Spider-Man has many villains vying for the highest spot of his biggest nemesis, notably the Green Goblin. For a time, nevertheless, it was Eddie Brock, aka Venom who was the actual risk in his life. Comic book fans know a lot about Venom, together with him blaming Spider-Man for the demise of his profession, simply as his alien symbiote costume blamed him for abandoning it when it tried to fuse completely to his physique.

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Since that point, the Venom symbiote has merged with many different hosts, creating many various variations of Venom. He has gone from villain to anti-hero and again once more, battling new threats nice and small. Venom’s journey has been an extended, torturous escapade that has created a bunch of distinctive characters alongside the best way.

Updated on October nineteenth, 2021 by Derek Draven: Venom continues to be a rock-solid comedian e book character that has made the profitable bounce into different media – particularly Hollywood movies. With two standalone motion pictures below his belt, there appears to be no finish in sight for his recognition. However, it is value having a look again on the comedian e book supply materials, notably varied variations of Venom which have popped up in recent times. There are many variants of Venom on the market, together with some which might be comparatively new to Marvel Comics, in addition to new revelations in regards to the species, and why they do what they do. 

Gwen Stacey

Gwen Stacey bonded with the Carnage symbiote in Ultimate Spider-Man

In the Ultimate Spider-Man universe, Gwen Stacey was attacked and killed by the Carnage symbiote, which was fostered from the Venom variant, and grown in a lab by Ben Reilly and Curt Connors. This would later result in an initiative involving the creation of super-soldier clones, certainly one of which was dubbed the “Stacey Project.”

This clone possessed all her recollections, together with a molecular duplicate of the Carnage symbiote, making her a Venom variant unto herself. Eddie Brock would later assault Gwen and take up the Carnage symbiote with a view to regain his Venom kind, leaving her free from its affect.

Mac Gargan

Mac Gargan after bonding with the Venom symbiote

The villain often known as the Scorpion was desperate to get his arms on the Venom symbiote, and he bought his probability when Eddie Brock bought it off to the very best bidder. The symbiote ended up ditching the customer, giving Mac the chance to bond with it and develop into a way more fearsome interpretation of Venom.

Little did Gargan know what he was entering into, and the symbiote quickly overwhelmed him, turning him right into a cannibalistic sociopath. When he was lastly minimize free from the alien swimsuit, the affect was so extreme that Gargan suffered main medical penalties.

T-Rex Venom

Venom T-Rex in Old Man Logan

The Old Man Logan comedian contained a scene the place Logan and Hawkeye flee from a rampaging Tyrannosaurus Rex that had bonded to the Venom symbiote. In this post-apocalyptic comedian e book world, dinosaurs from the Savage Land had been imported to the United States.

One of the dinos simply occurred to bond with the symbiote, making a nightmarish creature straight out of a horror movie. The chase scene itself was a nod to the T-Rex jeep chase from the unique Jurassic Park movie, one of the vital thrilling and nail-biting scenes of your entire franchise.

Anti-Venom (Eddie Brock)

Eddie Brock as Anti-Venom in the comics

When Brock was miraculously cured of his most cancers, he began a brand new chapter in his life as a soup kitchen employee. At the identical time, the symbiote discovered him, and when it tried to depart Mac Gargan’s physique and reunite with Brock, one thing unusual occurred. as a substitute of bonding to his former accomplice, Brock’s physiology had develop into caustic to the symbiote, and a brand new white swimsuit was born.

After defeating Venom, Brock discovered that his new symbiote consists of highly effective antibodies that may not solely detect when others are ailing or disease-stricken but in addition remedy them of their illnesses. With these unusual new skills, Brock grew to become “Anti-Venom.” Feeling deep remorse over his darker days, Anti-Venom tried to reside a extra heroic life.

Venom Pool

Deadpool - Venom variant cover

In the comedian e book Deadpool’s Secret Wars, there’s a scene that doubtlessly reveals the origins of the symbiote’s unhinged character, and it might have been the Merc with a Mouth. According to the story, Deadpool truly wore the symbiote for a short time earlier than Spider-Man discovered it, and the act of bonding with Wade Wilson’s completely chaotic and weird thoughts was sufficient to ship the symbiote off the deep finish.

If this story had been true, it would reply loads of questions relating to the symbiote’s chaotic character. However, like all Deadpool tales, it is smart to take it with a grain of salt, as readers can by no means be fairly certain simply what’s canon, and what’s not.

Venom 2099

An artistic portrait of Venom 2099

This model of Venom was far nearer to his Spider-Man counterpart than Eddie Brock was to Peter Parker. Both Miguel O’Hara and Kron Stone had been half-brothers, linked by their father Tyler Stone, and as such, share a way more tumultuous historical past. Kron was a persistent antagonist, making him an ideal match for the Venom symbiote.

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After ordering successful on Jake Gallows’ household, Kron was stalked and attacked by the previous, then left for lifeless in a sewer. He ended up bonding with the Venom symbiote, which had mutated all through the a long time, granting Kron such skills as acidic blood and spit, just like that of the xenomorphs from the Alien franchise.


