NewJeans’s “OMG” is the No. 1 tune for the third straight week, remaining dominant on all chart sources. Congratulations to NewJeans!

Rising up one spot to No. 2 is LE SSERAFIM’s former chart-topping hit “ANTIFRAGILE.”

Two songs newly entered the highest 10.

Moving up 29 spots to No. 3 is “VIBE,” a significant collaboration between BIGBANG’s Taeyang and BTS’s Jimin. This is Taeyang’s first solo hit in six years. “VIBE” expresses the unusual feelings felt throughout the “vibe” of a relationship.

Up 36 spots to No. 8 is SM Entertainment’s feminine venture group GOT the beat with their newest title monitor “Stamp On It.” The tune tells the story of climbing to the highest spot amidst fierce competitors.

Singles Music Chart – February 2023, Week 1

Rank Song Artist/Band
11 (-2) Dreamers Jungkook
12 (new) Sugar Rush Ride TXT
13 (new) Love War (feat. BE’O) Choi Ye Na
14 (+1) Rush Hour (feat. J-Hope) Crush
15 (new) Shelter of Dreams Lee Seung Yoon
16 (-3) Monologue Tei
17 (-3) Polaroid Lim Young Woong
18 (+12) CASE 143 Stray Kids
19 (new) Small Things Yesung
20 (-2) Say I Love You Woody
21 (-9) 도깨비불 (Illusion) aespa
23 (-2) Beautiful Christmas Red Velvet, aespa
24 (+3) 그댄 행복에 살텐데 (2022) (You could reside in happiness (2022)) Choi Yu Ree
26 (-10) 자격지심 (Complex (feat. Zico)) BE’O
27 (+4) 그라데이션 (Gradation) 10CM
28 (-5) Celebrate Super Junior
29 (-9) 잘가요 (Goodbye) Juho
30 (new) 마지막 사랑 (Last Love) Shin Ye Young
31 (-7) 그대를 알고 (Since I knew you) Song Ha Ye
32 (+1) 해요 (2022) (haeyo (2022)) An Nyeong
33 (-11) Birthday Red Velvet
34 (+2) 그때 그 순간 그대로 (그그그) (At That Moment) WSG WANNABE (Gaya-G)
35 (-7) 첫사랑 (Amor) Baek A
36 (-10) 딱 10CM만 (Just 10 centimeters) 10CM, BIG Naughty
37 (-20) Yet To Come BTS
38 (+3) 사랑인가 봐 (Love, Maybe) MeloMance
39 (-1) 떠나보낼 준비해 둘걸 그랬어 (Get Ready To Leave) Onestar
40 (new) Cotton Candy Jinyoung
41 (-7) Cheshire ITZY
42 (-13) Wild Flower (with youjeen) RM
43 (–) 정이라고 하자 (Beyond Love (feat. 10cm)) BIG Naughty
44 (new) 니 번호가 뜨는 일 (Everyday ready you) Lee Ye Joon
45 (-26) DICE NMIXX
46 (new) That That (feat. Suga) PSY
47 (new) 사랑해도 될까요 (May I like you) Yang Da Il
48 (-3) 나의 X에게 (Dear my X) KyoungSeo
49 (-39) Puzzle SF9
50 (-15) Madness Moonbin&Sanha

About the Soompi Music Chart

Soompi Music Chart takes into consideration rankings by varied main music charts in Korea in addition to the most popular trending artists on Soompi, making it a novel chart that displays what’s happening in K-pop not solely in Korea however all over the world. Our chart consists of the next sources:

Circle Singles + Albums – 30%
Hanteo Singles + Albums – 20%
Spotify Weekly Chart – 15%
Soompi Airplay – 15%
YouTube K-pop Songs + Music Videos – 20%

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