Ackbar.

Raddus was one of many few early Rebel leaders to encourage an all-out warfare with the Empire and, when he realized of the Rogue Squadron’s unauthorized operation on Scarif, he was the primary to ship reinforcements to their help. Though he died within the ensuing battle, Raddus’s actions ensured that the Rebels had been in a position to attain their priceless asset, resulting in the destruction of the Death Star.

Saw Gerrera

Saw Gerrera looking concerned in Andor.

Saw Gerrera, portrayed in live-action by Forest Whitaker, is an extremist Rebel chief who engaged in guerilla warfare towards the Empire lengthy earlier than the Alliance turned an official group. He labored inside his personal operation, discovering himself principally unwelcome when it got here to membership in the primary Rebel Alliance.

Though Saw Gerrera was killed shortly earlier than the Galactic Civil War formally broke out on Scarif, his operation ensured that the Empire was all the time stored on its toes. He took as a lot from the tyrannical group as he might throughout his life and, although his techniques had been unsavory at greatest, he made positive that others had been able to struggle in his stead.

Luthen Rael

Star Wars Andor Season 1 Episode 10 Luthen Rael Stellan Skarsgaard

Stellan Skarsgaard’s Luthen Rael is without doubt one of the most interesting characters introduced in Andor, as he spearheads his personal operation to deliver down the Empire little by little. Devoting every part he has to the destruction of the Empire, Luthen has contacts all throughout the galaxy ready to finish operations at his command.

Though Luthen’s destiny after the occasions of Andor stays unknown, it’s clear that he was instrumental in recruiting fighters to the trigger. He was undoubtedly probably the most cautious chief within the early days of the Rebellion, protecting his operations as secretive as doable to permit different Rebel leaders the time obligatory to construct their forces — and their braveness.

General Carlist Rieekan

General Rieekan speaks to Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back

General Carlist Rieekan makes his solely live-action look in The Empire Strikes Back, the place he’s portrayed by Bruce Boa. He was the commander of the Rebel forces at Echo Base throughout the Battle of Hoth, which noticed the Empire assault the Rebels with all its obtainable sources.

As the commander of Echo Base, it was Rieekan’s duty to make sure that the Rebel forces evacuated the planet throughout the Battle of Hoth. Had he failed on this endeavor, the Rebellion would have been crushed in a single swift stroke. He and the opposite Rebel leaders had been in a position to escape the Empire, nevertheless, residing to struggle one other day. Rieekan himself would go on to help the Rebellion within the closing days of the Galactic Civil War and even aided the Resistance of their wrestle towards the First Order.

General Hera Syndulla

Hera Syndulla in Star Wars Rebels

Hera Syndulla is a featured character within the animated collection Star Wars: Rebels. She was the commander of the Ghost, finishing up private Rebel missions previous to becoming a member of the Rebel Alliance. After becoming a member of the group, Hera turned a priceless asset to its leaders, ultimately being promoted to basic.

General Syndulla was by far the Rebellion’s most useful asset from throughout the staff previously referred to as the Phoenix Cell. She went on to command the Phoenix Squadron throughout a number of battles, together with the Battle of Scarif and fought alongside her Rebel allies till the tip of the Galactic Civil War.

Commander Jun Sato

Commander Jun Sato smirks at someone on his side

Commander Jun Sato was an early chief within the Rebel Alliance who makes his solely canon appearances in Star Wars: Rebels. Sato labored intently with Hera Syndulla and the Phoenix insurgent cell however was ultimately killed by Imperial forces previous to the Battle of Yavin.

Sato was instrumental in establishing a number of Rebel bases throughout their early wrestle towards the Empire. Ultimately, he was compelled to sacrifice his personal life for the trigger however ensured that he took down his Imperial foes within the course of. His legacy lived on, nevertheless, within the lives he saved, together with that of Ezra Bridger, the younger Jedi Padawan who would ultimately defeat Grand Admiral Thrawn, one of many Rebellion’s largest threats.

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