Andi Benton with her Mania symbiote

Mania was the fusion of a cloned Venom symbiote to that of Andi Benton, a excessive schooler who bought caught up in an altercation between Flash Thompson (Anti-Venom) and the Jack O’Lantern. Flash used a portion of his Venom symbiote to defend Andi from a toxic fuel assault, however it ended up bonding to her physique, as a substitute.

In addition to gaining the powers of the symbiote, Mania additionally possessed the hell-mark, which was granted to Anti-Venom throughout a battle in opposition to Blackheart in Las Vegas. The symbiote acted because the bearer for the hell-mark, giving each it and Andi the flexibility to affect Mephisto’s demon hordes.

Lee Price

Lee Price after bonding with the Venom symbiote

Lee Price is a former Army Ranger who suffered a violent mine explosion that killed a number of members of his squad and value him two fingers. Lee was discharged, however his incapacity advantages by no means got here by means of. Unable to search out employment, and about to be evicted from his residence, Lee grew to become a felony. It was then that he crossed paths with the symbiote, which was trying to find a brand new host.

Inspired by a lifetime of heroism after bonding with Flash Thompson, the symbiote needed to proceed down that path, however Price had different concepts. He overpowered the symbiote’s protests, slaughtering each member of Tombstone’s gang, and determined to make use of the symbiote as a instrument for his new life as a profession felony. It’s the inverse of the unique Venom, the place Brock wished to do good, and the symbiote needed to embrace darker impulses.

The Venom Clone

Venom symbiote no Eddie Brock Marvel Spider-Man

Daniel Way’s 2003 Venom collection introduced out a wholly new tackle the symbiote, impressed by John Carpenter’s traditional horror film The Thing. Here, the symbiote completely destroys any particular person whom it turns into bonded to, making it the main focus, fairly than the people. The story started within the Arctic Circle, the place a U.S. Army Communications Specialist named Patricia Robertson headed as much as an arctic outpost based by the Ararat Corporation.

There, she came upon that your entire analysis crew had been violently killed by their very own invention – a clone of the Venom symbiote. Robertson herself ultimately ended up bonding with the symbiote. The collection ran for 18 points, creating one of the vital horror-influenced takes on Venom so far.

Ultimate Venom

The Ultimate Spider-Man version of Venom

While Venom has historically all the time been represented as an extraterrestrial, Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley got here up with a brand new tackle the symbiote once they recreated the story inside the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man. Here, the symbiote wasn’t an alien in any respect, however a remedy for most cancers – the final nice invention of each Richard Parker and his finest buddy and accomplice Edward Brock, Sr.

This new strategy added a private twist to the usual Venom story, with each Peter and Eddie Jr. being long-lost childhood mates who reunite to work on the most cancers swimsuit undertaking once more. When Peter donned the swimsuit as Spider-Man earlier than casting it apart, Eddie took issues into his personal arms, changing into Venom, and without end destroying the friendship that each he and Parker had cultivated.

Sam Raimi’s Venom

A portrait of Eddie Brock/Venom in Spider-Man 3

Director Sam Raimi initially supposed to function the Green Goblin, Sandman, and the Vulture within the third Spider-Man movie, however the latter was dropped in favor of Venom, with combined outcomes. Many followers felt that the black symbiote swimsuit was a good way to showcase Peter’s darker aspect, and the ramifications that adopted, however felt a full-fledged Venom confrontation would higher match a fourth Spider-Man movie.

Still, the model depicted on-screen lined up pretty shut with the Venom from the comics and confirmed the potential for the character on movie. Topher Grace was a severe miscast, given Eddie Brock’s penchant for weightlifting and bodily energy. It was merely a case of too many misses in what might have been a dynamite third-act movie. Still, he did partake in a battle that includes one of the best locations of the entire Spider-Man franchise.

Venom, The Politician

Venom Edward Saks the NYC Mayor's Aide in Spider-Man Reign

Set 35 years sooner or later, Spider-Man: Reign imagined a New York City managed by the authoritarian dictator “Mayor” Waters, the place the federal government clamps down on all rebellious and felony exercise by means of a navy police pressure known as the Reign. In this timeline, Peter Parker had retired from the superhero enterprise for a few years, ever since Mary Jane died.

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Edward Saks, a person who’s himself little greater than an unconscious host/sufferer of the still-living Venom symbiote, had been the actual pressure ruling New York since Spider-Man’s disappearance. In the story’s grand finale, Spidey rises from the ashes to overthrow the oppressive regime, and climbs all the best way to the highest, solely to search out himself face-to-face with Venom. When they confront one another, the symbiote is just not solely stuffed with rage but in addition sorrow, grief, and loneliness over the truth that Peter deserted it.

Agent Venom (Flash Thompson)

Flash Thompson after bonding with the Venom symbiote

Agent Venom was Peter Parker’s previous childhood bully, Flash Thompson, a man who satirically thought Spider-Man was cool, and seemed as much as him. After graduating highschool, Flash ended up becoming a member of the military. His time abroad ends in tragedy, nevertheless, with each of his legs getting blown off. Meanwhile, the separated Venom symbiote got here into the possession of the US navy, and so they needed to make use of it as a weapon.

