Veteran actor Oh Young Su, from the Netflix authentic collection Squid Game, made a visitor look on MBC’s Hangout with Yoo, and gave viewers some smart advise about life. Oh, who has been appearing for 58 years, greeted host Yoo Jae Suk with a handshake.

| Hangout With Yoo/MBC

This program, though normally filled with enjoyable and video games, took a flip for this episode, as Oh poured out some deep messages about his perception on life.

Our society tends to assume that it’s important to solely be first place. But though second place might have misplaced to first place, they’ve crushed third place. Everyone is a winner. To me, a real winner is somebody who does their finest in what they get pleasure from and works exhausting to succeed in a sure degree of experience.

⁠— Oh Young Su

In phrases of his needs, “I don’t have anything special, but maybe just a worry. To live without any problems with my family. I’ve received a lot of things, big or small, by not becoming greedy. Now, I want to return all the things I have received.”

| Hangout With Yoo/MBC

As an instance, he acknowledged, “When I was younger, I would pick flowers from the mountain, but now at this age, I would just leave it and come back again to see it. I think it’s the same thing with life. To leave it as is, which is very difficult to do.”

You can watch Oh’s appearing as participant primary on the Netflix authentic collection, Squid Game.

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