Let’s get this straight. Despite the numerous ideas of the hat to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine this season, that. is. not. Bashir.

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 7 will get fairly in-depth and trippy as Tallinn kinds a mechanically-assisted mind-meld with Picard in an effort to get him psychologically unstuck. It solutions many questions however opens the door to some even trickier ones.

Meanwhile, on the surface, Rios makes a questionable choice round Dr. Teresa that culminate in flapping some ri-DONK-ulous butterfly wings when he takes her and her son on a discipline journey to La Sirena.

Yeah, so let’s discuss that first.

Of the whole twenty fourth century crew, Rios is essentially the most enamored of 2024 Earth, with Seven dwelling footloose and Borg implant-free as a detailed second.

He’s in love with the meals, the vibe, and the nice physician, Teresa Ramirez.

Rios: Who would you like me to be?
Teresa: A great man.
Rios: I’m, and if I wasn’t, then I might develop into one proper now.

So possibly Twenty first-century immigration insurance policies and institutionalized racism take just a little of the glamor off, however Rios is, for essentially the most half, digging the old-school power.

My concept is that his tough preliminary touchdown and shock-stick remedy by I.C.E. would possibly’ve additionally scrambled his brains a bit.

Things escalate shortly on the clinic.

From borrowing some garments out of the misplaced and located to offering her with future tech to stabilize Picard’s neural community to transporting all of them to La Sirena, it is an exponential improve in potential timeline implosion.

Dr. Ramirez: Are you from outer house?
Rios: No, I’m from Chile. I simply work in outer house.

(Also, somebody’s going to have to elucidate to me how he managed a distant transport from Los Angeles to France with no com badge and nobody on the controls.)

I’m additionally puzzled why Rios selected to take them away earlier than understanding for sure if Picard and Tallinn survived their unconscious journey.

And how did he know that he wasn’t going to run into Seven and Raffi? This sport of musical places will get complicated at instances.

Meanwhile, Seven and Raffi are on the lookout for Jurati and discovering the Borg queen as an alternative.

I’m all for an endorphin rush, however I’m unsure breaking a window would’ve been my go-to in a seedy bar the place music, alcohol, and unseemly firm are simply accessible. But I’ve by no means been Borg, so what do I do know?

I’ll hand it to Alison Pill, although. She’s attending to play with the total gamut of femme fatales this season. (And Jurati was a femme fatale in Star Trek: Picard Season 1. Just ask Bruce Maddox. Oh, wait, you may’t.)

From the beginning, her portrayal of the good however neurotic and awkward Jurati has been so constant and convincing that her transformation into Jurati-controlled-by-the-Borg-queen is outstanding.

Not positive if it is make-up and lighting magic, however I might swear the expression with which she susses out the dive bar is pure Annie Wersching.

(Also, did everybody know that the singer with the band is Sunny O’Dell, Patrick Stewart’s real-life spouse? I generally surprise if Stewart and firm do not view this collection as their model of Clooney et al.’s Ocean’s franchise — an excuse to hang around with mates and receives a commission.)

And that brings us again to Picard’s super-meta psych eval inside his personal unconscious.

There’s numerous sci-fi Easter Egg worth to having James Callis painting Picard’s psychologist initially.

The true sovereign of nature. Giving life. Allowing life. And but we all know would be the factor that in the future swallows us all.


After all, when he performed Gaius Baltar on Battlestar Galactica, he spent numerous time speaking to Caprica Six in his head.

Additionally, his relations with Six, a Cylon (which is actually BSG’s model of a synth), led to the close to destruction of humanity, one thing Picard (now a synth himself) spent final season making an attempt to forestall.

It’s additionally established canon that Baltar had a troubled relationship together with his father, so when Picard’s psychologist seems to be his father, it is all a bit on the nostril.

You lived longer than I did, however I bought to maintain my hair. Not precisely a good commerce, is it? Son.

Maurice Picard

But if we’ll get to the center of the matter of Picard and his mom, it is solely logical that his father should be the information.

There’s lots to unpack within the scenes we witness in Picard’s “story” of the red-haired queen and the boy prince.

The scenes within the conservatory are wealthy in fantastical element. It’s a mode of images I am unable to recall ever seeing in Trek reveals earlier than.

The animation of the shadows and creatures within the work and the dread they instill jogs my memory of movies like The NeverEnding Story and The Last Unicorn, the place the implication of hazard is sufficient to adrenalize a scene.

In a approach, she did [know the future]. Like an animal, she might really feel hazard in her bones earlier than anybody else within the room. Perhaps she was magic. Or that is what occurs once you dwell in a world the place monsters are actual.


Picard’s description of the queen, his mom, borders on excessive fantasy as properly. She is bigger than life, greater than human, drawn from a boy’s love for his mom and a person’s want to listen to his mom’s love expressed unequivocally, an emotional consolation blanket that may by no means develop previous or fade.

I need you to grasp how deeply I really like you. No matter what your life brings, if I do know you endlessly, or if I do know you for moments, in each breath, who you might be is why I’m so happy with you for changing into.

Yvette Picard/Red-Haired Queen

Tallinn’s intrusion brings concerning the confrontation between Picard and his father, which is the catalyst for the reality.

By serving to the boy prince Picard work previous his “stuck”ness, she forces him to progress additional, into territory that’s much more traumatic than being trapped in a dungeon for hours by himself.

Her reassurance and assist assist him knock down doorways he’s afraid to open.

Like Picard’s therapist/psychologist, Tallinn insists the youthful self be sincere about himself.

Therapist: Ironic, is not it? We’re all right here for you, Picard. Only you may cease it. Say one thing actual. One actual factor. Why do you assume we’re right here?
Picard: Because I’m caught.

And whereas she realizes that there is extra to Picard’s trauma, he deflects and redirects to Q and the way they’ll put Maman Picard’s phrases to work.

In time, they’d neglect he was ever there, however they’d always remember the lesson. There is not any higher trainer than one’s enemy.

Yvette Picard/Red-Haired Queen

Am I the one one stunned by the FBI raiding Guinan’s bar? I hope not. It appears extremely out of left discipline.

It’s attention-grabbing to notice that Guinan’s summoning ritual works about in addition to Q’s snap. They should be related.

Also, the place’s Tallinn? Why did not Picard take her with him to see Guinan? If Renée is in quarantine, Tallinn’s just about on trip till launch.

As a Watcher, you’d assume she’d pay attention to a group of feds infiltrating the bar. Just saying, it’d’ve been helpful bringing her alongside.

With Picard and Guinan in custody (and his com badge left behind on the bar) and Rios out in France with Teresa and her son, Seven and Raffi are on their very own to trace down (and subdue?) Borg queen Jurati.

Tall order however nothing like stopping an interdimensional annihilation by an A.I. invasion squad, so no downside, proper?

To be truthful, that they had a Starfleet armada backing them up that final time.

But Jurati’s not even a fully-formed queen but. How a lot hassle might she trigger?

How do you see that showdown going off? Will there be butterfly collateral shrapnel blasting a gap via downtown LA?

As we careen in the direction of the season’s finish, our group is geographically separated and targetting three completely different mission objectives. How do you see this dove-tailing for the finale?

Can Jurati come again from assimilation? Will she stress hormone the queen into submission?

Will Raffi and Seven get to journey these younger ‘uns with their canes?

Raffi: Look, if that entire factor begins up once more, I stop the gang. No, severely, I do not assume I’ve it in me.
Seven: [scoffs]
Raffi: You and me? Now, see we’re completely completely different. Our ache is gorgeous and tragic and everybody loves listening to about it.

Does Rios get a happily-ever-after?

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