One of the toughest issues to look at is an empathetic view is grief.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 2 unpacks not solely Book’s despair at seeing his homeworld disintegrate however how the anomaly’s destruction has triggered sturdy emotions in Tilly, Adira, and Stamets stemming from their previous traumas.

What lifts the narrative out of the doubtless dismal spiral of darkness is how every character manages to make strides ahead and decide to a future in direction of which they’ll look ahead.

It’s uncommon to see Burnham at such a loss as to what do as when she’s confronted by Book’s post-anomaly defensiveness.

Chalk it as much as the occasions of her childhood or her Vulcan upbringing, however Burnham’s emotional toolbox holds little subtlety.

She needs to have the ability to face an issue head-on and remedy it with coronary heart and verve and possibly just a little little bit of luck, none of which goes to chip a speck off of the wall of blame and disgrace and denial that Book resides behind when Discovery is distributed to gather knowledge on the anomaly.

Hey, Book. It’s simply us now. You and me. And I want you to hearken to me. You could not have saved them. There is nothing you would have executed. You could not have recognized.


By the top, she could have launched Discovery’s tether on Book’s ship, however she stays his tether to the world of the dwelling.

It’s her voice that brings him again. It’s her promise to all the time be there for him that permits him to reconnect emotionally once more.

For an individual as empathically gifted as Book, shutting down within the aftermath of Kwejian’s destruction could be like having all of your limbs chopped off.

There’s no strategy to work together with the world whenever you really feel nothing, when all of your feelings are targeted on those that have died and who can now not reciprocate.

Y’know, for therefore a few years, I instructed myself I did not want household, did not want Kwejian. But then I discovered my brother once more, a nephew I did not even know I had. And after I checked out Leto, I noticed a brand new starting. For all of us. We’d give him a future. Where there was a house and household. And love. And nothing he could not do.


Interestingly sufficient, I imagine it was Stamets who truly chipped the primary sliver off that impenetrable wall.

Perhaps the least empathic particular person on the crew, Stamets has averted Book because the dilithium planet for (largely) private causes.

Book: Ever because you came upon I may run the spore drive, your ego bought bruised, and also you blamed me.
Stamets: Nothing to do with it.
Book: What is it, then?
Stamets: You remind me of how helpless I used to be. When I take a look at you, all I can see is how shut I bought to shedding the whole lot. You had been the one who saved my household. I wasn’t in a position to do something. I hate that feeling.

When he lastly shares the helplessness he felt when solely Book may save Culber and Adira’s lives on Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 13, there is a second of readability and recognition on Book’s face.

Book’s imaginative and prescient of his nephew and his paralysis when supplied with a plan and alternative to outlive the anomaly are each indicative of survivor’s guilt.

It says so much concerning the power of his character that he’s in a position to withstand the choice of sure loss of life as a result of he’s dedicated to bringing again the information.

In reality, if the information had transmitted efficiently, it is anybody’s guess if he would’ve taken the opposite path.

Stamets, in flip, makes a vow to make use of the information they had been in a position to collect to resolve this anomaly for Book and to place Book’s ghosts to relaxation.

Arguably — however I DARE you to argue this level with ME — probably the most profound dedication made right here is Saru’s supply of himself to be Burnham’s XO.

More eloquent than probably the most romantic marriage proposal, rooted in real respect and friendship, and executed with Doug Jones’s most dulcet tones, Saru’s speech melted my coronary heart like ice cream on Nibiru.

Our mentor, Philippa Georgiou, knew the worth of one other set of trusted eyes, particularly in instances of disaster. I requested you to be these eyes for me after I turned captain. Now, it could be my honor and, certainly, my privilege, to do the identical for you as your Number One, if you’ll have me.


Hand to my coronary heart, I’ve by no means been extra tempted to shout, “Say YES!” on the display screen as throughout that beat when Burnham takes his hand.

Saru’s return to Discovery is seamless. While they acknowledge that he is been gone, he steps into the function of XO like he is all the time held it. And, possibly since all of us subconsciously knew that Burnham was all the time going to finish up as captain, he did.

Meanwhile, Gray seeing his synth physique for the primary time is the follow-through of Culber’s promise to him on the dilithium planet that he would deliver him again.

The inside joke of referring to Picard as “some Starfleet admiral” is the cutesiest the collection has ever been about canon.

It does drive house the truth that the Discovery, by touring so far sooner or later from the place they had been, fully o’er-leaped the eras of Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway.

Probably a very good reality to be reminded of infrequently.

Again seeding momentum with trauma, Adira confiding their fears to Gray lends itself to nice hope transferring ahead.

I think Gray’s incorporation could trigger extra insecurities for Adira once they lose the exclusivity of Gray’s companionship. Still, I’m hoping there will even be great developments within the household dynamic on account of it.

Things simply do not feel the identical manner that they used to. Something’s off, or I’m off.


Tilly’s been carrying a number of baggage from her Osyraa encounter. While I cherished her reconnection with Saru upon his return and her moments of sharing with Burnham, it is massively constructive that she’s prepared to speak to Culber now.

In a recent roundtable interview, Wilson Cruz talked about that Culber takes on the twin function of medical officer and counselor this season and referred to as it a “heavy lift.”

With what the crew of Discovery has gone by, even simply since they landed sooner or later, his remedy sofa could also be absolutely booked quickly sufficient.

While the preliminary anomaly knowledge evaluation would not appear hopeful, there’s a number of season to go.

Also, I’m desperate to see how the Federation is rebuilding whereas the anomaly wreaks havoc on the universe. The politics — particularly the machinations of the brand new president, Lara Rillick — and the playbook have modified dramatically.

I wish to return to the Trill homeworld and see how Adira’s profitable internet hosting of Tal has modified their tradition.

The theme of dedication extends past the intention of the crew and Federation on the present.

Paramount+ demonstrates — with the assets and expertise they’re prepared to have interaction — a dedication to flying Discovery so far as she’ll go at a stage of high quality that’ll proceed to set a excessive commonplace for your complete franchise.

How did this primary anomaly endeavor strike you?

Where do they go subsequent with the information?

How about these moments of gravitational distortion? Did they only up the sport from the house station gravity shenanigans from Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 1?

Fly your ideas into the feedback!

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