The Star Wars franchise obtained a much-needed shot within the arm due to the crucial success of Andor. Along with the hype for Honor Among Thieves, individuals need to roleplay as their favourite Star Wars characters in Dungeons and Dragons. It needs to be famous that there are two different nice TTRPGs for consideration outdoors of recent 5e.

First, Scum and Villainy is a superb recreation for many who favor the rogueish misadventures of Han Solo. There’s additionally the fanmade Star Wars 5e system for accuracy. Still, some need to construct their characters within the acquainted confines of the Forgotten Realms.


Mon Mothma – Eloquence Bard 20

Mon Mothma could have had a comparatively small function within the Original Trilogy, however as Andor reveals, she’s a vital pillar of the Rebellion’s energy construction. It is thru her diplomatic expertise and connections that the Rebellion can fund its battle towards the Empire. As anticipated of such a job, Mon Mothma is a grasp of social conditions. A Variant Human Eloquence Bard with the Inspiring Leader feat completely captures this. The momentary HP enhance from the feat is incredible.

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Silver Tongue is an early recreation Reliable Talent for the 2 most vital social skills, Persuasion, and Charisma. This ensures Mon Mothma by no means stumbles in her phrases. Unsettling Words is Mon Mothma making individuals doubt their confidence in themselves. Unfailing Inspiration permits creatures to maintain their Bardic Inspiration die. Universal Speech displays Mon Mothma’s huge data. Infectious Inspiration spreads her affect even additional.

Luke Skywalker – Psi Warrior 18/Rogue 2

Luke Skywalker and Death Star II in Star Wars

Starting off with the person himself, Luke Skywalker is a straightforward sufficient construct in 5e. The Commoner background on Variant Human, with the Telekinetic feat, is an effective begin. For the category, Psi Warrior as much as Level 18 covers the Force skills of Luke fairly nicely. The two ranges of Rogue taken early on largely mirror his surprisingly crafty aspect. Cunning Action showcases his adaptability.

Expertise would go in the direction of Stealth, seeing as he was in a position to infiltrate Jabba’s palace by himself. Psionic Power, Telekinetic Adept, Guarded Mind, and Bulwark of Forcer all use “Force”-like maneuvers. Telekinetic Master is essentially the most highly effective characteristic, because it permits Luke to make use of the Telekinesis spell so long as they’ve Psionic Energy die to make use of, and the flexibility to weapon assault as a bonus motion whereas concentrating on the spell.

Princess Leia – College of Valor Bard 17/Mastermind Rogue 3

Princes Leia, Darth Vader and Death Star together

As a noble representing Alderaan, Leia has loads of expertise as a diplomat. So sure, the Noble background works finest right here. College of Valor completely suits the girl whose most well-known quote is about hope. Meanwhile, Mastermind Rogue showcases her tactical acumen, which finally positive factors her the place of General throughout the Rebellion.

Valor Bard grants Leia the flexibility to bolster the injury of her allies in battle. She can even grant them bonus AC towards assaults after seeing a roll, however earlier than figuring out it’s successful. When mixed with Mastermind Rogue’s Help bonus motion, allies round Leia are certain to achieve no matter motion they select to take.

Han Solo – Scout Rogue 20

Han Solo with a blaster in Star Wars

Han Solo is called some of the smugglers within the galaxy. Since there aren’t any spaceships in 5e (nicely, normally), Variant Human Sailor would finest match Han Solo’s background. He’s a slippery rogue, at all times managing to keep away from seize. When his enemies do catch as much as him, Han at all times manages to shoot first. Scout Rogue completely encapsulates all of this.

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The Skirmisher and Superior Mobility options make Han Solo very laborious to pin down. The Alert feat can also be a should. He instantly shot Greedo and was fast on the draw towards Vader within the eating room scene. Ambush Master and Sudden Strike are simply extra methods for Han to dish out the offense sneakily. More importantly, to take action earlier than the opposite man begins taking pictures.

Chewbacca – Thief Rogue 3/Champion Fighter 17

Chewbacca, Ponda Baba, and Evazan in Star Wars

Chewbacca is Han Solo’s ever-reliable Wookie companion. As a smuggler, a Bugbear Thief Rogue would finest mirror Chewie’s background. Second-Story Work suits Chewbacca, because the Holiday Special and Revenge of the Sith verify Wookies are expert tree climbers. Expertise needs to be put in the direction of Intimidation, as no one needs to make a Wookie offended.

The characteristic of Remarkable Athlete from Champion and Powerful Build from Bugbear displays his unbelievable energy. Improved and Superior Critical suits whether or not it’s on his heavy crossbow or simply clubbing somebody together with his fists. As for feats, Lucky would match Chewie fairly nicely, seeing as he’s the one one in every of between Han, Leia, and Luke to flee bodily unscathed from any of the flicks. It additionally occurs to be superb for crit fishing.