Due to his fight expertise, Flash is chosen to develop into “Agent Venom,” and carry out particular ops missions. The symbiote generated bio-mass to recreate his legs, along with endowing him with highly effective skills. However, Flash was below strict necessities that he might solely bond with the symbiote for 48 hours at a time, with a view to forestall it from taking management of his thoughts. The character rapidly grew to become one of many most popular Venoms in the 2010s comic book run.

She-Venom (Anne Weying)

Anne Weying after bonding with the Venom symbiote

Brock’s lover Anne Weying lastly known as it quits after his personal unethical reporting bought him fired, and all he might do was rant and rave about it being Spider-Man’s fault. Years later, she ended up getting shot by a brand new Sin Eater with a elementary non secular creed, and the injuries would show deadly.

In a determined try to avoid wasting her life, Eddie instructed the symbiote to bond together with her and maintain her alive. Unfortunately, the symbiote additionally used Anne as a bunch, turning her right into a feminine model of Venom with the identical primary bodily traits. This character would obtain a nod within the first Venom movie, launched in 2018.

The Punisher Venom

The Venom symbiote merged with the Punisher in What-If?

From the pages of What If? (Vol. 2) #44 got here this model of Venom, which had merged with Frank Castle, fairly than Eddie Brock. The consequence was an anti-hero way more deadly than Brock’s model of Venom, as Castle held no regrets when it got here to killing criminals and anybody else he believed was worthy of execution.

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At first, the symbiote tried to completely take over his physique, and Castle threatened to commit suicide fairly than permit that to occur. The creature relented, and the 2 got here collectively to develop into a way more highly effective punisher, full together with his cranium insignia instead of the standard spider branding.

Wolverine Venom

Wolverine bonded to an alien symbiote in the comics

Logan himself was bonded to a symbiote drawn instantly from the Grendel variant, which was uncovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. to be used in its Sym-Soldier Program again within the Sixties. The symbiote in query was codenamed “Tyrannosaurus,” and initially bonded to a soldier named Rex Strickland.

The symbiote was below the management of the God often known as Knull, who influenced all symbiotes within the universe. It managed to interrupt free from his management after bonding with Logan and experiencing his heroism. It would later assume the type of Rex Strickland, changing into a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in opposition to Knull.

Animated Venom

Venom dangles an unmasked Spider-Man over a ledge in Spider-Man: The Animated Series

The Nineteen Nineties Spider-Man cartoon continues to be broadly thought to be one of the best animated tackle the collection, and for good purpose. It stayed true to the traditional comedian books whereas placing its personal spin on the tales, creating one thing new and contemporary within the course of. Venom was no exception, sporting an origin story that labored effectively for the character.

In this adaptation, the Venom symbiote arrives on Earth through an area shuttle piloted by J. Jonah Jameson’s son John, which might, in flip, be tailored into the 2018 Venom movie. It adopted the same basic story revolving around the feud between Spider-Man and Eddie Brock, with a couple of alterations. It was the primary time Venom had debuted in something besides the pages of a comic book e book, and it was well-received by followers.

Venom (2018)

Eddie Brock as Venom in the 2018 film

Venom was delivered to film theaters in standalone kind in 2018, regardless of the overwhelming recognition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, which simply occurred to incorporate Spider-Man within the combine. The movie provided a brand new origin story for the character that centered particularly on the symbiote coming from area, which was a direct parallel of his Spider-Man animated collection debut.

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This Venom would by no means encounter Spider-Man, nor would Eddie Brock. Still, the character managed to remain comparatively true to the comedian e book supply materials, particularly by way of physicality. The film managed to win over followers of the comics, whereas efficiently beginning its personal pocket universe franchise, full with a sequel in 2021.

Peter Parker

Peter Parker in his new black costume in the Spider-Man comics

Though technically not Venom per se, Peter Parker was the unique host for the black symbiote costume and would have gone down the identical path if the creature had its method. Thankfully, Parker managed to discard the creature earlier than it fully overwhelmed him, and turned him right into a assassin.

Still, his time donning the black swimsuit gave Spider-Man an unimaginable vary of skills, from vastly improved tremendous energy to higher agility, enhanced senses, and natural webbing. It’s nonetheless fascinating to ponder what may need occurred to Parker, had he stayed with the symbiote long run.

Venom (Eddie Brock)

Eddie Brock as the original Venom in the Spider-Man comics

When folks consider Venom, they’re most likely excited about the unique. As quickly as Peter Parker ditched the alien symbiote, it crossed paths with Eddie Brock, who blamed Spider-Man for the autumn of his profession. In reality, it was Brock’s personal malfeasance and irresponsibility that had led to his personal downfall, however he stubbornly refused to come clean with it.

Ever since his first full look because the jaw-dropping cliffhanger on the finish of Amazing Spider-Man #299, Eddie Brock’s Venom has been the wall-crawler’s single-most well-liked villain. He’s the nightmarish mirror picture of Spider-Man – a foe that dampens his spidey sense, slings a lot stronger webbing, and has higher bodily energy. Nevertheless, he’s nonetheless one of the most heroic hosts for the Venom symbiote within the character’s historical past.

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