In trademark battles that I didn’t know have been happening information, the Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency (KOIPA) reportedly rejected Source Music’s utility for a trademark on the identify GFRIEND. They gave two causes for the rejection.

“Reason for rejection 1: The trademark ‘G-Friend’ is identical to the English name for the 6-member South Korean girl group GFRIEND and cannot be trademarked.
Reason for rejection 2: The trademark ‘GFRIEND’ is directly affiliated with the 6-member South Korean girl group GFRIEND (Korean: 여자친구), a group noticeably identifiable by general consumers, and thus the use of this trademark by the applicant for product use can cause misconception, raising the potential for deception of consumers.”

The reported significance of that is that like T-ara before them, GFRIEND members can proceed to make use of the identify freely a minimum of in English, although I’m undecided if the members themselves have been concerned in disputing the trademark.

I really feel like these instances are legitimate from the corporate’s facet if the trademark is registered early on, however in an analogous state of affairs to T-ara’s case, Source solely applied for this trademark in March of final 12 months proper earlier than they disbanded. By then, it’s the members which might be related to the identify and have made it related greater than the corporate, which has usually been backed by trademark legislation.

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