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Spirits Bard 20

Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars A New Hope

Obi-Wan Kenobi is way from the Jedi grasp he was through the Clone Wars. Gone is the person who would flip across the battlefield and go toe-to-toe with an empowered Anakin Skywalker. At this level, he’s a person who solely has tales of occasions passed by. Spirits Bard completely represents the present state that Obi-Wan is in, alongside the Telekinetic feat. To evoke his iconic thoughts trick, Charm Person, Command, and Friends are good spells to have readily available.

The spirits are simply Obi-Wan communing together with his Jedi brethren on the opposite aspect. Through them, he’s empowered. He passes these teachings on to his scholar, Luke Skywalker. Tales from Beyond and Spirit Session completely mirror this. After all, one may simply taste the ghostly type of Obi-Wan saying “Use the Force, Luke” as Bardic Inspiration.

Yoda – Graviturgy Wizard 20

star wars jedi yoda is a hero

At this level, Yoda’s not the lethal ball of inexperienced fury he was. Still, simply because he’s stopped utilizing his lightsaber doesn’t imply he’s any much less harmful. If something, his attunement to the Force has grow to be stronger than ever. To mirror his complete management over telekinesis, Graviturgy Wizard with the Telekinetic feat works finest. Forest Gnome suits the pint-sized Jedi grasp for race.

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Gravity Well, Violent Attraction and Event Horizon can simply be flavored as completely different manufacturers of Force manipulation. The Seventh-level spell “Reverse Gravity” ought to cowl Yoda’s most spectacular feats of telekinesis. Other spells resembling Telekinesis, Gravity Sinkhole, and Levitate are also-must haves. Since there are plenty of focus spells and options right here, be certain that to choose up the War Caster feat.

Boba Fett – Assassin Rogue 3/Artillerist Artificer 17

star wars luke skywalker wormie boba fett

Boba Fett is the primary and most iconic Mandalorian seen within the Star Wars franchise. Although he doesn’t do a lot within the motion pictures, the comics and books have accomplished a terrific job of increasing his arsenal. Assassin Rogue is self-explanatory, because it permits Boba Fett to get the bounce on his targets and deal large injury. The Alert feat is nice to choose up, to additional energy this Assassin type.

The remainder of the degrees go in the direction of Artillerist. The Eldritch Cannon and Arcane Firearm are simply blasters, rockets, and flamethrowers. A concentrate on Evocation spells resembling Firebolt, Fireball, Scorching Ray, and Thunderwave needs to be given precedence. For infusions, Boba Fett’s boots needs to be given the Boots of Flying impact to simulate Boba’s jetpack.

Emperor Palpatine – Eloquence Bard 5/Storm Sorcerer 15

Emperor Palpatine Cover Secrets of the Sith

Emperor Palpatine is not the Sheev he as soon as was by the point of Return of the Jedi, however he’s nonetheless lots highly effective. Eloquence Bard lets him do his iconic model of unsettling the individuals round him and making them doubt their motivations. Unsettling Words and Silver Tongue are how he managed to overthrow the Senate in any case.

Meanwhile, Storm Sorcerer represents his bread-and-butter Force energy at this level: Force Lightning. Evocation Spells resembling Shocking Grasp, Lightning Lure, Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, and Storm Sphere are a should. Heart of the Storm and Storm’s Fury is the core options right here, because it dishes out lightning injury. As for feats, Metamagic Adept lets Palpatine’s lightning be even deadlier and extra versatile.

Darth Vader – Oathbreaker Paladin 8/Aberrant Mind Sorcerer 12

Darth Vader Great New Quote

Darth Vader, as soon as touted as some of the highly effective and heroic Jedi through the Clone Wars, broke his oath to the Jedi Order by falling for Darth Sidious’ machinations. Oathbreaker Paladins are fueled by hate, so potent that it frightens these of their presence. There’s no mistaking Vader as something however a vicious mass assassin. Aberrant Mind, then again, displays his unstable Force powers. ASIs needs to be targeted on Strength and Charisma.

The Sorcadin multiclass is a potent mixture, and the smites may simply be flavored as Vader’s hate-fueled strikes. It’s vital to begin as a Paladin first as a result of it permits Darth Vader to put on heavy armor. Aura of Hate boosts Vader’s strikes with hatred (added by Charisma modifier). Meanwhile, Psionic Sorcery offers Vader entry to the vital Force powers. Psychic Defenses mirror Vader’s steely will towards even the strongest of Force customers.

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