Singers Jubin Nautiyal and Yohani joined the newest episode of`s `BTS stars.` Yohani who’s from Sri Lanka and is presently residing in Mumbai, opened up on the challenges of capturing in India.

Jubin mentioned, “The whole team was worried about her because she`s coming from a place like Sri Lanka which is nice and warm, with it`s beaches. It was her first shoot in India and straightaway going to a difficult place like Leh.” Yohani added, “I asked him there`s so much of area in India why would you pick this place? I won`t forget that ever.” Jubin mentioned with amusing, “I said you go for the worst weather conditions first so you can enjoy the rest of the country.”

Speaking in regards to the main challenges Jubin mentioned, “There were shots where we had to control our lower jaw.” Yohani added, “We survived on chai, coffee and hot water.”

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