One of the thrill of sci-fi is its capability to make the acquainted unfamiliar.

Whether it is a case of doppelgänger characters or a Mirror Universe or, as within the case of Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 2, leaping to an alternate timeline brought about however a butterfly impact up to now, it is at all times enjoyable to identify the variations and twists.

With a lot of the episode involved with every character “waking” Quantum-Leap-like of their new circumstances after which their subsequent escape try, it’s clear that we’re nonetheless within the set-up stage of the season.

The premise borrows from another recognizable tropes and gadgets.

There’s greater than a passing resemblance between this Wake-Up World and the Mirror Universe’s Terran Empire within the militant, aggressive model of presidency.

Of course, the place the Terrans look to subjugate and revenue from alien races, it seems that the Confederation’s intention is eradication.

And because it’s an alternate timeline versus an alternate dimension, there is a trace of The Man within the High Castle vibe in play too.

Not surprisingly, Picard’s the one one who will get a information of kinds.

Although, it is controversial how useful Q is in orienting the Admiral/General to this world.

Picard: Where are the crew of the Stargazer?
Q: Oh, how quaint. How provincial. How ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’ of you. There is not any Stargazer.
Picard: What do you imply? What have you ever achieved?
Q: Show them a world of their very own making and so they ask you what you’ve got achieved. So human of you.

John de Lancie’s scenes with Patrick Stewart are extremely nostalgic as the 2 banter like they’d by no means left Far Point.

I’ll admit, nonetheless, that Q’s aggressive punctuation is a bit of surprising.

Picard: I’ve had sufficient of your silly, patronizing…
Q: [strikes him across the face] And I’ve had sufficient of your obstinance, your stubbornness, your insistence on altering in all methods however the one which issues! This isn’t a lesson. It’s a penance.

It is a darker tackle the connection, and, as Picard intuits (and John de Lancie confirmed to the press), the stakes are increased this go-around for each humanity and Q himself.

Woven into their verbal sparring is a laundry checklist of contrasts from Picard’s world.

Global air pollution, alien enslavement, extermination campaigns. It’s about as definitively dystopian because it will get.

In your historical past, humanity found a solution to spare the planet they have been within the means of murdering. Here, they simply preserve the corpse on life assist.


The Confederation displays the ethos and fear-driven violence in its slogan, “A safe galaxy is a human galaxy.”

For the Picard we all know, it’s the antithesis of every part he has sought to do together with his life — Death over diplomacy, Fear over friendship, battle over surprise.

The proof of this actuality is depressingly considerable.

The synth valet and the terrified alien slaves are clear indications of the kind of employer General Picard is.

Q: Well, Paradise has to have employees. Come on, who’s going to mow the grass, fertilize the apple tree? And why pay for assist when you possibly can have alien slaves?
Picard: I might by no means…
Q: I might by no means! Such ethical convictions are the luxurious of the victors.

The undeniable fact that the library is now a grotesque trophy room is horrifying, though the eye to element there may be astounding from this geek-fan’s perspective. (I extremely advocate rewatching and pausing the motion to learn the placards.)

Harvey: Sir, apologies for the interruption, General. Your morning common.
Picard: Thank you, Harvey. What the hell is that this?
Harvey: Columbian roast. Black.
Picard: This actually is the circle that Dante ignored.

That even General Picard’s style in morning beverage is so diametrically reverse to our JL’s solely cements the wrongness of the state of affairs, does not it?

Seven’s waking and orientation will get probably the most consideration of the opposite group members transported to this actuality.

To awaken to a life the place she’s by no means been Borg however with the recollections of implants and assimilation is a robust second.

It’s fascinating that her demeanor as President Annika Hansen does not seem very totally different from Seven’s, and but, it does not elicit any feedback from the First Husband.

Picard: Is everybody alright?
Seven: I’m the human president of a xenophobic authoritarian regime.
Raffi: You’re additionally married. Looks like somebody labored out their dedication points?

That would point out that Seven, raised as totally human within the context of the Confederation, might have grown up with the identical mannerisms as a Borg-assimilated, Voyager-rehumanized Annika.

I briefly speculated that Raffi and Elnor waking in Okinawa has one thing to do with them being on the Excelsior reasonably than the Stargazer for the time being of the self-destruct, however since Rios wakes to search out himself in a firefight over Vulcan, it does not actually observe.

I suppose it will’ve additionally made issues excessively difficult if Raffi and Seven had woken up close by. It most likely helped that Picard had an opportunity to clue in Raffi forward of time.

Picard: We’ve been deposited in a mad world by a mad man, however I’ll get us house collectively. Oh, Raffi. It appears that Seven is the President.
Raffi: Oh, she’s going to put on that gracefully.

Raffi saving Elnor, alternatively, makes numerous sense and builds on feedback she made on Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 1 to anchor the understanding that she sees Elnor as household.

Thinking again to Raffi’s household points launched in Star Trek: Picard Season 1, I’m curious if we’ll ever see Raffi reconcile along with her son and his household.

In the absence of that relationship, she might have siphoned her maternal emotion in the direction of serving to Elnor settle into Starfleet.

Elnor, being the one non-human of the bunch, bears the brutal brunt of the Confederation’s xenophobia.

Awakening within the midst of an insurgence, he’s at all times the first goal, considered with probably the most suspicion and concern.

So, it is anticipated — however nonetheless tragic and unfair — that the First Husband shoots him first when he boards Rios’s ship.

To be honest, Elnor did kill these Confederation guards Raffi left for him with whom to “get creative.”

Is anybody else getting bizarre vitality from how Jurati is being framed to date throughout Star Trek: Picard Season 2?

She’s morosely single and self-medicating once we first see her on the premiere. Once aboard the Stargazer, she’s tipsy however succesful.

Waking up right here, she’s alone aside from the chatty AI pet, and the one being who actually notices her is the Borg queen.

Borg queen: You, you fragile teacup, you’re accustomed to this sense anyplace.
Jurati: What feeling?
Borg queen: Unbelonging.

And the Borg queen is such a game-changer. She sees the cracks in time. She can calculate the place the fissure started. She is an oracle, navigator, and unreliable ally, multi functional.

Understandably, she freaks out Seven, Picard, and Rios.

However, to Jurati, she’s a supply of fascination and near-reverence.

Even earlier than the destruction of the Stargazer, Jurati’s awe-struck assertion that “the queen is coming” rang out unusually.

In the presence of the disconnected prisoner queen, she exhibits no concern, simply curiosity.

Borg Queen: This world is a lie. The fiction of the ‘what if?’ of what was.
Jurati: Tell me about it, sister.

I believe the place that is going, however I’ll maintain off on sharing for a bit. (If you assume you are considering what I’m considering, let me know within the feedback.)

So a lot hinges on Jurati right here, very similar to her actions up to now have been the catalyst for large occasions.

Overall, it pairs oddly with the actual fact she’s additionally written because the comedian reduction.

Awkward, over-sharing, sometimes-annoying comedian reduction, sure, however, admittedly, her chatter does reduce by way of the strain successfully.

Okay, let’s run the options right here. I’m loopy, though I really feel like I might provide you with a greater delusion. I’m useless, though see final supposition and change me with God. I’m in a loopy Mirror Universe the place it seems I’m precisely the identical solely with barely extra refined pet programming abilities.


So how will Picard et al. make their slingshot again in time? Will they take the First Husband together with them?

Who is The Watcher? How does Time get damaged?

Is 2024 non-replicated meals going to blow their thoughts?

The potential for hijinks is excessive. Let’s see how partaking this will get.

Let us know your preliminary reactions to this “Wake-Up World” by posting within the feedback!

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